News and Photos! Spice Road Table Soft Opens in Epcot on Saturday!

We’re so excited to share the awesome news that Spice Road Table, Morocco’s newest eatery, is scheduled to open to the public for a soft opening on Saturday! Woo-hoo!

The New Sign for Spice Road Table!

The New Sign for Spice Road Table!

Disney Food Blog exclusively broke the official news that Morocco was introducing a new small plates restaurant way back in 2012!

We’ve watched the progress with eager eyes and can’t wait to try out the new spot, which we KNOW will be a great location for catching the IllumiNations fireworks!

Spice Road Table from across the Lagoon

Spice Road Table from across the Lagoon

Here’s a little photo tour of the new location, straight from Epcot today! You can see that construction walls are still up, so Disney’s going to be burning the midnight oil for the next two days getting this spot up and running… .

Spice Road Table Entrance

Spice Road Table Entrance

Here’s a super fun addition: the Juice Bar!! We’re so excited to be able to sidle up for some chef-created ice cream!! The rest of the menu is pretty much a repeat of what used to be available at the previous drinks and desserts bar at Morocco.

Spice Road Table Juice Bar

Spice Road Table Juice Bar

In addition to the newly integrated juice bar, you’ll still find retail space here where you can snag your tagines!

Morocco Retail Space

Morocco Retail Space

And after you get your ice cream, head in for a Henna Tattoo!

Henna Tattoo Location Next To Juice Bar

Henna Tattoo Location Next To Juice Bar

Of course, the decor and features here are expected to be just as grand as they are throughout the rest of the Morocco pavilion. Just check out this cool light fixture!

Spice Road Table Light Fixture

Spice Road Table Light Fixture

I can’t wait to see the finished product soon!

Spice Road Table Concept Art

Spice Road Table Concept Art

We’re looking forward to hearing YOUR reviews of Spice Road Table. If you’re in Epcot and try it out, let us know what you think!

Spice Road Table opens this weekend! Will it be on your list for your next Disney trip??


  1. Kelly says

    Any idea as to whether Spice Road Table will be a counter service type of eatery or table service? Thanks for the updates and info!

  2. catherine says

    It’s a small plates place, my bet’s on it being like Tutto Gusto. No reservations, walk in only, no dining plan.

  3. Shea says

    When this was first announced it was talked about as being a spot to watch Illuminations so I would assume that would mean that they indeed would take reservations. Otherwise people would come take up all their tables and never order any food.

  4. John says

    Can’t wait to see the menu and (more importantly) the wine list. They won’t be able to top Tutto Gusto (and the fabulous Benito), but I do like the idea of a casual middle eastern spot. And I’ve already seen in numerous places that it (thankfully) won’t do ADRs. This is a casual stop in place like Tutto Gusto and Le Cava de Tequila.

  5. Me says

    They could have the dreaded QS CM who prohibits guests without food to sit at the tables. Just from 8:00 onward.

  6. catherine says

    I think if they have problems with lingering guests it might be possible to institute a minimum purchase for a table instead of taking reservations. If it’s classified as a lounge like Tutto Gusto is, there won’t be reservations.

  7. Connie says

    Disney Dining has no record of this restaurant and its Saturday opening. We’re at WDW now and have called Dining a few times and they have no idea what we’re talking about. Hope they figure it out soon. I want to go on Sunday night.

  8. Paul in CT says

    AJ, thanks for the great news! We’re looking forward to hearing the menu. I bet you will be there before we will. We will have to try it in April.

  9. Essie says

    I’m always excited to check out new places. It will be awhile before I can do this, but maybe the lines will be more manageable by then.

  10. Elizabeth says

    Great timing, We will be there on Monday! We will check it out if it’s not too crowded. I love small plates and more exotic choices. Hopefully they will have some authentic fare. The morocco booth at the flower and garden festival was one of our favorites.

  11. Floridians lady says

    Spice Road Table will be opening it’s doors this Saturday the 10th of January. So far they are not on Disney’s reservation system as well as they will not be part of the dinning plan (DDP, DLUX…) the place is gorgeous and the food is from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best I will give it an 11. Great small Mediterranean Small Plates, great atmosphere and the best fireworks view at EPCOT.

  12. LandE Mom says

    We were in Epcot on Saturday for the opening. So beautiful. Only had time for a quick stop, so I’m looking forward to a leisurely evening meal to enjoy the restaurant at night. I had the Harissa Chicken Roll. SO good! It had the perfect level of heat for me. Already makng plans to revisit Spice Road Table.

  13. Connie says

    I can’t say enough good things about this new restaurant. We were there on Sunday night. They are definitely working out the kinks (a few light bulbs out on the hanging lanterns I. The outdoor area and the sound for illuminations was not pumped in). But the food and drink were great! I was suprised that the inside was so empty during illuminations. Only 2 tables were taken. I hope that people will not be scared off by the middle eastern cuisine. It was really delicious. There were influences from not only morocco but also Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, etc. the decor was shipped from morocco. And the server me ruined that many of the wine offering me are only offered there and nowhere else in WDW or USA. All in all, it was a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back (hopefully when they take Tables in Wonderland).
    Note: we had both samplers ( the lamb slider and Harissa chicken roll were the best. Calamari was perfect. ), grape leaves, garlic shrimp, lemon custard and almond cake. And for drinks, the red sangria (awesome), Casablanca beer (morocco) and almaza beer (Lebanon).

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