5 Must Eat Disney Snacks You Can Get Without a Park Ticket!

So, you’re in Disney World, but for whatever reason, you don’t want to use a park ticket that morning/night/afternoon/arrival day/leaving day. No problemo!!

You can still cross some of the best Disney snacks off your must-eat list…even without scanning a single ticket/magicband/key to the World card!

Everyone knows that you can get a Mickey Bar all over the place in Disney World (you DID know that, right?), but we’ve got a few more must-try eats to share with you today! Time to check out our 5 Must Eat Disney Snacks You Can Get Without a Park Ticket!

Dole Whip

UPDATE: Dole Whip is no longer being served at Captain Cook’s, is no longer self-serve, and is no longer available 24 hours a day. BUT — you still can get it outside of the Parks. You’ll now find Dole Whip at the Pineapple Lanai in Disney’s Polynesian Village. You can also get a Dole Whip Float at Pineapple Lanai!

Let’s start with the granddaddy of them all, the Big Kahuna of Disney Must Have Treats, the stuff that legends and t shirts are made of. Ladies and gentleman, we are talking about the Dole Whip here, of course.

This frosty, delicious treat has a bona fide cult following that has blown up and taken over mainstream! You simply cannot visit Disney without having one, whether it’s a float (my favorite!) or a cup.

Dole Whip

The pineapple soft serve, which is both vegan and gluten-free, is the perfect refreshing dessert on a sunshiny day!

Even though there are few things that say “I’m at Disney right now!!!!!!” more loud and proud than strolling through Magic Kingdom, Dole Whip Float from Aloha Isle in hand, it’s great to know that you don’t ever have to head into the parks to score one of these babies!

If you’re craving some of that tropical goodness and you aren’t on park time, just head over to Captain Cook’s Snack Company at Disney’s Polynesian Resort to get your fix! The Poly’s counter service spot is not only home to some deee-licious fast fare, but they also have Dole Whip machines that pump out the yum dessert.

Dole Whip (Almost) 24-7!

And here’s a BIG OL’ TIP: You can get a Dole Whip here all day…and all night!! long. :-D Note, they DO shut down the machine for, like, one hour each night to clean it (believe me, I’ve been disappointed during that one hour before); so just avoid the 3AM Dole Whip craving and you’re good to go.

Zebra Domes

Ah, Zebra Domes. How (much) do I love thee? Enough to truck all the way over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge regardless of where I’m staying, that’s how much.

These little half-spheres first called to us from the buffet of Boma, one of Animal Kingdom Lodge’s most celebrated table service restaurants. Sure, we love Boma for their exotic dinner fare (those soups!), their carved meats and interesting condiments, and their delicious breakfast spread. But one thing’s for sure: a trip here must end with at least one Zebra Dome.

A Herd of Zebra Domes

The creamy, rich mousse domes taste like nothing you’ve ever had. That’s because the secret special ingredient is Amarula Cream Liqueur, made with fruit from the African marula tree. The fruity caramel flavor makes for your newest Disney craving if you haven’t had the pleasure!

And the best thing about these little treats is that you don’t have to venture into a park to get them. In fact, you don’t even have to make an advance dining reservation at Boma to enjoy your Zebra Domes. You can get a package of them right at Mara, Animal Kingdom Lodge’s counter service spot!

Zebra Domes in the Grab and Go Section at the Mara!

There are several to a box, so you can even share one — if you want to.

Salted Caramel Ganache

There are the Disney classic snacks, to be sure. Those snacks that we can’t fathom not having at some point during every visit to Disney. But then, there’s always room in our hearts for something new.

Earlier this year, when the brand newly expanded BoardWalk Bakery reopened to the cheers of fans everywhere, I was first in line, bright and early. I had to see if the chefs at the BoardWalk would continue to bring their “A” game when it came to tasty bakery treats!

Come On In!

And they SO did.

While many of our old favorites were given facelifts, we also quickly found a couple of new treats to crave. One of my favorites of the new crop is the Salted Caramel Ganache.

Salted Caramel Ganache at the BoardWalk Bakery!

Rich ganache covers a thick, soft filling of the most amazing salted caramel evar. And the chocolate cookie crust is a great foil for all that rich caramel.

Inside all of the YUM

You totally want this right now, right? And to get your hands on it, all you have to do is stroll along Disney’s BoardWalk! Really, what could be any better??

Goofy’s Candy Company Create Your Own Treat

Sometimes, when I walk around Downtown Disney, I’m astounded that it’s free to go there, you know?

I mean, sure, it’s mostly about shopping and dining, but in my mind, it’s like the Unofficial 5th Disney Park. And just like the other parks, it definitely has its special foods and treats. I can never resist stopping into Earl of Sandwich for a delicious and hot sandwich on the go, or a brownie sandwich! And if I’m in the mood for table service quality at counter service prices, there’s always one of my favorites, Wolfgang Puck Express.

But few things incite more warm fuzzies than creating my very own custom treat at Goofy’s Candy Company! You pick the base treat, fill out the card with the deets, and they’ll do the rest!

Goofy's Candy Company Ordering Sheet -- Click to Enlarge

Choose from caramel apples, pretzel rods, Mickey krispies, marshmallows, or cookies. After that, you choose dippings, toppings, and drizzles.

My Custom Mickey Krispie from Goofy's Candy Company!

And did I mention the fun gift boxes they come packed in?

Completely Awesome Packaging on Top of Everything Else!

This is a must-try, at least once!

No Way Jose

But have I saved the best for last? Perhaps. Because when I get a serious craving for a ginormous ice cream sundae while I’m in Disney I head straight for Beaches and Cream. Once there, I might be even be tempted to skip their killer burger or grilled cheese sandwich and just have a No Way Jose for lunch!

No Way Jose at Beaches and Cream

This mammoth sundae has it all: Two kinds of ice creamchocolate and vanilla — make up the base for the treat. But what makes this the Best. Sundae. Ever. is the vast quantities of hot fudge AND peanut butter sauce poured allllll over the top! The whole thing is crowned with tons of whipped cream, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and a cherry for good measure.

Perfect? Yes, indeedy.

So there you have it! You may have to spend a day, or part of one anyway, without a park ticket. But instead of it being a sad occasion, make it a happy one by enjoying in one — or five! — of these indulgent treats. Whether you take a monorail ride to enjoy a Dole Whip, stroll along the BoardWalk for a trip to the Bakery, or take in the savanna views at Animal Kingdom Lodge, there’s no reason why a non-park day can’t be as fun as any trip through the park!

What non-park treat tops your list? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Miranda midas says

    Firstly, awesome list, I still dream of No Way Joses! But I think you meant sticky bun from Boardwalk Bakery rather than salted caramel ganache ;-)

    A question though – what is really in a zebra dome? I see in your pic here that it says it’s Amarula, which I love, but previous posts here on the DFB like http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2009/06/23/recipe-bomas-zebra-domes/ have described it being Kahlua and espresso flavour (ugh!)

    I hate coffee so I have stayed away from them – have I actually been missing out on Amarula chocolate deliciousness?

  2. Jenny says

    I have always bypassed Goofy’s Candy Company, but not this time. I’ve read to many times about the create your own snacks but tend to forget once I’m in DTD.

    note to self remember, remember! :)

  3. Joni says

    I love anything with salted caramel but the one I had a few months ago tasted like it had some sort of fruit juice added. maybe apple. and that ruined the whole thing for me. I would like to try it again. but… Wonder if I don’t like it would they let me trade it in for the fruit tart which by the way its amazing!!

  4. Jim says

    Haven’t been on the boardwalk last couple trips to WDW. No Way Jose just changed that for upcoming January trip….

  5. Joe says

    Dole Whip? I just had one at Magic Kingdom last Monday. I took it back and said they must have misunderstood me, I asked for Dole Whip not soft-serve? What happened to the original Dole Whip that was a Pineapple Sorbet-like, tasty treat? Now I get barely pineapple tasting soft serve? Disney, you have got to be kidding me?!? I don’t mind paying Disney prices for the “real deal”, but this pablum Disney is trying to pass off as Dole Whip is an insult. Walt is turning over in his grave.

  6. Princess Rose says

    Well you can get sweet tea at Disneyland Resort, California adventure. I got a souvenir Ariel cup there and they filled it with sweet tea. It was at the Plane restaurant

  7. Jackie says

    I was so upset when Beaches & Cream window down-sized to a limited menu. Don’t think I’ve had a No Way Jose since. The Zebra Domes don’t taste like coffee to me, but like a milk chocolate mouser-you have been missing out! That ganache thing just made it to my list.

  8. Stephanie says

    Did they bring back the cookie at Goofy’s Candy Company?! They took it away as an option a little while ago. That was my favorite!!!

  9. Eric says

    Um, that dole whip in the picture is way to small. I’ll send in a picture of one of mine sometime. Leaning tower of dole whip.

  10. Kate - Catching Up With Kate says

    Oh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dole Whip! I have never tried the zebra domes – do they have them at Disneyland too?

  11. Elaine says

    And don’t forget the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars – I would imagine they can be bought everywhere. It’s nice to have one when I get back to my hotel after a long, hot day at the parks.

  12. Bri says

    Proof that one does oneself a disservice by not visiting the resorts to see what they have to offer!

  13. Aaron Newton says

    “Dole Whip? I just had one at Magic Kingdom last Monday. I took it back and said they must have misunderstood me, I asked for Dole Whip not soft-serve? What happened to the original Dole Whip that was a Pineapple Sorbet-like, tasty treat? Now I get barely pineapple tasting soft serve? Disney, you have got to be kidding me?!? I don’t mind paying Disney prices for the “real deal”, but this pablum Disney is trying to pass off as Dole Whip is an insult. Walt is turning over in his grave.”

    Joe, this thing you are describing never existed. Dole Whip has always been a soft-serve product.

  14. says

    Joni, I just got back from Disney, and I also ate the Salted Caramel Ganache. I talked with a CM at Boardwalk Bakery about it and it turns out that they changed the ingredients. While it’s still called a Salted CARAMEL Ganache, they actually use a mango cream instead of caramel. I was told that the original that AJ tried at their grand opening was only around for a short time. They then changed it to the current mango version, and for whatever reason have not corrected the sign. They did warn me when I purchased it that it would have a mango taste, but I half ignored it knowing what I had read here on DFB. I didn’t realize there literally was no caramel inside, just this mango cream. It really was a disappointment.

  15. Mosiphine says

    The coconut bars at the Beach Club are my personal favorite, but I still miss the amazing cherry turnovers that the Boardwalk Bakery used to have.

  16. Sofee P Kravitz says

    OMGosh! Didn’t know about the Polynesian to get a Dole Whip….Gonna’ be there January 23-27 and the afternoon of arrival, this is where I am going!

  17. Matt says

    Actually the Salted caramel ganache tart has always had a thin layer of tropical ganache in the bottom of the tart which is then covered with the salted milk chocolate caramel and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. I believe that the tropical ganache creates a balance in flavors with salty, sweet, rich, and tart. Its fantastic!

  18. sara says

    when going to Beaches and Cream skip the No Way Jose and get the Kitchen Sink Sundae a WHOLE can of whip cream and more than 2 flavors of ice cream and 2 scoops and 1 cherry. go hungry it’s called kitchen sink for a reason

  19. :) says

    They are moving dole whip out of Captain cooks in march. It is going in the lobby and the set up is going to be like magic kingdom. No more self serve unfortunately.

  20. MELODY DAVIS says


  21. claire trautmann says

    I will have to try the create your own treat in September. I love disney gingerbread.

  22. says

    I personally never understood Dole Whips. I know some people that are obsessed with the stuff! Sure, it’s tasty, but it’s just pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream.

  23. Princess Rose says

    OK is it just me or does anybody else
    start singing the beginning theme to Lilo and Stich when they eat the dole whip?

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