Review: Peacock Alley at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando

OK, I totally have ANOTHER awesome waffle sandwich to share with you today!!

And you can find it in an unlikely location…the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Resort. Nestled in Bonnet Creek, within the main gates of Walt Disney World, it’s a great mix of convenience and refinement. Plus, there are some seriously killer views of Disney’s theme parks from its balconies.

Today, we’re grabbing a casual lunch at the resort’s main lounge — Peacock Alley.

Peacock Alley Menu Cover

This spot’s namesake is the fashionable Peacock Alley of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City (the original was given the name due to the colorful peacock feathers the ladies wore in their hats); but while it’s elegant, you can definitely choose this location for a relaxed and casual lunch.


Everything about Peacock Alley makes me want to take a deep breath, sink into a comfortable chair, and relax. The cool colors and motif of peacock feathers surrounds you throughout (even on the carpet!).

View of Peacock Alley

The view is of the Waldorf’s pool area and golf course. And you  may even catch a glimpse of Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


There is a luxuriously appointed bar on one wall, and there’s even a peacock etched in the mirror.

Peacock Alley Bar

Check out this awesome chandelier!

I Love This Chandelier!

Time to take a look at the menu and see what they have to offer!


Some of the guest favorites remain on the menu from the last time we reviewed Peacock Alley, but there were several new dishes we couldn’t wait to try!

We started with a look at the Cocktail Menu. I wish I could have one of each… .

Cocktails Menu -- Click to Enlarge

In addition to the interesting cocktails, there’s a separate menu of Margaritas and Mocktails, too.

Margaritas and Mocktails Menu -- Click to Enlarge

A friend had joined me for lunch, and she opted for the simple and refreshing White Sangria. It was beautiful in the glass!

White Sangria

With a base of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, flavors of peach vodka, elderflower liqueur, orange juice, and white grape juice make this a bright and flavorful cocktail for an afternoon kick-back after a day at the parks. My friend loved the light addition of fresh fruit, too.

White Sangria -- Up Close

I opted for the Tropical Breeze Mocktail. It really does look like a tropical sunset in a glass, doesn’t it? And it was so refreshing — with strawberry, mango, and pineapple, topped with a splash of ginger ale.

Tropical Breeze Mocktail

The menu features small plates, salads, and sandwiches — an a couple of fantastic desserts. But more on that later.

Starters Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Salad Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Sandwich Menu -- Click to Enlarge

I had tried the incredible Preserved Tomato Soup, Lobster “BLT” Popovers, and the Four-Cheese Fondue with Braised Artichokes on my previous visit and all of the dishes were amazing! (I’m still dreaming of that fondue!)

So this time, we decided to try something different and opted for the chilled Avocado and Crab Summer Rolls.

Avocado and Crab Summer Rolls

Beautiful, right?!

The cold and pliable rice paper was filled with a good amount of crab and avocado, held together with just a little bit of creamy dressing. The Ginger Garlic Dip offered a nice contrast with just a little zip.

Avocado and Crab Summer Rolls -- Up Close

And after the appetizer, we both decided that sandwiches sounded like a good option.

We asked our server what the favorites were, and were advised that The Club is super popular. Layers of chicken breast, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and bacon also held a few surprises — like fried egg and pineapple aioli!

The Club

This thing was massive, and stuffed to the brim with goodies. The addition of a few interesting ingredients on the sandwich made it something really special!

No kidding — this is easily shareable.

The Club -- Up Close

But I could NOT pass up the option of the Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwich, Peacock Alley’s answer to a Croque Monsieur.

Oh my goodness, you guys — the moment I bit into this thing I knew there was something completely different about it.

Ham and Cheese Waffle

Made with spicy Tasso ham and Gruyere Cheese, once again the special ingredients elevate an otherwise common sandwich to something special.

HOWEVER…the thing I was noticing at first bite was that the waffle wasn’t your standard sweet Belgian waffle. This had been made with herbs baked right into the batter. And, in addition, there was a dusting of Sea Salt over the top. Waffle sandwiches are often criticized for being too sweet, but the savory additions here were perfect.

Ham and Cheese Waffle -- Up Close

While the potato chips that came with our sandwiches were perfectly fine, they weren’t anything special; so we added an order of French Fries to share. They were crisp-tender and nicely seasoned.

French Fries

With lunch behind us, we couldn’t resist a peek at the Dessert Menu.

Desserts Menu -- Click to Enlarge

What caught our eye? The Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cake, of course! I was very intrigued with the addition of beet puree. Hmmm… I guess that meant no bright red color would be the hallmark of this sweet treat!

When it came to our table, we found a chocolate cake with just a hint of a red hue — and a huge topping of luscious cream cheese frosting almost an inch thick. Heaven. (Stay tuned to DFB, cause I’ve got the recipe for this one coming soon!)

Red Velvet Cake

The cake was moist and delicious, and the frosting was creamy versus hard and lardy. We were definitely big fans of this one!


I seriously give a sigh of relaxation every time I walk into the Waldorf, and Peacock Alley continues that respite from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. I always have great experiences here. The food is incredible, as they elevate the simplest of dishes to something special. And I leave feeling like I’ve spent an afternoon in relaxed luxury.

I hope that you have the opportunity to make it over to the Waldorf Astoria Orlando on an upcoming visit to Disney World. And if you do, be sure to take a breather in Peacock Alley. Whether you stop by for a light lunch or drinks and small plates, this haven deserves a visit.

Which dish would be your top choice at Peacock Alley? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Sam says

    I’d like to try to make the ham and cheese waffle sandwiches. Does anyone know if they have a mustard sauce on them, or a bechamel sauce?

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