News! And Review: Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu Refreshments New Menu!

We’re heading to Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom’s Africa. Tamu Tamu Refreshments is our stop today, so we can check out the entirely new menu!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments


It’s easy to stroll past Tamu Tamu on your way to Kilimanjaro Safaris, because this unassuming little spot blends in so perfectly with its surroundings.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Ordering Counter

There are a few clues, however, as to what is available to passersby:

Good Eats!

Cold drinks!

And the best part of the atmosphere is arguably a hidden gem. A lot of people aren’t aware of the gorgeous and peaceful outdoor seating area tucked behind!

Entry into the Harambe Fort

Chunky wooden tables and chairs are complemented by rustic plaster walls and artwork. It’s truly unexpected!

Tamu Tamu Seating Area

Tamu Tamu Seating Area

But I’d mentioned a new menu, so let’s dive in!


I was truly surprised to see the all-new offerings, especially since the Pulled Beef Sandwich had been a hit. (I must admit to being sad over the loss of that gorgeous fresh fruit bowl on the menu, and will continue to look for it at Bradley Falls whenever it is open!)

Tamu Tamu Menu

The menu is now offering three primary entrees: Slow-cooked Chicken Curry, Vegetarian Curry, and Roasted Chicken Salad.

Tamu Tamu Entree Selection

I was also intrigued by this display of all three items on the ordering counter (placed from left to right in order of their listing on the menu). I think this is a great idea for guests to see what each entrée looks like, and perhaps be inspired to try something new!

Entree Display

My immediate inclination was to try either of the chicken dishes. I love Chicken Curry, but I was also tempted by the description and display of the Roasted Chicken Salad (“Diced Chicken and Dried Fruit blended with Mild African Spices served with Tomatoes, Pita, and Apple Slices”).

Ultimately, though, I went with the Vegetarian Curry for two reasons: first, I thought our vegetarian readers might appreciate a review. Animal Kingdom, I believe, has truly tried to make strides in its vegetarian offerings.

Vegetarian Curry

And second, approximately seventeen of my last twenty meals have involved leftover Thanksgiving turkey, so maybe it’s time to lay off the poultry a bit, no ;)?

I carried my entrée right over to the table beside this lovely tree. It’s such a peaceful spot.

Spot by the tree

The Vegetarian Curry features tofu for protein along with an array of veggies including butternut squash, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions. It’s served over jasmine rice with two slices of pita bread.

Tamu Tamu Vegetarian Curry

Maybe this sounds silly, but when I picked up my dish to move it around for pictures, I was struck by how heavy it was. They definitely didn’t hold back on the portion size! It’s quite generous — I don’t think the angle of my picture displays that so well, but perhaps you can get an idea from the major veggie pile.

The flavor, though, is what surprised me most about this dish. I was expecting a lot of kick from the curry, but since I tend to favor yellow curry, I’m less familiar with red. While it really wasn’t as spicy as I’d hoped (and perhaps that’s more appealing to those who shy away from spice), the rich flavor of the tomato-base with herbs made up for that. I loved how I could taste the curry with every bite, but could still identify the flavors of each vegetable – it was savory, but not overpowering.

Vegetarian Curry on Pita Slice

I’ll outright admit that I’m not well-acquainted with tofu – like, at all. I’d like to share this with readers who — like me — tend to avoid it: it blends right in with the veggies, taking on the flavor of the curry, primarily.

The tofu, along with the portion-size and the wonderfully-prepared sticky jasmine rice, made this meal super filling.

Close-up of tofu and veggies

What I appreciated the most about this dish was the way I felt after I finished: happily full, without feeling stuffed.


Like I said, I was surprised to see a new menu here, but I think the new selections fit so well in Animal Kingdom, known for its unique beauty and the way it completely transports you to different places and cultures. It will be interesting to see if and how more changes evolve in this truly unique eatery.

What are your thoughts on the new Tamu Tamu menu? Please chime in with a comment below!


  1. Danny says

    I love vegetarian curries. Tofu works so well in curry. The AK version seems more like curry flavored roasted veggies though. Doesn’t seem to be much sauce (at least from the pictures).

  2. says

    That looks awesome!! I’m gonna try to head over this week and grab some veggie curry. Thank you so much for the review. I’d heard that they’d gotten rid of the quinoa/tofu salad, which saddened me, so I’m very glad they’ve replaced it with something that sounds equally tasty!

  3. Vaila says

    ALWAYS great to hear of new veggie options! :) I love eating in Animal Kingdom, just because the veggie options are different and tasty. Tusker House for lunch is just fab!

    It is sad when dishes we love disappear though. Back in 2010 the Sci Fi Dine In in Hollywood Studios did the most AMAZING chilli crusted tofu dish, just awesome, and I was gutted it wasn’t on the menu on my return in 2012, and I was reduced to yet another veggie burger :(

    The curry does look good (and thank you for reviewing a veggie dish!), but personally I like curries with a bit of sauce, it’s a shame it doesn’t have any.

    Still looks like a great option for a quick bite to eat though.

  4. says

    Totally agree with Vaila re the improvement in veggie options.
    It’s great to see food beyond the simple snacks that are suitable for non meat eaters.

    I also agree with Wendy, that the pulled beef is a big miss, but Tamu Tamu stands out as one of the few counter service points that does regularly change the menu every now and then.

    For me though, it’s not only the great quick service food here, but the location of the kiosk is really special. Of all of the locations in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this seems to be the most authentically themed and perfectly situated. Almost a greeting guardian of Africa or a much admired ‘waving friend’ as you head off to Expedition Everest after a hearty and tasty meal.

    Tamu Tamu is definitely one of my ‘magical memories’ locations that I often think of when I’m missing WDW.

  5. Sandy says

    Yum! That looks so great. I always found it very ironic how few veggie choices there were at AK, but I’m glad to see they’re making some strides to change that.

  6. says

    Did the breakfast menu change? the egg/ham/cheese flat bread was pretty good, I’ve gotten it several times. I have never eaten here for lunch.. but had late breakfast here a few times.

  7. Courtney says

    Thanks so much for reviewing a veg option, AJ! So glad to see AK trying to expand on thier meat-heavy menus.

    Valia – there is an awesome vegetarian shephard’s pie at Sci Fi now – it’s really good!

  8. Steven says

    great! add some veggie options….BUT–did they really have to give the shredded beef the axe?! no pun intended…..well maybe….that went awesome with a sugar cane mojito from across the way at dawa bar! i may never go to animal kingdom again! so disappointed…

  9. Steve Cline says

    This makes me sad. That pulled beef gyro thing they had there was my favorite snack in AK. And I don’t care for curry. I say BOO to this change!

  10. Essie says

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I think it looks good, also. I’d like, however, to try the roasted chicken salad with the fruit, first. I’ve had chicken salad with grapes in it and it was delicious. And, yes, I’d love to sit for a while under that nice little tree!

  11. Lucy says

    Glad to read this review of the vegetarian curry. I was quite made about they getting rid of the Quinoa Salad which was my pick for Veggie offering inside AK and as I’m not a fan of tofu I thought my QS eating days at AK were finished. I’ll have to try it next trip, it sounds delish!

  12. Megan Gentile says

    My heart is absolutely broken over the removal of the pulled beef pita. So sad to see it gone!!!

  13. Angelina says

    I would love to try any of the options here though I think you made the right choice going with the veggie curry. Seems like the perfect fuel for a day of disney!

  14. Melinda says

    The veggie curry is already gone! Can you give an update on what’s currently available at Tamu Tamu?

  15. Chris says

    A shout out for the Chocolate Milkshake here too – it’s simply amazing.

    Does anyone know if they serve it anywhere else?

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