Coming Soon! The Smokehouse at Downtown Disney!

Who’s ready for some BARBEQUE?!

We sure are, and the folks at The Smokehouse are almost ready, too!

House of Blues The Smokehouse

House of Blues The Smokehouse

What’s “The Smokehouse,” you ask? It’s the soon-to-be-open Quick Service location at House of Blues in Downtown Disney, Orlando.

The panels covering the construction have just come down, and the sign below is evidence of all-things-scrumptious to come!

The Smokehouse is Coming Soon!

The Smokehouse is Coming Soon!

Located in Downtown Disney’s West Side, House of Blues is already home to Crossroads, a table service location featuring Creole cuisine and Southern fare. The Smokehouse is located just to the right of the outside bar area.

In Blues We Trust!

In Blues We Trust!

outdoor bar

outdoor bar

Head on over in the next few days to possibly catch a soft opening. Official opening date is rumored to be January 20th.

Things sure are bustling over on the West Side lately, with the addition of four Disney Food Trucks and now this.

I, for one, am thrilled by the presence of more Quick Service locations in this area of Downtown Disney – perfect for a quick bite before a movie or during a stroll. And, of course, if barbeque is what’s cookin’, then I’m even more for it!

We can’t wait to bring you more news on this location in coming weeks! I can smell it already… how about you :) ?

Will you be visiting The Smokehouse during your future trips to Downtown Disney? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Mandi says

    I’m always happy for more food when I’m in line for a show. But Im with Joni, I’m curious where the HoB box office will we now

  2. Angelina says

    That smell will get soooo many people!!! Maybe they’ll sell turkey legs outside of the park!!!

  3. Cait says

    Here’s hoping its ANYTHING like The Smokehouse at The International Flower and Garden Festival from last year!

  4. Essie says

    BBQ is a treat, but there is going to be too much to choose from!!! I already love the EOS and WP’EX in the Marketplace so much, I don’t know how I’m going to fit in another QS spot in DTD! So many restaurants, so little time to dine….

  5. Rebecca says

    Why does all the updates for Downtown Disney go to Orlando?? CA DD needs some updates
    Like BBQ and a better variety of restaurants. It is smaller than FL but there is space

  6. Sam Winston says

    I’ll withhold judgement until I see there’s a actual fire pit with a person tending it 24 hours; instead of liquid smoke and a Combi Oven…and ‘smells like’ BBQ number #4 smoke odor pumped out to the sidewalks and if there’s actually any ‘smoke’ involved.

  7. nitabee says

    I will definitely not be trying it out. I got violently sick after eating at the HoB Crossroads restaurant almost a year ago, which is extremely rare for me – I hardly ever throw up. My sister got pretty sick as well. Not only did it make me sick, but our food wasn’t even good, and the service wasn’t at all impressive. I’ll never give it a second chance.

  8. Wendy says

    I’ll be sure to get some perspective shots on our next trip so you can see the placement of the ticket windows :).

  9. Amy R says

    does anybody know if this going to be CS on DDP? because if so I’m going to run into some serious DTD food issues!!!

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