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Disney Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Great Gift Ideas!

As we head into the weekend before the weekend before Christmas (AAAAAAH!!!), I’m busy finishing up my shopping! How is it possible that we only have 11 more days??

If you’re looking for just the right gift for someone special on your list, we’re here to help! Check out another fun installment of the Disney Holiday Gift Guide for 2013. Today, we’re talking Great Gift Ideas!

Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl

I absolutely love this chic Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl as a statement piece. It’s perfect as a fruit bowl in your kitchen — you’ll smile every time you’re reminded of your last Disney trip in this classy way!

Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes

Isn’t there something delightful about the tinkling of wind chimes? Remind yourself of whimsy and teatime with this adorable set of Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes. Inspired by the quirky animated classic, you’ll feel as though you just tumbled down the rabbit hole yourself whenever the breeze stirs them.

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup and Saucer

So. Cool!!!!!

If you have an Alice in Wonderland fan — or even a tea lover — on your list, check out this completely fantastic Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup and Saucer.

The cup is cute enough, and perfect for celebrating any old unbirthday you may be having. But get a load of the saucer! It’s more than just a convenient place to park your tea biscuit; it’s actually fashioned to look like the shadow of your cup! If you know an Alice lover, I think they pretty much must have this.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup and Saucer

Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass by Arribas

For a touch of panache when it comes to wine service, consider bestowing a set of these beautiful Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glasses by Arribas. Not only are they beautiful, but you can also personalize them! It’s the perfect gift for that friend who happens to be both a Disney lover and a connoisseur of wine.

Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass by Arribas

Minnie Mouse Icon Wine Glass by Arribas

But hey, we aren’t going to leave Minnie out! How about considering six Mickey glasses, and six Minnie Mouse Icon Wine Glass by Arribas? That would be the most fun wine tasting, ever!

Minnie Mouse Icon Wine Glass by Arribas

Mickey Mouse Tea Set

If a cuppa is more to your liking — or the preference of that tea lover on your list — this Mickey Mouse Tea Set will fit the bill nicely.

I love the scrollwork and simple black and white design. The knobs on both the teapot and the sugar bowl are the Little Guy himself. And the “Authentic Original Disney Parks” logo will remind you of your last happy visit to the parks.

Mickey Mouse Tea Set

Mickey Mouse Decorative Nutcracker Figures

I couldn’t pass up showing you this great set, guys!

Okay, so the Mickey Mouse Decorative Nutcracker Figures aren’t actually functional. I mean, don’t go trying to actually, you know, crack nuts with them. But how awesome are these?

The figures are sold separately, but how much fun would it be to collect every single one? And there’s so much variety to choose from! You can select the more traditional options, like the White Guard, the Toy Soldier, or the Purple King. Or get into the Disney spirit with fun characters like Sorcerer Mickey and Pirate Mickey.

Mickey Mouse Nutcrackers

But kudos for originality on the eighth member of the crew — Mickey Mouse, as a Nutcracker, on a Rocking Horse! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.

Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse Nutcracker

So, there it is! If you still have shopping to do, hurry up! Just kidding. I’m RIGHT there with you. But we hope we’ve given you some fun and slightly out-of-the-box gift ideas for that food-loving-Disney-fan on your list!

Which of the items this week are you hoping to find under the tree for yourself? Let us know by leaving a comment!


  1. Sandy says:

    Oh do I wish Santa will bring me some of those Minnie Mouse wine glasses!

  2. JM says:

    I love that fruit bowl, and the Alice themed stuff…. not buying anything right now, but thought they were so cute!

  3. Courtney G says:

    I purchased the metal Mickey bowl when we were there in August. I love it!! Looks so pretty.

  4. Angelina says:

    I love the tea pot but don’t think i would ever use such a small pot….lol

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