What’s Your Favorite Restaurant in Each Walt Disney World Park?

One question I get asked ALL the time: “What are your favorite Disney restaurants?”

Favorite Walt Disney World Theme Park Restaurants

And my answer is always the same: “My favorites are always changing, because the only consistent thing about Disney restaurants is that they’re inconsistent!” That said, I do have a few that I head back to over and over again… .

It’s fun to seek out new things, to be sure. And Disney is always introducing new restaurants! But still, it’s always comforting to go back to the same place each visit and have your favorite meal.

So today, my question for YOU is: What is your favorite restaurant in each of the four Walt Disney World Parks? What table would you park your feet under during each and every visit if you could? (Or do you?)

I’ll share my picks first, and then I can’t wait for you to jump in by adding your answers in comments below!

Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom

Ah, Liberty Tree. You have been around since the dawn of time. (Or at least since pretty much the first day that Magic Kingdom was opened.)

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

And while lots of fantastic places to eat in Magic Kingdom have come about since then, I’d still eat at Liberty Tree Tavern during every single visit if I could.

Lots of Disney fans prefer dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, which is a family-style, all you care to eat affair, offering carved meats and sides. Having traditional Thanksgiving foods all year around is a treat, after all! But I really prefer lunch, because I can get my favorite: the amazing Liberty Tree Tavern Burger!

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

And there’s no better way to finish the meal than one of my favorite Disney desserts, the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake! This has been on and off the menu in recent months, but we’re always glad when it’s on-again.

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom.

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is a Must Have

Sometimes I have to resort to making it at home with this recipe when a craving strikes before my next advance dining reservation!

Chefs de France/Via Napoli/Rose and Crown/Garden Grill in Epcot

It’s hard to go wrong with many of the restaurants in Epcot, especially in World Showcase. Sure, some are better than others, but each offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture of another country. Not only do you have the chance to sample dishes from around the world, but servers are from host countries as well, and are always eager to discuss their homelands with curious guests.

A year ago, if I were asked to choose one restaurant in Epcot that was my return-all-the-time choice, I would have said Le Cellier – hands down. However, now that this Canadian restaurant has increased prices SO substantially, I just can’t keep it on my best-of list any longer. :-( It’s just not worth it anymore when there are so many other good places in Epcot that don’t cost quite as much and still deliver great food.

Oh, not-really-all-that-Canadian version of Poutine. I miss you.

Oh, not-really-all-that-Canadian version of Poutine. I miss you.

As a result, if I am forced to choose just one World Showcase restaurant to represent Epcot, it would have to be um… Les Chefs de France/Via Napoli/Garden Grill/and Rose and Crown. (What?! Narrowing down to one is REALLY hard to do!)

Let’s start with Chefs de France!

Front of Les Chefs de France at Night -- Isn't It Amazing??

Front of Les Chefs de France at Night — Isn’t It Amazing??

This completely charming spot, styled so realistically as a Paris bistro, will transport you. It’s one of the easiest places of all to lose yourself in the themeing around you and believe you’ve stumbled into France. At least for an hour or two.

Whether you decide to take in lunch or dinner at this charming spot, I think you’ll be pleased with your choice. The menu offers many classic French dishes to make the immersion complete!

Save Room for the Profiteroles!

Save Room for Dessert!

But whatever you choose to enjoy, be sure to save room for those amazing Profiteroles au Chocolat!

Next up: Via Napoli.

Via Napoli's Pizza Ovens

Via Napoli’s Pizza Ovens

This pizza joint is so much more! Via Napoli features thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas made in the classic Italian tradition, but the pastas here are great as well. They’ve even introduced a craft beer program!

The must-have Quattro Formaggi pizza

The must-have Quattro Formaggi pizza

This is my husband’s must-do restaurant on every trip!

Moving on — Rose and Crown Pub and Restaurant.

The building’s three sides at Rose and Crown.

The building’s three sides at Rose and Crown.

Rose and Crown is a classic English pub and restaurant featuring all of the beer, cider, and delicious comfort-food eats you’ve been searching for. We love trying new menu items, and popping into the pub on a weekday afternoon to see Carl and have a pint and a scotch egg is always a treat.

Classic Fish and Chips from Rose and Crown

Classic Fish and Chips from Rose and Crown

Finally, when you have the kiddos in tow (or not…you know…whatever…), Garden Grill is the place to be.

Disney World's Garden Grill

Disney World’s Garden Grill

This rotating restaurant (yup!! it rotates!!) features Disney characters (including Mickey Mouse himself), an all-you-can-eat family style meal, and fun views of the Living with the Land attraction below.


Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

I have fond memories of this spot when I was a kid (it was a fancy schmancy steakhouse then), and it’s just as much fun today.

50s Prime Time Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Speaking of immersive experiences, it doesn’t get much better than 50s Prime Time Cafe. So pull up a sparkly Naugahyde aluminum chair to a formica table — and for Pete’s sake, keep your elbows off!

Don't forget to ask for a TV table on your visit to 50s Prime Time Cafe! And keep your elbows off the table...

Don’t forget to ask for a TV table on your visit to 50s Prime Time Cafe! And keep your elbows off the table…

I love this comfort food spot for the kitschy decor, the campy, awesome staff — and the delicious food. Tops on my list? The Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese!

Fried Herb Cheese -- Sooooo Good!

Fried Herb Cheese — Sooooo Good!

But you won’t go wrong with other favorites, like Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken or the yummo Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake!

Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Are you sensing a theme here? Food is super important — but my favorite spots offer more than just great food. They’re places where the genius of Disney Imagineering shines through in a big way.

In fact, I’d argue that my love for Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is more about theme than food!

Outside of Restaurantosaurus

Outside of Restaurantosaurus

The food, after all, is largely standard Disney counter service, with a few interesting options, like the Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog, thrown in for good measure. And they do have the best Chicken Nuggets in the whole world.

The Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog at Restaurantosaurus is Similar to Fairfax Fare -- Without the Truffle Oil

The Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog at Restaurantosaurus is Similar to Fairfax Fare — Without the Truffle Oil

But really, the brilliant thing here is the story. How in the world did they come up with it??

As it goes, the restaurant is the shared house of paleontology students, and you see hilarious details of their antics everywhere you turn. The airstream that’s become part of the building is probably my favorite bit. You can actually sit at a table INSIDE it to eat! :-)

Eat here!

Eat here!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Let’s hear from you guys! I want to hear what your favorite, can’t miss restaurants are in each of the four parks! What are the spots that you can’t resist visiting every single time you visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios?

Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Chris James UK says

    Oh my how on earth do you choose? But here goes.

    Magic Kingdom – Plaza

    Epcot – San Angel Inn/Restaurant Marrakesh

    Studios – Sci Fi

    AK – Yak and Yeti (table and counter)

    DTD – Portobellos

    Resorts – Beaches and Cream/Kona Cafe

  2. Anastasia says

    Magic Kingdom: I fully agree with Liberty Tree Tavern. The toffee cake is divine.

    Epcot: I think I like Rose & Crown best for entrees but Chefs de France for dessert.

    Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree BBQ. The sauce is excellent and their onion rings are huge.

    Hollywood Studios: I would love to try one of the other restaurants but the siren call of Sci-Fi Dine-In lures me in every time.

  3. Kelly says

    Magic Kingdom- we really like Be Our Guest for lunch, the braised pork dish is yummy and my fiance loves the croque monsieur, the french onion soup is very good too and can be used as a snack credit on DDP the atmosphere in restaurant, especially the west wing, is really something to see, especially if your a Beauty and the Beast fan!! We enjoy Columbia Harbor House also,I love the shrimp. Hollywood studios I second your choice of 50’s Prime Time Cafe , love the fried chicken and milkshakes , Sci-Fi dinner theater is a close second for us. Epcot is very hard to pick just one, we have many favorites but the two we always have to go to are the Coral Reef and La Hacienda de San Angel, coral reef has an amazing fish special (fresh catch of the day) with saffron, bacon and mussels, and the margaritas ,the tilapia dish and the beans, rice and tortillas at La Hacienda are awesome! We like Teppon Udo but I guess we are a little spoiled, we have an amazing hibachi place less then 2 miles from our house that we go to a lot so we tend to skip it in Disney so we can enjoy other types of foods we don’t have close to home. Animal Kingdom we love flame tree BBQ, can’t beat the chicken and rib combo platter.

  4. Lynne S says

    MK Be Our Guest I love the food here and they have a great wine list

    AK Yak & Yeti at 2:30 so we can watch te parade

    HS Brown Derby!!!

    Epcot Tutto Gusto and Cava

    Our tradition is to eat at Boma the night we arrive. My sons fave

  5. says

    Deb T. — Oh no! Not rotating? You’ll have to let us know if it’s back in action. Every time I’ve been it’s been rotating. Something to check out for sure!

  6. VailaTigger says

    Being a veggie, I probably like places that other (carnivores) aren’t so keen on, I like where I can get something ‘different’, or at least if it’s basic veggie fare it’s cooked and presented well. Not eaten everwhere in WDW yet, so I know there are some awesome veggie places I’ve not been yet :)

    My favourites (some for food, some for atmosphere) are:

    Magic Kingdom – Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and Crystal Palace

    Epcot – counter service in Morocco, no table service places really stand out here, but I’ve not eaten everywhere yet.

    Hollywood Studios – nothing really stands out here either, but do like Sci Fi Dine In.

    Animal Kingdom – Tusker House lunch or dinner! Drooling just thinking about it.

    Downtown Disney – House of Blues

    Resorts – Boma, Sanaa, Artist Point. Drooling again.

  7. VailaTigger says

    Stupid me!! How could I forget Mama Melrose’s? That’s my pick for Hollywood Studios!

  8. Casey says

    MK: Now, Be Our Guest, before it was the breakfast at Crystal Palace

    AK: Yak and Yeti

    Hollywood: Mama Melrose

    Epcot: Via Napoli

    Resorts: Kona Cafe

  9. Marc says

    Great thread idea:

    MK: We like Be Our Guest for lunch and dinner and Crsutal Palace for breakfast. French toast Puffs. That is all.

    AK: Tusker House. Kids and mom and dad all love the meats, the produce and the Cape Malay chicken curry. For extra value, we book ADRs at 11 a.m. to get the breakfast leftovers, also.

    DHS:Kids like H an V. Wife and I love Fairfax Fare. Our family of four shared one chicken and ribs combo for lunch last year. Impressive portion.

    Epcot: Via Napoli for kids. Les Halles for my wife and I love Tangierine Cafe for my shish taouk fix. It’s as close to the real thing as you going to find at WDW.

    Resorts: Sanaa, hands down. Ohana for breakfast. We<ve tried Cape May cafe for breakky also. Meh to that.

    Downtown Disney: Earl of Sandwich for all of us, but the food trucks are calling us this year, it appears.

  10. Phil Wiese says

    MK- Liberty Tree Tavern

    HS- Brown Derby

    AK- Boma (its a cheating pick but its at the lodge so i’m going to go with it

    EP- Monsieur Paul

    Resort- Yachtman Steakhouse

    DTD- Ragland Road

  11. Tina Bailey says

    First is adult pick and second kid favorites
    Magic Kingdom: Be Our Guest and Crystal Palace
    Epcot: Coral Reef and Garden Grill
    Hollywood Studios: Brown Derby and Hollywood and Vine
    Animal Kingdom: Tucker House
    Outside of Parks: Chef Mickey and Polynesian

    Overall we have always enjoyed the food. Yes it is expensive but that is why magic your way plans are nice. You prepay and just schedule your reservations. We even have enjoyed food at our resorts. We have a diabetic, vegetarian and one extremely picky kid and restaurants have always tried to assist with dietary needs.

  12. Erin says

    These were our faves from our honeymoon last month:
    MK- Be Our Guest
    Epcot – out of the two places we ate we liked Biergarten best.
    AK – we had Yak & Yeti for lunch and it was okay.
    HS – Honestly, fairfax faire. 50’s diner’s atmosphere was fun but I really don’t like fried chicken or meatloaf so I had a hard time finding a food I liked.

    Resorts – Boma and Ohana for dinner were superb!

    DD is where I want to explore more next visit – Raglan Road is a must! We ate at Wolfgang Express – Westside and it wasn’t terrible.

  13. Janna says

    MK – Liberty Tree Tavern
    Epcot – Le Cellier
    DHS – 50s PrimeTime (now I want fried cheese!)
    AK – Tusker House

    DtD – Wolfgang Puck Express (I know it’s not a table service but it’s better than most table service restaurants to us.)

  14. Ashley says

    MK: Pecos Bill/Cosmic Ray’s (these are pretty interchangeable but we love the fixin’s bar)
    Epcot: Katsura Grill
    AK: Tusker House
    Resorts: Big River Grill (lunch/dinner) & Kona Cafe (breakfast)

    HS: Don’t really have one. The rest of my family loves the Brown Derby for the cobb salad and I think Sci-Fi Dine-in has the best theming, but I’m not real impressed with the food options at this park.
    DTD: Again I don’t really have one. We’ve had good meals at WP Cafe and RFC, and my aunt and I both like our food at Bongo’s on our last trip (but it was too loud)

  15. Amy says

    MK – Crystal Palace before the park opens
    Epcot – Wherever I ate last – currently Via Napoli; Love Garden Grill, though. It took me years before I tried it and I can’t wait to go back!
    DHS – Brown Derby if I have a bit of leisure time.
    AK – Tusker House

  16. Kaitlin says

    MK- Crystal Palace and most recently Be Our Guest! It was fantastic :)
    Epcot- Le Cellier or Via Napoli both are delicious and have great atmosphere!
    DHS- I actually don’t care for a lot of the restaurants in Hollywood Studios but there are some fun themed restaurants like Pizza Planet
    AK- FLAME TREE BARBECUE I always look forward to putting one of my counter services towards this awesome lunch spot.

  17. Tina says

    This is such a hard question, but I’ll try. Here goes:

    Magic Kingdom – Cinderella Castle (Breakfast), Harbour House, Be Our Guest (Good food, even better atmosphere)

    EPCOT – Was ALWAYS San Angel Inn, but La Hacienda De San Angel gave it a run for it’s money this year :), Le Cellier, Teppan Edo, Rose & Crown

    Hollywood Studios – Brown Derby, Primetime Cafe

    Animal Kingdom – Tusker House (Breakfast – Safari Donald is my FAVORITE! And hello? JUNGLE JUICE!), Flame Tree BBQ. I also ALWAYS have to stop by the soft Ice Cream Truck over by Everest

    This was hard enough without having to involve Downtown Disney, or the Resorts! That would’ve been even harder for me. We should do that next :).

  18. says

    MK: Be Our Guest
    EPCOT: Coral Reef
    HS: Brown Derby
    AK: Yak & Yeti
    We also love O’Hana at Poly; California Grill at Contemporary

  19. Angelina says

    Unfortunately, I can only speak to Disneyland which isn’t quite as enormous as WDW which you think would make choosing easier…NOT!! If I had to choose it woudl be:

    DCA: Paradise Garden Grill
    DTD: Ralph Brenans Jazz Kitchen
    DL: Royal Street Veranda or Hungry Bear (sorry…i caved in to my indecision!)

  20. Maureen says

    We haven’t been to WDW since Dec of 2011-but here are our favorites-

    MK: Liberty Tree Tavern-I really love the food, and one time when they announced our name and where we were from (Alaska) we actually got a round of applause!
    Epcot: Biergarten
    MGM: 50’s Prime Time
    AK: Yak and Yeti

    This was surprisingly hard :)

  21. JANELLE says

    Magic Kingdom – Liberty Tree Tavern lunch
    Epcot – le chefs Dr France
    Animal Kingdom – Yak and Yeti
    Hollywood Studios – Brown Derbyshire
    Resorts – Kona Cafe, Boma, Grand Floridian Cafe
    DTD – Raglan Road

  22. DisMomofBoys says

    MK: Crystal palace breakfast…puffed french toast, enough said.
    Epcot: Biergarten dinner…love german food and dancing.
    DHS: 50s Prime Time…the antic just crack me up, and the food is great.
    AK: only ever been to Flame Tree but loved it
    Resorts: Kona Cafe (both breakfast and dinner)…banana stuffed fried yummy goodness and Kona coffee. Dinner’s great too!
    Downtown Disney: Earl of Sandwich…delicious and inexpensive, perfect for a day of shopping and exploring.

  23. Fiona says

    We just went for our 3rd trip and tried some new ones. Here’s our list
    AK: every time, Tusker for Breakfast, Boma for dinner. Both delicious, fresh buffets
    HS: used to be Sci-Fi, now it’s 50’s Prime time. Will probably visit there again
    Epcot: Le Cellier, hands down, price increase & all :)
    Magic Kingdom: This year we tried California Grill at Contemporary, it’s our new favourite all time restaurant. Fireworks were beautiful and the food was excellent. Perfect portions, fresh, and healthy options. If I have to pick in the park we’ve enjoyed Crystal Palace and The Plaza, but had just an “ok” time at Be Our Guest.

  24. Kerrin says

    MK: Aloha Isle for Dole Whip!!
    Epcot: So many good ones, my favs are Tangierine Cafe in Morocco, the bakery in France, the Beirgarten, or Coral Reef, although eating seafood while watching the live fish does make me feel a bit guilty! My favorite place in all of Epcot is the Tequila Lounge in Mexico – the atmosphere, service, and of course tequila are all superb!
    Studios: Mama Melrose
    DAK: Flame Tree
    Downtown Disney: Bongos and Earl of Sandwich
    Resorts: Flying Fish at the Boardwalk! Hands down the best meal I’ve ever had on property!!

  25. Debbie DiTolla says

    Yak and Yeti is an annual fave for our family. Love the dumplings and the wings. Don’t miss the duck and the lo mein dishes…and, you must have dessert! The sweet cream filled wontons served on skewers with grilled pineapple and drizzled with vanilla sauce is heavenly!!! And the mango pie is off the charts!

  26. Hilary says

    MK-Tony’s Town Square
    AK-Tusker House
    HS-50’s Prime Time Cafe
    Epcot-I don’t have a favorite
    DTD-Raglan Road Probably my favorite on the whole property. Their Whiskey Marinated Steak is awesome.

  27. Stacy says

    I LOVE this topic!

    Animal Kingdom – Yak and Yeti

    Magic Kingdom ( my least fave dining destination) but I like Tony’s..ahhhh

    EPCOT – oh gosh so hard to choose! Rose and Crown..I think or Mexico Hacienda

    Hollywood Studios – so easy BROWN DERBY..duh!

  28. JH says

    Magic Kingdom:
    -Table Service=The Plaza
    -Counter Service=Be Our Guest

    -Table Service=Biergarten & Garden Grill
    -Counter Service=Tangierine Cafe

    -Table Service=50’s Prime Time for lunch, Sci Fi Dine In for dinner
    -Counter Service=Still searching for one. We typically end up at a resort CS location

    Animal Kingdom:
    -Table Service=Tusker House
    -Counter Service=Flame Tree BBQ

  29. Cindy says

    Animal Kingdom – Yak and Yeti

    MK- Pecos Bills….good burgers with all the toppings

    Epcot- Via Napoli, Rose N’ Crown

    Downtown Disney- Raglan Road, Earl of Sandwich

  30. Beth W. says

    This IS a hard one! Let’s see…

    MK – Be Our Guest (dinner). Trying lunch in December.
    HS – ’50s Prime Time (Love “Cousin” Tom!)
    Epcot – Akershus (good koldbort!). Trying Via Napoli this time.
    AK – Yak and Yeti QS. Trying Flame Tree!
    Resorts – Sanaa! This trip is ‘Ohana. I hear it is going downhill though…any thoughts on that?
    Downtown Disney – Wolfgang Puck Express/Earl of Sandwich

    Can’t wait till December!


  31. Tonia D says

    MK – Harbour House or Casey’s (haven’t eaten at BOG yet)
    Epcot. too many, but I think we eat at Nine Dragons most visits, we also could each at the Garden Grill, Coral Reef every visit (and Teppan Edo!) OK way to many at Epcot. Must have fish and chips at nights end especially if drinking!
    AK – Yak and Yeti
    HS – Sci Fi
    Resorts, too many. but for the food alone: Flying Fish, Boma, Ohana,
    DTD We love Rainforest Café but Fultons would be the first choice there!

  32. Jenny W-K says

    MK – Liberty Tree Tavern or Pecos Bills – Burgers are wonderful at both places. I don’t remember ever having dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, but I love lunch there. We are trying dinner on our next visit. Pecos Bills is our go-to quick service spot. (We’ll be trying Be Our Guest for lunch on our next visit. I hope it lives up to the hype.)

    AK – Tusker House – We went there on the cusp of breakfast and lunch, so we got to eat both. The food was amazing. Best staff. Our daughter loved meeting the characters. We can’t wait to go back.

    Epcot – Biergarten – Our daughter loved getting up and dancing. Food is good, but not great. It was easy to find stuff for our daughter to eat. The atmosphere makes the experience.

    HS – 50’s Prime Time Cafe – Food is great, and the milkshakes are yummy. The atmosphere here makes this one of my fave places to eat in all the world. I love the 50’s.

  33. amy bromilow says

    What about the Poutine is not Canadian? Classic Canadian Poutine is fries with cheese curds and gravy. Being Canadian I should know!

  34. says

    This is a toughie…

    MK – Crystal Palace breakfast/Plaza lunch
    Counter service – Pecos Bill’s

    EPCOT – Cantina and Via Napoli

    DHS – Brown Derby (special) or 50’s Prime Time

    AK – Flame Tree BBQ

    DTD – Earl of Sandwich (best value on property and the AAA discount is worth it.

  35. Tim Cann says

    HS: Brown Derby

    EPCOT: Monsieur Paul

    BOARD WALK: Flying Fish

    DOWNTOWN: Raglan Road

    WILDERNESS LODGE: Artist Point

    AKL: Jiko’s

  36. Bernadette says

    We look forward to both the Liberty Tree Tavern & Crystal Palace. Have never been disappointed with anything that we ordered.

  37. Jenny Heberlein says

    MK- don’t have one
    AK-Tusker House
    Studios- 50’s Prime Time Cafe
    EPCOT- Le Cellier

    Resorts have lots that are must do’s each and every trip. That would be a good question.

  38. John H. says

    Oh so many good resturants, so little timr: but here’s my choices, not all in the parks.

    EPCOT, still Le Cellier

    D. Hollywood Studios, Brown Derby

    Boardwalk, Flying Fish

    Magic Kingdom, California Grill, atop the Contemporary Hotel (not exactly MK, but just a monorail stop away)

    Downtown Disney, Ragland Road

    Resorts, Wilderness Lodge, Artist Point

    Animal Kingdom, Yak and Yeti

  39. Justin says

    AK- Tusker House
    MK- Be Our Guest
    EP- Biergarten
    HS- 50’s Prime Time
    Resorts- This is really tough, TIE, Citricos, California Grill, and Jiko
    DD- Paradiso

  40. Amy says

    We’ve only been once, but here are our favorites in each park:
    Epcot: Tutto Italia Ristorante
    Hollywood Studios: We were at WDW seven days and hit everything except for Hollywood Studios. So none.
    Magic Kingdom: Crystal Palace
    Animal Kingdom: Tusker House (Donald’s Safari Breakfast).
    In Resorts: tie between Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary (we stayed at the Bay Lake Tower) and Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort is close behind the these two.
    Downtown Disney: Earl of Sandwich

  41. Lisa says

    MK- Crystal Palace for breakfast
    The Plaza for lunch
    Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner
    Epcot- Coral Reef & Garden Grill (FW)
    Teppan Edo & Rose & Crown (for lunch) (WS)
    AK- Tusker House for breakfast
    Yak & Yeti ( for appetizers only)
    Hollywood Studios- Sci fi for lunch
    Mamma Melrose for dinner
    Resorts-‘Ohana (tropical relaxation ) & Whispering Canyon (loud fun)
    Dinner Show- Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (a must do every time we go)
    Hidden Treasure – Trail’s End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness for dinner (quiet & inexpensive)

  42. Ally says

    Magic Kingdom – Cinderella’s Royal Table, but I really want to say Be Our Guest also! They are so close for me.

    Epcot – Garden Grill! Obsessed with their food and the atmosphere!

    Hollywood Studios – Cant easily say. It might be Brown Derby but I haven’t been there. Maybe Scifi, I love the cars.

    Animal Kingdom – Tusker House, don’t even need to think about it :)

  43. Rachel says

    Ahh tough one!!

    MK – Liberty Tree Tavern
    Epcot – Via Napoli, Biergarten is runner up
    AK – flame Tree Bbq
    HS – sci fi
    Hotel – Boma

  44. Kathryn S. says

    MK: Caseys Corner but trying Liberty tree in June!
    HS: 50s prime time
    AK: yak and yeti
    Epcot: Via Napoli
    Resorts: Kona!!

  45. Tonia says

    MK Liberty for sure but Casey’s hits the spot after a long night.
    AK Yak and Yeti!! But counting the days until Flame Tree reopens (were there April and it was still closed).
    Epcot is harder, depends on your mood. We like Le Cellier a lot but as you mentioned it is expensive and a treat for us to go. We like Teppan Edo and Nine dragons. Have not had the pleasure of Les Chefs de France but we will eventually make it there. The fish and chips outside Rose and Crown at the end of the night is an always thing. Much good food to eat at Epcot!
    HS – we have not had too many meals at HS but I liked the Scifi dine in. Will have to take the family to Prime time, it has been too many years for me to remember it. They need a Star wars theme restaurant now that they purchased Lucas Films. It would be fun anyway.

  46. Robert says

    MK – Plaza Restaurant
    EPCOT – Chefs de France, Coral Reef
    Studios – Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre, Hollywood Brown Derby
    AK – Yak and Yeti, Tusker House
    Resorts – Boma

  47. Katie says

    Magic Kingdom – Be Our Guest
    Hollywood Studios – 50s Prime Time Café
    Epoct – Rose and Crown Pub
    Animal Kingdom – Flame Tree Barbecue

  48. jane says

    Epcot- chef de France
    Hollywood studios- Hollywood and vine
    magic kingdom- be our guest
    crystal Palace
    contemporary- chef mickeys
    *honorable mention- ohanas, cape may cafe, tokyo dining

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