News! The Disney Turkey Leg Controversy

We knew that Disney Jumbo Turkey Legs were kind of a big deal (maybe pun intended?). But apparently, they’re a front-page-of-the-NY Times big deal!

In a post entitled “Turkey Legs Conquer Land of Mouse Ears” the Times reveals just how huge the popularity of these mammoth drumstick snacks have become. But not everyone is thrilled about their iconic status. More on that later… .

A Disney Turkey Leg In All Its Glory

A Disney Turkey Leg In All Its Glory

Many guests feel it’s a rite of passage to stroll through the park of their choice, gnawing on the meaty treats. They’re a great option to share! In fact, they’ve gathered a cult following of sorts, similar to many of Disney’s iconic snacks.

Turkey Leg at Disney -- Up Close

Turkey Leg at Disney — Up Close

Like Dole Whips and Mickey Bars, you’ll find lots of fun merch featuring pictures of the meaty treat, like t-shirts, hats, and even air fresheners!

Turkey Leg Merch!

Turkey Leg Merch!

And did we mention the wallets?)

Turkey Leg Wallets, Anyone?

Turkey Leg Wallets, Anyone?

We’ve even spied the odd sweet turkey leg — in the form of a Turkey Leg-Shaped Krispy Treat!

Turkey Leg...Krispies?

Turkey Leg…Krispies?

But myths abound about the gargantuan size. It turns out, the drumsticks come from toms — the male turkeys, which are apparently much larger than the hens we’re used to seeing on the Thanksgiving table.

And sure enough, not all feedback to the article is positive. We opened our edition of the Times yesterday to find an op-ed post in strong objection to the selling of the famous drumsticks.

Whether you love them, or not so much, the Turkey Leg business at Disney Parks certainly seems to be booming! Maybe it’s the kitsch value of posting a caveman-esque Instagram, or perhaps more guests are looking for treat options that are higher in protein. No matter the reason, they’re making headlines…and not everyone is happy about it.

Let’s hear from you! Are Turkey Legs can’t-miss, or must-pass?


  1. Amberley says

    Are the turkey legs available at Disneyland Paris??? My husband and I will be there on thanksgiving this year and I was really hoping to have one!

  2. Candice says

    My kids have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld once a year since birth practically. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times to go. This year when I sent them a text saying ‘Disneyland for Thanksgiving’ the only response I got back from both of them was ‘Turkey legs!’ Yep. They are that good. The kids pester me from the minute we walk through the gate about what time I’ll let them get turkey legs.

  3. Randi says

    My husband and I drive from NC to Disney World every year, and we always get 4 turkey legs on our last day. 2 to eat right away, and the other 2 (which a cast member wraps up special for us) to bring back home. They are a must have every time! If they stopped selling them, I wouldn’t know how to act.

  4. Lee Dic6 says

    I’M a local and I use to go to downtown Disney now Disney Springs I hope they still have the turkey legs there

  5. Jake Ogden says

    Initially loved the turkey legs, but over time I’ve become turned off by their taste. They taste too much like ham, and not enough like turkey. In fact, they don’t taste like turkey at all. Wish Disney would find a way to serve a turkey leg that tastes like a turkey leg.

  6. Joan Marie says

    The Disney turkey legs were such a complete disappointment for me. I wanted to try one for a long time and when I did I couldn’t believe how horrible it was. We ended up taking a couple of bites and then giving them to the birds. It was salty and did taste like ham as someone else stated. Someone else told me they are Emu legs which is why they don’t look or taste like turkey. Obviously people like them though. I just won’t be partaking again.

  7. Scott S says

    Somehow the people of Disney found a way to turn a Turkey leg into a leg of Ham. Very disappointed. Every bite is nothing but extremely salty meat because these legs are salt cured before frying. The meat not only tastes like Ham, but looks like just like Ham too. I was expecting a nice crispy juicy Turkey leg but instead got a large chunk of salty ham on a bone for $12.95. I laugh at some of these comments, these people must not have ever eaten a real Turkey leg if they actually enjoyed it.

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