Spotted: Food Finds in Epcot’s France Pavilion

You might think “seen one Disney gift shop, you’ve seen ‘em all.” And, honestly, that’s often true. But when it comes to shops in the World Showcase pavilions of Epcot, you really never know what you’re going to find!

I love that the little shops which are situated throughout the pavilions have continued to offer items from the countries they represent. But seeing that I (and you, since you’re reading this) have a fascination with food, it’s the food finds that I prize above all!

Wooden Spoon Display in Epcot's France

Remember a while back when we started amassing yummy finds in the UK and Canada Pavilions for a tasty international picnic? Well, today, we’re crossing the Channel into the France Pavilion to showcase some new food items that I’d never found before!

Fun Food Finds From France!

Since France is the country of, well, food…among other things…I was especially excited to stumble across a bunch of new food treasures when I was there recently.

Perfect for taking souvenirs home (especially for the Francophile in your life), the shops are a great stop for feeling like you’re in France without having to mess with customs and hunting up your passport.

French Pantry Items

The first display I found was of some fun items to French up your pantry a bit. Chocolate Fondue, anyone? (Seriously…is this making it home with you? Because I’m reasonably sure it would never make it to my suitcase. We’re talking picking up a plastic spoon in the food court on the way back to my hotel room.)

Chocolate Fondue

But there is also a nice selection of kitchen essentials here as well, including a variety or Mustards, Salts, and Herbs de Provence.

French Pantry Items -- Mustards, Butcher Salt, Herbs de Provence

The beautiful containers also make lovely decorations, I think. Some of these little pots are totally reusable in your kitchen.

Tarragon Dijon Mustard, Herbs de Provence in a Crock, Fleur de Sel

French Chocolates and Candy

Next up — more dessert! A box of chocolates is a great way to mark a visit to France. Who says you have to cross the ocean to pick one up?

Boxed Chocolates

These tins house chocolates, and come in a three pack. I love tins so I think these would be super cool pour moi. But they’d also make great little mini gifts if you have a lot of folks on your souvenir list. Plus they’ll make super fancy presents for your kids’ teachers, no?

Maxim's Gift Tins

The boxed chocolates feature some decidedly European flavors, like Chestnuts and Pistachio, as well as Caramel with Fleur de Sel. Scrummy.

Maxim's Boxed Chocolates

And don’t you love these little bins that offer cool variety? Mix and match for a fun snack later (or, you know, between here and the Japan pavilion)! Choose from White Chocolate and Praline, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Beans. But I’ll be hangin’ around for the Salty Butter Caramel!

French Chocolates -- White Chocolate with Praline, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Beans, Salty Butter Caramel

Coffee Chocolates in pretty foil wrappers are another option.

Coffee Chocolates

If you prefer something sans chocolate, there’s beautiful Nougat de Provence, made with Almonds and Lavender Honey.

Nougat de Provence

French Cookies and Snacks

There is also a nice assortment of delicate French cookies and fruit snacks.

Want something tres traditional? How about a box of Langues de Chat? No, they aren’t really cat’s tongues. :-) They’re pretty much just fancy vanilla wafers.

A line of Pierre Biscuiterie Cookies includes Plain, as well as varieties featuring Mixed Berries and Lemon and Almond.

Assorted Butter Cookies

I also found a couple of cookies coated in Milk Chocolate. What do you say? Better than chocolate chip?

Chocolate Butter Cookies

These cute Fruit Me Up! Fruit Snacks promise Fruit Energy for the Whole Family! Wow — just what you need in Disney World, eh? ;-D

The Bars seem a little like fruit pastilles — you know, gummies for grown ups.

Fruit Me Up! Fruit Bars

If you prefer your fruit snacks to be fruit-shaped, check out these Mini Fruit Bites. These don’t really look all that…French…per se…but whatever. They’re a great snack to nosh on during Spaceship Earth.

Fruit Me Up! Fruit Bite Snacks

Mini Champagne

We all know about La Maison du Vin, France’s quaint little wine shop, and its lovely selection of wines. You can even order them by the glass.

But you can also pick up these cute small bottles of Champagne as well!

Pommery POP Champagne

You’ll find the Nicolas Feuillatte sold by the glass throughout the France Pavilion. It’s nice to know that you can take a little bottle of Brut or Rosé back to the room with you, too — to celebrate! Come on…you must have something to celebrate, right?

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne


After an inspiring meal at Monsieur Paul or Les Chefs de France, you might want to take home a piece of kitchenware to try your hand at a French dish or two. The Le Creuset goodies sold at the France pavilion are the real thing! Any home chef worth his or her salt will thank you when s/he finds this under the Christmas tree.

How cute is this trio of Mini Cocottes in the colors of the French flag?

Set of Le Creuset Mini Cocottes in Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge

These Petite Au Gratin Dishes are perfect for oven to table dishes. (Have I mentioned how much I love France for creating a dish specially made for melty CHEESE?!??!?!)

Le Creuset Petite Au Gratin Dish

And whether you need Ramekins for creating delicious Crème Brûlée or a whimsical Creamer for the breakfast table, you’re sure to find something here. I also love the display — check out the Tea Towels and Rolling Pins in the pulled-out drawers!

Assorted Bakeware and Serving elements

Other Gift Items

Doing a bit of holiday shopping? I found a couple of items that are definitely going to turn up under the tree as gifts.

Wouldn’t it be super fun to collect all of these Wine Label Coasters and Trivets?

Stone Vineyard Wine Coasters and Trivets

Any lover of Paris will adore this collection, which features Maps of the Paris Métro.

Métro de Paris Items

I also love this awesome t-shirt — what more do you need in life than good Wine, Bread, and Cheese?

Vin - Pain - Fromage T-Shirt

Ah, to have an unlimited spending account and unlimited packing space in my suitcase! There’s just nothing more fun than looking around the shops, and spying all of these fun finds.

I’m sure the displays have changed since I took these pics, so I can’t wait to see what’s there next time!

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What’s your favorite new France food find? Let me know in comments which of the items would be going home with you!


  1. Sandy says

    I loved the gift shop in France – I am bummed though that I didn’t spot the mini pink champagne – how cute!

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