Spotted! Mickey Waffle Magnets and MORE!

Check it out!!! We’ve found the latest must-have souvenir for Disney food fans like us: a few of our favorite Disney snacks… in magnet form!

Favorite Disney Snacks Magnets!

As you can see, these aren’t just any magnets. These pieces look so realistic that it’s almost like taking one of these beloved iconic treats home with you!

Let’s start with a couple of major fan favorites: Churros and Turkey Legs!

Churros and Turkey Leg Magnets

I think these look spot-on, right down to the Disney paper wrapping!

And you certainly can’t pay homage to Disney snacks without having one (or four ;) ) Mickey-shaped goodies, can you? Of course, there are Mickey Premium Bars

Mickey Bar Magnet

And Mickey Krispy Treats (chocolate dipped, of course)! Almost good enough to eat… .

Mickey Krispy Treat Magnets

Who wouldn’t love waking up to a Mickey Waffle every morning… even if it’s a plastic one on the outside of your refrigerator?

Mickey Waffle Magnets

And, last but not least, there’s the fabulous Mickey Pretzel! I think this magnetic (ahem ;)) tribute solidifies the Mickey Pretzel as a true Disney snack treasure.

Mickey Pretzel Magnets

Soooo, one of these is gonna set you back a cool buck or two ($12.95, to be exact). But… the expression on your loved one’s face when they pull one of these out of their stocking?

Turkey Leg Magnet

Priceless ;).

Which one of these magnets would you stick on your refrigerator? Please chime in with a comment!


  1. Kirsty says

    Unless i’m being blind – I can’t see anywhere in this article where it says whereabouts I can buy these from?! :S

  2. Wendy says

    Kirsty — thanks for asking! They’re popping up everywhere… I’ve seen them so far in Animal Kingdom’s main merchandise shops, the gift shop at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and World of Disney in Downtown Disney, so I’m thinking they are going to show up at most magnet displays all over property :).

  3. Kristina says

    I just picked up a turkey leg and churro at Mouse Gears….these are going to make GREAT stocking stuffers.

  4. says

    I know that sometimes we get a little overwhelmed by the price of an Orlando vacation, in particular the merchandizing, but every now and then Disney really do seem to have all of the Magic come out in one big rush for a great idea like this!
    It seems so obvious, once it is out in the public, but these fridge magnets are going to become truly irresistible! For me, they aren’t about Disney, they are about our personal experiences in the parks. Mickey Premiums are a huge hit with our family and connect with a vacation far much more than a straightforward Mickey head (sorry Mickey!)

    A turkey leg or Mickey waffle is without doubt the best way to inspire us all to save hard for that next Magic fix! Brilliant Imagineering!

  5. Donna says

    I’m definitely getting the turkey leg when I go in January. It’s going to make me hungry all year around!

  6. kay says

    I agree that this is a good marketing idea. People love disney food (probably more than even Mickey himself) so these would create a stronger emotional response. As for me I’d just be craving carbs whenever I looked at these, so I’d probably pass :)

  7. Grace says

    I like the rice krispie treat ones, but I would love to see a Dole Whip magnet! I’d get that one for sure…. maybe the next time around…

  8. Dani says

    13$ for a magnet seems pretty steep but I sure love the Mickey waffle one. How big are they? Hard to tell from the pictures

  9. Wendy Snelgrove says

    At $13 per, I’m just going to pass. Disney has a lot of stuff I like, but I spend less and less every vacation because they are just pricing themselves out of my willingness to spend.

  10. Colleen says

    I just hope they hang around a while. I won’t be back till next Halloween and I want one of each!

  11. Wendy says

    Kev — Well said :)!

    Dani — for magnets, they are huge. I think the best way I can explain it is this: the magnet versions of the Mickey waffle and Mickey pretzel are the same size. The Mickey waffle magnet is slightly bigger than an actual Mickey Waffle, while the pretzel magnet is smaller than the actual pretzel. Krispy treats were pretty true to size. I hope I didn’t make things more confusing with that ;).

    Chrissy — right?! It makes them look so much more real!

  12. Lisa says

    Hmmmm– I think I’d go for the Mickey Pretzel! Just wish they would have designed a Dole Pineapple Whip one! My older son would really like that one!

  13. Emma(Scotland) says

    We were there the first day they went on sale. I couldn’t resist. I bought the Mickey waffle and 2 ice cream bars (1 was a gift) didn’t see the churro one though. They are VERY cool! Maybe get the rest of the collection next year ;)

  14. Essie says

    With the continual cost of the hotel, park tickets and food constantly going up, I’m also spending less on gifts and souvenirs just in hopes of still being able to go. I’m now down to every 3 years :( , but at least I’m hoping to still go; I live for my WDW trips. If I had a good income (rather than fixed medical income) I’d def want a Mickey crispy treat, and pretzel. They’re really cute!

  15. maythe says

    Awh, if only they were more affordable so I could buy one of each! But, I’ll be there in a few days and will end up buy at least one! I like the mickey pretzel and waffle :)

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