Guest Review: The Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Join us in welcoming Guest Author Trish M. with a mini-review of The Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. She utilized the Fantasmic Dining Package!

I just got back from Walt Disney World and I did the Fantasmic Package at Brown Derby. This was a cost of $56.99 plus tax and gratuity. And it was so worth the money!

We arrived about 15 minutes before the show and got awesome seats. This was amazing to me considering people line up 2 hours before!

So let’s get down to the food…


I started with the Blue Lump Crab Spring Rolls, along with Snow Crab Claw, and an Asian Slaw with spicy Miso Aïoli. These were good, but I think I may have preferred to try the Cobb Salad like my fellow diners did.

I’m not a huge fan of Asian slaw or the miso aioli, but there was plenty of crab in the spring rolls.

Blue Lump Crab Spring Rolls.

Next up, I sampled the Char-glazed Filet of Beef with a Red Wine Reduction, topped with a Cabernet and Roasted Shallot Butter, over White Truffle Oil Wild Forest Mushroom Mashed Potato, Sautéed Haricot Verts, and Golden Beets

This whole dish was AMAZING! I was completely shocked to love the golden beets as much as I did.

Char-Glazed Filet of Beef

For dessert, it was the Chocolate Three Ways, which included Praline Milk Chocolate Cream, crunchy Ganache, and Orange-Chocolate Mousse.

As much as I wanted to try the famous Grapefruit cake, I opted for this instead because I needed a chocolate fix. :) I expected it to come out as three separate desserts, but instead it was like a slice of cake/pie with these as three layers.

It tasted wonderful, but I’m still curious about the grapefruit cake.

Chocolate Three Ways.


All that being said, I enjoyed my visit overall. I did feel very under-dressed in the restaurant while wearing the same clothes I had been touring the park in. If I go again, I think I’d prefer to change into something that fits their dress code a little better.

(Editor’s Note: Signature restaurants have a “Resort Casual” dress code. Basically anything goes with the exception of tank tops, swim suits, hats, cut-offs, torn clothing, and items with offensive language and/or graphics.)

What’s your favorite dishes at The Hollywood Brown Derby? Have you done the Fantasmic Dinner Package? Please share your personal experiences in the comments below!


  1. Chrissy O says

    I just love the Brown Derby. It’s totally worth the splurge. They seem to be one of the most consistent restaurants in Disney when it comes to quality and service. I love that you get free bread and butter. We always get the cobb salad to start, and vanilla creme brulee to end. We’ve always had the most succulent fish entrees, and my parents love the filet. I did get a little funky and tried the signature tofu noodle bowl last time and was disappointed, but chalked it up to my tastes, and not a failure of the dish itself.
    Yeah, the atmosphere isn’t super swanky to match the menu price, but I think it just helps you unwind and enjoy yourself that much quicker. I did enjoy the ability to still wear my R2-D2 ears there last Star Wars Weekends and not even think twice about it. It’s a nice perk to fine dining in the parks.
    It’s also a great place to get a glow cube drink….perfect lighting. I had a delicious page turner tini there once and the kids at the table next to me were entraced! The boy said to his sister “look, look, she’s gonna take a drink!” :)

  2. Frank Stefanec says

    We LOVE the Derby. I will usually get whatever their seafood of the day is. It seems to change. I’ve never been disappointed. My wife loves their steak. Their Cobb is one of my favorites. Grand Floridian Cafe’s Cobb challenges though….
    Grapefruit cake is a must for us.
    Atmosphere is great. CM’s always gracious, taking pics, etc.
    If you are there for opening, there is a daily VIP of the Day family that they walk in. They make a big deal over it… They cut the ribbon, etc. Really cool for that family.
    Now they have an outside bar with appetizers too. Great addition, imho.
    Sits next to Starring Rolls… whoever came up with that name should have gotten a really big bonus. That cracks me up.


  3. Jason says

    Whenever my son (five) and I have a daddy-son day we always head over to the studios and eat at the BD. It has become one of our traditions, and we have never been disappointed with the food or service. It is a great spot.

  4. Karen_DisneyFan says

    I love the Brown Derby and *love* the Fantasmic dining package too!! The package is great since you get an appetizer along with dessert, which you don’t get on the regular dining plan. And then as a bonus you get great seats for Fantasmic!

    When my husband and I were there a couple years ago for our 30th anniversary, we had a wonderful meal. We decided not to see Fantasmic and gave our pass to a very happy & surprised couple as we were leaving the park. It was a win/win – we had a wonderful meal and they got great seats to an awesome show!

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