Fun Find: Tim Horton Products in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

As you well know, one of my favorite things to do while I’m in Walt Disney World is to poke into all the little shops within the parks and resorts. I’m always finding new things! From delicious candy and take home treats to cute decor and souvenir options, who can resist?

Recently, I was on just such an expedition to the Yukon (okay, really, I was just in the Canada Pavilion), when I decided to wander through these, some of my favorite shops, once more. And you will never guess what I found!

Tim Horton’s Comes to Epcot!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I originally hail from way up north. Like, “almost-in-Canada” type north. And my parents, when they aren’t traveling all over the place, still call that corner of the world home.

Well, since we’re ALMOST in Canada where they live, one of AJ’s dad’s favorite rituals when he’s home is stopping into the local Tim Horton’s for coffee and a bagel each morning. So I couldn’t wait to show you this new (to me, anyway!) display of Tim Horton’s favorites that we spied in the Canada Shops!

Right there alongside bagged candies, and beneath a selection of maple syrup, you’ll find them. Remember the Covered Bridge Potato Chips that we showed you a while back? (Ketchup-Flavored! Yum!) Well, they’re right beside those!

Canada Pavilion Food Products Display

When I visited, there were four different beverage options. So Dad would have a great selection to choose from!

Display of Tim Horton's Drinks

While you can’t pick up a bag of coffee for brewing back in your hotel room, there are some nice tea options, as well as a few drink mixes, available.

Teas and Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Mixes

Personally, I think this English Toffee Cappuccino Mix needs to find a home in my pantry!

Tim Horton's English Toffee Cappuccino Mix

Here’s some nutritional information for you, in case you’re wondering about such things.

Cappuccino Nutritional Information

Of course, their Hot Chocolate is pretty amazing, too. Hmmm…mix the two together, maybe?

Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate Mix

This one also seems pretty, well, not-terrible-for-you!

Hot Chocolate Nutritional Information

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, there’s also Green Tea available. The tea comes 20 bags to a box.

Tim Horton's Green Tea

But if you’d like something that embraces Fall flavors, how about Apple Cinnamon Tea? This one is an herbal tea, so there’s no caffeine! Perfect for relaxing in the evening on cool, crisp nights.

Tim Horton's Apple Cinnamon Tea

And here’s the proof! That important “Made in Canada” verification. :-)

Made in Canada!

I am so excited to find these fun products in the Canada Pavilion shops, and I just know my Dad will be, too. And whether you decide to enjoy them during your Disney trip or take them home as souvenirs, it’s another fun way that you see countries represented in World Showcase!

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Will you be stopping by the Canada Pavilion for some Tim Horton’s treats? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Chris says

    This is definitely familiar to those who live in northern United States. Most people from that region wouldn’t even call this “foreign” because we have a Timmy ho-hos on every corner.

  2. Kaz says

    One of the places I like to stop when I am back home in Buffalo! I wish they’d open an actual Tim Horton’s in Epcot!

  3. michelle says

    as a Canadian I am so happy to see they are offering this. and the cappacino and hot chocolate are a normal staple to mix together.. any timmies will be happy to do this for you

  4. SharonCW says

    If the Canadian Pavilion wants to get all my snack credits (and all my money!), all they’d have to do is install a Tim Horton’s donut shop. Mmmmmmmmmmmm donuts…..

  5. Zach says

    Back during my Honeymoon in early July I was surprised (as a Rochester native) to see the Tim Horton’s display. When we were there they were carrying bagged Tim Horton’s coffee. Must be a rotational thing.

  6. Tricia says

    Hmm… Am I the only Buffalo Native that thinks the Donuts are better in Canada than in New York? I strongly debated bringing home some Peppermint Hot Cocoa when we where there over Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. Dad says

    WOW! I’ll have to check that out! I’m not sure some of these products are available here in the “almost Canada.” A good Tim Horton’s beverage and bagel would be nice when I “open the kingdom” every morning when I’m there. But then I wouldn’t be able to have my cinnamon bun with extra frosting! Choices, choices.

  8. Gaylin says

    I am from Canada, Vancouver – way on the west coast. We didn’t have Tim Horton’s here for the longest time. It was touted as a ‘National’ Brand but took a long time to actually show up on the West Coast. As a non-coffee drinker with food allergies, I don’t go to Timmy’s but I know a lot of people who do! Cool to see their products in Epcot.

  9. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    I am from the the town where Tim Hortons started and we have more than anywhere else.. but as I have said before they need to bring COFFEE to epcot pavalion…

  10. Kaytee says

    I’m definitely drinking a tim hortons hot chocolate right now! Nice to see this addition to epcot, but wish they would bring back the beavertails stand (even though my work is just around the corner from one)!

  11. Wendy Snelgrove says

    Why is there no ground coffee? This must be part of their marketing agreement with Starbucks – I can’t see any other reason.

  12. Gabriella says

    When we were at Epcot this past summer, we were so surprised to find Tim’s regular coffee, decaf and English Vanilla flavoured coffee so they must change their stock every so often. We pay $8 here in Canada for the same amount of coffee so $13 is a bit pricey.

  13. Trevor says

    The problem is if they installed a Timmy’s in EPCOT is that they would need special shuttle buses to get the Canadians to EPCOT then to the park that they actually want to go to.

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