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News! Sleepy Hollow’s Presidential Sweet in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Headed to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World?

You’ll always want to add a stop at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square to your snack itinerary! This hidden gem seems small and simple, but in fact, you’ll find some seriously unique eats here that you can’t find anywhere else in the “World!”

We love the waffle sandwiches, funnel cakes, soup, ice cream sandwiches, and more; but now you’ve got another treat to sample!

DFB friend Daniel Wanderman was wandering (I couldn’t help it!!!) around the Magic Kingdom and spotted this…

Presidential Sweet at Sleepy Hollow

Similar to the Liberty Swirl Slush, the new Presidential Sweet is made by swirling together raspberry and strawberry slushes (usually these are fanta slushes) and adding a topping of soft serve ice cream!

A toast to freedom

Fans of The American Dream at Fife & Drum in Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion will find this concoction familiar.

The Presidential Sweet

The Presidential Sweet is currently available for $4.49. We’re not sure if it’s a limited time item for Veteran’s Week, or if this will be around long term, so pop in and get yours ASAP!

Would the Presidential Sweet be on your snack list? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Essie says:

    I don’t think this would be a tempting snack for me. I’d more than likely go for water, Coke. or plain vanilla soft serve.

  2. AJ says:

    Essie — OR the Nutella Waffle Sandwich! :-)

  3. Colette says:

    I’d like to try that, hopefully it’s there in May.

  4. Sue says:

    We saw it there on 11/5 and didn’t see anything about it being special for Veteran’s Day or for a limited time. I didn’t even know it was unique, so I just bought my daughter the Liberty Swirl Slush. We were there to get the Nutella Waffle checked off our DFB “must do” list.

  5. Alan says:

    A little too sweet for me, but what a wild idea. Who thinks of these things?

  6. Halevy says:

    I saw it the last week of October and didn’t notice any kind of “limited time only” / Veteran’s Day signage. I wanted to get one, but we’d already filled up on the pumpkin spice and Nutella waffles.

  7. Millercv says:

    This was one of my favorite snacks from our trip in September. First time I went they had the sign up and the next time they didn’t – it had been moved. So it is a regular item just not on the menu.

    The first time I got it just to see what it was like (counted as a snack credit) and was shocked at how well the slushie/ice cream worked together.

  8. A Newton says:

    I think I like the way the American Dream is layered better. the presidential sweet looks like it would be difficult to get ice cream and slushie together till most of the ice cream is gone :(

  9. Choc says:

    Whoa, that looks big…and intense on the sweetness factor. I’d still love to try it, but Lord knows I wouldn’t be able to finish it all by myself!

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