Review: Tiki Juice Bar (and Dole Whip!) in Disneyland

Indulge me for a moment as we head over to Disneyland and talk Dole Whips. The refreshing, mysteriously creamy frozen pineapple soft serve is one of the treats that I enjoy at some point during every single trip to Disney, regardless of which coast I happen to be visiting.

But there’s just something even more special about it when you can score your Dole Whip fix from the Tiki Juice Bar in Disneyland.

I mean, there’s no “original” here. Dole’s partnership started with Disney after both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom were opened, and I remember the Dole logo from my earliest trips to Disney World, too.

Still, with the Tiki Juice Bar as a fixture and the fact that it’s actually part of the Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction — the original tie-in for the Disney-Dole partnership — how could you go wrong?

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of a Disneyland Dole Whip, you’re in for another surprise. Let’s take a look!


The Tiki Juice Bar is an open-air, counter service kiosk, located adjacent to the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland’s Adventureland. In fact, it’s part of the the Tiki Room’s pre-show. That’s one of my favorite parts of visiting!

Tiki Juice Bar

And there are some seriously fun touches here. This tiki helps to hold up the corner of the hut, fittingly. I love the little tiny guy, don’t you?

Tiki at the Tiki Juice Bar!

Look around, and you see lots of ways that the Dole logo and name are worked into the decor. This bamboo-framed print of a Dole pineapple juice-drinking parrot is one of my favorites! Clearly a nod to the attraction inside. I’m thinking they should sell these.

Another Fun Dole Sign

I love the retro vibe of the signs. It really makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii, and you’ve stumbled upon a vintage juice stand! Elvis could totally come out and start singing “Blue Hawaii” any minute.

Atmosphere Sign with Dole Logo

The set up and offering here are simple. That freshly-cut pineapple beckons, but…come on. Dole Whip!

Counter Set Up

Speaking of offerings, let’s see what’s on tap here at the Tiki Juice Bar.


It’s a pretty straightforward menu here, really. Pineapple, pineapple, and more pineapple. Who said Disneyland doesn’t have healthy food?

Menu — Click to Enlarge

The throwback feel continues with these cute, laminated card menus that offer a little more detail about Dole Whips, in case you’re new here. :-) And you can learn to say Dole Whip in, like, a jazillion languages.

Card Menu — Click to Enlarge

As far as the pineapple spears go…these aren’t your normal, puny little canned variety. Nossir…they’re a full quarter of the juicy fruit, cored, so all of the hard work is done for you. (No pricked fingers — my least favorite part of preparing this snack at home!)

Fresh Pineapple Spears

But for me, there is definitely only one way to go when I’m at the Tiki Juice Bar. And that’s straight for the Dole Whip Float. Sigh.

Dole Whip Float from Above

I mean, I love them wherever I can get them. But they’re just so…dressed up at Disneyland!

FANCY Dole Whip Float Posing in Front of the Cool Retro Sign

Because this is where it gets good. In Disneyland, your Dole Whip Float comes with the most awesome garnish — a paper umbrella and a cherry. So hip. So LA.

Umbrella and Cherry Gorgeousness

I still don’t get why the umbrella-cherry situation isn’t part of the Aloha Isle, Walt Disney World playbook! But then, as Heather so observantly pointed out, Magic Kingdom and Captain Cook’s both offer a swirled, pineapple-vanilla iteration that some consider the perfect flavor combo. (I’m a pure, pineapple-on-pineapple kinda girl. But to each his own.)

Spoon or Straw? You Decide!

And this is an important spot to discuss something. Is it a drink? Or a snack? Straw, spoon, or both? Weigh in below in the comments!

Whatever transportation you choose to use to get that tropical deliciousness from the cup to your mouth, you will leave the Tiki Juice Bar a little happier than you were when you arrived.


So, do Dole Whips taste any different in Disneyland than they do in Walt Disney World? In truth…nah. But Disneyland gets wicked big style points for that awesome garnish. And really, isn’t it just fun to enjoy a dessert inspired by paradise a little closer to its actual location?

Just note: the line here is usually as crazy long as it is in WDW. It may not look busy from these pics, but I guarantee that just a few minutes later the line was wrapped around to the entrance to the Jungle Cruise. OK — maybe not that far, but close. Be prepared.

Having a Dole Whip (or really, seriously…go for the Float) in Disneyland is a rite of passage. And one that I will continue to enjoy and recommend as often as I can.

Where’s your favorite spot to enjoy your favorite Dole Whip treat? We’d love to hear you share about it in comments below!


  1. Lindsey says

    I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland in May 2013 and grab a Dole Whip float right when the stand opened. I wish I had been ten seconds faster though because the customer ahead of me in line received a “First Dole Whip of the Day” button. I am still jealous!

  2. Joni says

    Sure wish we could get a Citrus Swirl somewhere other than MK.
    It’s Tropical why not at Poly also?

  3. Marie says

    My favorite place to eat one is inside the Tiki Room watching the show. Usually we get ours while watching the preshow in the courtyard and then take it in with us to watch the main event, something encouraged at DLR. We were shocked that no food or drink was allowed in the Tiki Room at WDW because it is tradition for us at Disneyland. :)

  4. Maureen says

    We love our Dole Whips! I think that is our most consistent treat when going to WDW. We were in Disneyland last April, got our Dole Whip and sat near the castle, enjoying them under the shade of an umbrella. We got a kick out of the double takes people would give us, when they got a load of our Whips-especially the kids. We heard a lot of “I want that!!” from them :)

  5. Essie says

    If I’m ever lucky enough to visit the DLR, I’d love some of the fresh pineapple. Do you think that they’d give you a little umbrella if you just got the fresh fruit, but not the float or Dole Whip? The umbrellas are awfully cute!

  6. Frank says

    WOW! Not sure when you took these photos, but I have never seen it so slow there. Last weekend, there was a line :30 before the shop openned! Great review!

  7. Victoria says

    I’m a spoon and straw kinda girl. Sometimes I just need straight pineapple juice while eating my float. I love Dole Whip floats.

    And I, too, wish WDW would dress them up like they do at DL. So pretty!

  8. Angelina says

    I’m a recent convert even though I’ve been visiting DLR for 20 years…but i can never bring myself to get the float because i hate floats in other forms (root beer, etc), so i’m thinking its a texture thing for me. Seriously though you must have hit this stand on the midweek and off season. There is always a line when i’m there.

  9. Lindsey says

    @Jason It’s true! On the day that I was there, I was second in line and the girl in front of me received a button (not a pin).

  10. Jen K says

    I have a friend there right now, and she sent me a pic that says “We are whipping up an expansion! See you soon.” Any word about this? I’m going in three weeks, I’ll be sad if I can’t have one!

  11. Stacy says

    We are planning trip in march and website says stand is currently closed for refurbishment. But all these comments are dated now. Please tell me it is open. Kids and I are looking forward to Dole Whips!!

  12. Joan says

    You can buy dry dole whip mix (sometimes single batch size) on Amazon and prepare it in an ice cream maker or soft serve machine (cuisinart, etc). Water is the only ingredient to add. It’s surprisingly low calorie and appears to be vegan if I’m reading the ingredients correctly.

    At wdw you can get a dole whip cocktail at the Poly or make your own with a float from the pineapple lanai and some coconut rum from the hotel store.

    Nothing like being able to have dole whip whenever you’re not at Disney although the “magic” is missing.

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