Five Legged Goat Krispy Treat (!!!) and other Festive Snacks make Holiday Debut at the Contemporary!

This must be Contemporary Resort week at DFB, ’cause we’re back at the chic-meets-retro hotel again today! The holiday season is upon us at Walt Disney World! And, as you may know from an earlier post, one of the ways the season makes its presence known throughout Disney World is through some amazing gingerbread creations!

Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Tree

At Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the fabulous smell of spiced gingerbread wafts from this 17-foot tall, 6-foot wide Gingerbread Tree.

Gingerbread Tree Ingredient List

The good news is that you can enjoy more than just the fragrance… the Contemporary Resort’s gingerbread display offers plenty of festive snacks available for purchase as well.

Snacks available for purchase

Holiday Treats at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

It seems to me these treats change at least a bit every year, and part of the fun is seeing what’s new. This year’s selection didn’t disappoint!

Let’s start with the most fun (and unique) addition to the line-up. This year’s assortment of snacks includes a Five Legged Goat Krispy Treat!

Five Legged Goat Krispy Treat

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with our five-legged friend… if so, don’t worry. You haven’t spent your life missing out on a yuletide tale of yore featuring a five legged goat ;). No, this fellow is unique to the Contemporary Resort.

Five Legged Goat Krispy Treats available for purchase

Five Legged Goat Krispy Treat close up

The eye-catching murals in the Contemporary’s Grand Canyon Concourse, done by Disney Legend Mary Blair – known best for her work on the design of the “it’s a small world” attraction — are colorful and whimsical mosaics featuring children and animals of all sorts, including goats.

And if you take a very close look, you may spot an additional leg on one of those goats. (I’ve left his picture out, though, in case you’d like to try to find him on your own during your next visit!)

Mary Blair Mural at the Contemporary Resort

The Five Legged Goat has reached his own legendary status (Mary Blair said he represents the reality that we are all human and nothing made by humans is perfect). I was SO excited to see him honored in this way. We’re sure to catch a lot more eyes roaming each of the murals in search of him in coming weeks!

Now, back to the treats! The assortment seems to get bigger every year, too… because we’re nowhere near done yet, folks!

How about this Hidden Mickey Cupcake? From the outside, it appears to be your standard vanilla cupcake with some fun and decorative holiday-themed frosting.

Hidden Mickey Cupcake

But on the inside… (okay, you may have guessed by the name ;) ), there’s a chocolate Hidden Mickey in there!

Inside the Hidden Mickey Cupcake!

While I miss the Chocolate Monorails that have been available in years past, it’s nice to see that there is still a nod to the Monorail (which runs through the Contemporary) in the form of a Monorail Sugar Cookie.

Monorail Sugar Cookies

You may be able to spot a few of the Small World children as passengers on the Monorail Cookie, in further tribute to Disney Legend Mary Blair, whose work the gingerbread tree is modeled after.

"Passengers" aboard Monorail Red!

As for classics — you can still pick up a Gingerbread Shingle, if that’s part of your Disney holiday tradition. (I love the version with the gold-dusted, pie-eye Mickey!)

Mickey Gingerbread Shingle

Or, if you prefer, you may pick up a Gingerbread Boy… available in the traditional recipe, or gluten-free.

Gingerbread Boy

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Boy

Other treats include Holiday Citrus Bread, Chocolate Popcorn, Linzer Cookies, and Snowman Sugar Cookies. (The latter is available as a Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Snowman Sugar Cookie

If you find yourself in Disney World over the holidays, be sure to stop by at least one of the awesome gingerbread displays and pick up a treat or two… you may just discover a wonderful new tradition!

Which holiday treat at the Contemporary Resort would you most like to try? Please let us know by leaving a comment!


  1. Jill D says

    I am beyond happy about these treats. Any chance they will still be available in early January? I always get to see the Christmas decorations but I have yet to see any of the gingerbread displays.

    Do you know the dates that these wonders will be taken down this season?


  2. Aaron Newton says

    Is anyone else tiring of the trend of printing designs onto icing/candy coating which are placed on confections of generic shape? Imagine if they replaced the Mickey Rice Crispy treat with a round one with Mickey printed on it. I was so disappointed to see the Five Legged Goat rice crispy treat. I love the traditional holiday rice crispy treats – actually shaped like stockings, candy canes, and christmas trees! I feel like Mary Blair’s iconic goat got the shaft here.

  3. Miranda midas says

    LOVE the hidden mickey cupcake! And I so wish I could eat one of those gingerbread shingles now. But what’s a Linzer cookie? Never heard of that? It could just be that since I’m from the UK I’ve missed out!

  4. Chrissy O says

    Wow those are amazing! It’s nice to see someone in the kitchen really getting creative, especially with the goat. I wonder how they acheived that hidden mickey cupcake……….that would be fun to try at home.

  5. says

    Jill D. — We don’t have the date, but I’m guessing they’ll be up at least through New Year’s Day. Good luck!

    Miranda — a Linzer cookie is similar to a Linzer torte. It’s a sandwich cookie made with a shortbread dough that usually contains nuts, and the cookies are stuck together with raspberry jam. Yum!

    Kay — They are kind of pricey, but they’re also a larger than the other cookies.

  6. Essie says

    I agree, Chrissy, I’d love to see how they made the Mickey cupcakes, also. They’re really unique and extremely clever! I just love all of the blogs about the different holidays and the special treats that they have. I think I’d choose to enjoy a snowman sugar cookie with cocoa. Yum….

  7. Marcos Valenca says

    Please, can anyone tell me what Disney do with all the gingerbread used in the displays? I mean, it’s a lot of food.

  8. Dani says

    Ummmmmm how could you forget the Contemporary gingerbread house kit with white chocolate monorail ?!?!?!

  9. Nicole says

    I will definitely be bringing back more than a few of the five legged goat treats for my Disney fan friends. Love it!

  10. Jill D says

    thanks AJ…
    I have another question…what if you cut the cupcake the other way, it would not look like a mickey, do they give instructions on where to make the cut?

  11. Lynda says

    Awesome hidden Mickey cupcakes! It seems you can cut it from any direction to reveal Mickey! It is a spherical brownie ball with a rolled rope of brownie on top. I don’t want to post a link that I might not be allowed to, but if you do an internet search for “How To Make Disney’s Hidden Mickey Cupcakes” you can find a website that shows how they do it! Very cool! Alternatively, you could make a thin batch of chocolate sheet cake, then cut out Mickey shapes from the cake with a cookie cutter. Put the Mickey cutouts upright in a cupcake pan, then add yellow cake batter around it and bake. :)

  12. Roseann says

    These treats look amazing! It is just not fair that people that are gluten free have to have a plain treat :(
    Can’t these amazing bakers at Disney decorate gluten free treats the same way?
    That’s my Christmas wish :D

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