What’s Your Favorite Restaurant in Each Walt Disney World Park?

One question I get asked ALL the time: “What are your favorite Disney restaurants?”

Favorite Walt Disney World Theme Park Restaurants

And my answer is always the same: “My favorites are always changing, because the only consistent thing about Disney restaurants is that they’re inconsistent!” That said, I do have a few that I head back to over and over again… .

It’s fun to seek out new things, to be sure. And Disney is always introducing new restaurants! But still, it’s always comforting to go back to the same place each visit and have your favorite meal.

So today, my question for YOU is: What is your favorite restaurant in each of the four Walt Disney World Parks? What table would you park your feet under during each and every visit if you could? (Or do you?)

I’ll share my picks first, and then I can’t wait for you to jump in by adding your answers in comments below!

Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom

Ah, Liberty Tree. You have been around since the dawn of time. (Or at least since pretty much the first day that Magic Kingdom was opened.)

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

And while lots of fantastic places to eat in Magic Kingdom have come about since then, I’d still eat at Liberty Tree Tavern during every single visit if I could.

Lots of Disney fans prefer dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, which is a family-style, all you care to eat affair, offering carved meats and sides. Having traditional Thanksgiving foods all year around is a treat, after all! But I really prefer lunch, because I can get my favorite: the amazing Liberty Tree Tavern Burger!

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

And there’s no better way to finish the meal than one of my favorite Disney desserts, the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake! This has been on and off the menu in recent months, but we’re always glad when it’s on-again.

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom.

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is a Must Have

Sometimes I have to resort to making it at home with this recipe when a craving strikes before my next advance dining reservation!

Chefs de France/Via Napoli/Rose and Crown/Garden Grill in Epcot

It’s hard to go wrong with many of the restaurants in Epcot, especially in World Showcase. Sure, some are better than others, but each offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture of another country. Not only do you have the chance to sample dishes from around the world, but servers are from host countries as well, and are always eager to discuss their homelands with curious guests.

A year ago, if I were asked to choose one restaurant in Epcot that was my return-all-the-time choice, I would have said Le Cellier – hands down. However, now that this Canadian restaurant has increased prices SO substantially, I just can’t keep it on my best-of list any longer. :-( It’s just not worth it anymore when there are so many other good places in Epcot that don’t cost quite as much and still deliver great food.

Oh, not-really-all-that-Canadian version of Poutine. I miss you.

Oh, not-really-all-that-Canadian version of Poutine. I miss you.

As a result, if I am forced to choose just one World Showcase restaurant to represent Epcot, it would have to be um… Les Chefs de France/Via Napoli/Garden Grill/and Rose and Crown. (What?! Narrowing down to one is REALLY hard to do!)

Let’s start with Chefs de France!

Front of Les Chefs de France at Night -- Isn't It Amazing??

Front of Les Chefs de France at Night — Isn’t It Amazing??

This completely charming spot, styled so realistically as a Paris bistro, will transport you. It’s one of the easiest places of all to lose yourself in the themeing around you and believe you’ve stumbled into France. At least for an hour or two.

Whether you decide to take in lunch or dinner at this charming spot, I think you’ll be pleased with your choice. The menu offers many classic French dishes to make the immersion complete!

Save Room for the Profiteroles!

Save Room for Dessert!

But whatever you choose to enjoy, be sure to save room for those amazing Profiteroles au Chocolat!

Next up: Via Napoli.

Via Napoli's Pizza Ovens

Via Napoli’s Pizza Ovens

This pizza joint is so much more! Via Napoli features thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas made in the classic Italian tradition, but the pastas here are great as well. They’ve even introduced a craft beer program!

The must-have Quattro Formaggi pizza

The must-have Quattro Formaggi pizza

This is my husband’s must-do restaurant on every trip!

Moving on — Rose and Crown Pub and Restaurant.

The building’s three sides at Rose and Crown.

The building’s three sides at Rose and Crown.

Rose and Crown is a classic English pub and restaurant featuring all of the beer, cider, and delicious comfort-food eats you’ve been searching for. We love trying new menu items, and popping into the pub on a weekday afternoon to see Carl and have a pint and a scotch egg is always a treat.

Classic Fish and Chips from Rose and Crown

Classic Fish and Chips from Rose and Crown

Finally, when you have the kiddos in tow (or not…you know…whatever…), Garden Grill is the place to be.

Disney World's Garden Grill

Disney World’s Garden Grill

This rotating restaurant (yup!! it rotates!!) features Disney characters (including Mickey Mouse himself), an all-you-can-eat family style meal, and fun views of the Living with the Land attraction below.


Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

I have fond memories of this spot when I was a kid (it was a fancy schmancy steakhouse then), and it’s just as much fun today.

50s Prime Time Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Speaking of immersive experiences, it doesn’t get much better than 50s Prime Time Cafe. So pull up a sparkly Naugahyde aluminum chair to a formica table — and for Pete’s sake, keep your elbows off!

Don't forget to ask for a TV table on your visit to 50s Prime Time Cafe! And keep your elbows off the table...

Don’t forget to ask for a TV table on your visit to 50s Prime Time Cafe! And keep your elbows off the table…

I love this comfort food spot for the kitschy decor, the campy, awesome staff — and the delicious food. Tops on my list? The Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese!

Fried Herb Cheese -- Sooooo Good!

Fried Herb Cheese — Sooooo Good!

But you won’t go wrong with other favorites, like Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken or the yummo Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake!

Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Are you sensing a theme here? Food is super important — but my favorite spots offer more than just great food. They’re places where the genius of Disney Imagineering shines through in a big way.

In fact, I’d argue that my love for Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is more about theme than food!

Outside of Restaurantosaurus

Outside of Restaurantosaurus

The food, after all, is largely standard Disney counter service, with a few interesting options, like the Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog, thrown in for good measure. And they do have the best Chicken Nuggets in the whole world.

The Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog at Restaurantosaurus is Similar to Fairfax Fare -- Without the Truffle Oil

The Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog at Restaurantosaurus is Similar to Fairfax Fare — Without the Truffle Oil

But really, the brilliant thing here is the story. How in the world did they come up with it??

As it goes, the restaurant is the shared house of paleontology students, and you see hilarious details of their antics everywhere you turn. The airstream that’s become part of the building is probably my favorite bit. You can actually sit at a table INSIDE it to eat! :-)

Eat here!

Eat here!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Let’s hear from you guys! I want to hear what your favorite, can’t miss restaurants are in each of the four parks! What are the spots that you can’t resist visiting every single time you visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios?

Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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  1. sara says

    getting for my 8th visit to wdw. Magic kingdom: Cinderellas castle, I used to like liberty tree but I can eat family style and stouffers frozen entrees at home for cheaper. When spending that much money I want chef created meals. Disney Studios: prime time cafe Epcot: Morocco used to love Japan don’t love the changes. Animal kingdom if I have to spend time in this extremely hot park I’d go with rainforest cafe. And the rest there’s just too many choices and never enough time

  2. says

    I can only say that I’m super pleased with where we ate on my last trip so the ones I liked:

    Hollywood Studios: Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater — I loved how they had an alternative to french fries. I really loved the cucumber salad!

    Magic Kingdom: Crystal Palace — Loved the alternatives to the quick service food and other buffets. Lots of options. I wish I could eat every meal there nom nom.

    Epcot: Chefs de French — we also ate at Rose and Crown but I loved the food here. So good. French Onion Soup <333

    Animal Kingdom: Tusker House — hands down would eat here again. So good. Especially breakfast. Omggggg

  3. Andy Rieman says

    Magic Kingdom – Crystal Palace (my family’s all-time favorite, we’ve eaten there all 6 times we’ve been at Disney!)

    EPCOT – Via Napoli

    Hollywood – Brown Derby

    Animal Kingdom – Tusker House

  4. Bryce Trillo says

    I’m going to take this a little further. :) Magic Kingdom: Liberty Tavern; I was very impressed with the food, I ate until I popped. Epcot: Teppan Edo; I’m a sucker for teppanyaki. MGM Studios (I can’t stand the Hollywood Studios name): Its a toss up between Scifi dinner and the Brown Derby; I think its more nostalgia in regards to Scifi, I was enthralled with it as young boy. I love the idea of being in an outdoor setting…but being inside. I don’t get me sometimes. The food is fine, it’s good, just not amazing. The Brown Derby however has great food and the decor is wonderful. Animal Kingdom: To be honest I have only eaten at Yak & Yeti so by default its my favorite, I can’t really remember it very well so I’m wondering if it is just easily forgotten. Now for the extra part. Hotels: Yachtsman and Jiko are still battling it out in my mind and a close third is California Grill. Downtown Disney: Wolfgang Puck’s dinner restaurant; Easily the best. My absolute all-time favorite though is who ever wins the eternal battle between Jiko and Yachtsman.

  5. Ellen Z says

    My new favorite is Be Our Guest and my old standby is the Clambake at Cape May. I also love Narcoosees

  6. Claudine Baggetto says

    Magic Kindom-Tony’s Town Square
    Epcot-Rose & Crown (& Sunshine Seasons for quick service)
    Hollywood Studios-50’s Prime Time Cafe’
    Animal Kingdom-Flame Tree BBQ

  7. Colleen says

    Tony’s in Magic Kingdom has become a fave.
    We’d eat Flame Tree BBQ over either sit down in Animal Kingdom.
    It’s a toss up between 50’s Primetime and Mama Melrose in Hollywood Studios.
    Chefs de France and San Angel Inn at EPCOT are worth returning!

  8. says

    Magic Kingdom: We had an amazing dinner at Be Our Guest. Boldly flavored food, amazing ambiance. See my review on this blog.

    Epcot: Chefs de France. I love the decor and the servers even more than the food!

    Hollywood Studios: Brown Derby. Yummy food beautifully presented in a stunning setting.

    Animal Kingdom: Can I say Boma here? It’s such a gorgeous space, and it’s fun to eat food that’s isn’t your typical theme park fare. Creative and unusual choices.

  9. Jessica says

    My husband and I will be at WDW in 6 weeks! :)
    I ADORE Boma at the Animal Kingdom resort! I am a vegetarian and am thrilled with all of the options available. Even my meat-and-potatoes father-in-law can appreciate Boma.
    Columbia Harbor House in Magic Kingdom offers a fantastic vegetarian chili. YES: I will eat chili in Florida during the summer when the chili is this delicious!
    Finally (well, I COULD go on and on, but…) I love the vegetarian Shepard’s Pie and Rose & Crown in Epcot. Full of flavor and super filling.
    Yummmmmm….now I’m hungry!

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