Disney Themed Cocktails!! Why Didn’t I Know About This?!??!

Um…this is why I love Pinterest. I recently came upon these incredible Disney-themed cocktails by Cody’s Cocktails, and they’re truly incredible! For each Disney hero, Cody’s included a drink for their corresponding villain. I LOVE the Maleficent one! Check it out below!

Cody has promised to share recipes on his facebook page, so be sure to keep checking back for those! And if you take a shot at making some of these yourself, post a pic on social media and hashtag #cocktailsbycody! (You can @ us, too — we’d love to see!)

Disney-Themed Cocktails…

The descriptions below are from Cody himself, so you can see what his thought process was as he developed the drinks. So cool!

Cinderella’s classic blue gown is captured into this creamy, light, blueberry based drink.

Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

To mirror Cinderella comes the evil Step Mother. A drink that’s a vile deep red, bitter pomegranate flavoring, with a sweet chocolate finish. Perfect for this malicious villain.

Evil StepMother

Evil StepMother

Aurora’s drink is a light, sweet, tropical flavored martini in a layered form of pink to blue — to portray the fight over her gowns coloring.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Hands down my most precious drink that I’ve crafted to date. It’s the mistress of evil herself, Maleficent. The layering in this drink makes it look like an oil spill, and nothing short of vile. It is a mixture of tart, bitter, and sour that is a wonderful combination, while still having a strong vodka based backbone.



In a tropical three-tiered frozen beverage, I give you Ariel. Each layer has a different flavor type going on, and when combined make a great islander drink. All topped with Swedish Fish. [ And for people asking why I layered it like this, the blue is the ocean, and she wants out, so her tail and hair colors are “out” of the water. Just play along. Okay?]

Siren's Song

Siren’s Song

The evil of the deep, Ursala. In a unique, refreshing combo of Grape and coconut rum, the ‘Sea Witch’ is born. A real fun drink to come up with.

Sea Witch

Sea Witch

I wanted to push these Disney Characters in all directions, and opted to go the Bomb Shot route with dear Snow White. This was VERYYYYYY HARD to layer to make it even look this good. I had to pour this out several times…. But anyway! The base drink is pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite at the bottom, and blue curacao layered on top.

As much as I wanted to make Dopey, the liquor was just not working with me, so Grumpy took his place. The Orange & grenadine work perfectly with the base drink. With that said the cream is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. I did it to tie in more Disney then just a red shot.

And I always thought the Evil Queen was boring, so I made a double shot to be the cursed Apple. Measurements are pretty easy to figure out by looking at this. Equal all on the Apple, double cran.

Fair Maiden, Grumpy, and Evil to the Core

Fair Maiden, Grumpy, and Evil to the Core

I interpreted Belle into a mellow yellow banana split martini. It’s smooth, sweet, and light. Makes for the perfect dessert drink.

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball

The macho villain himself, Gaston. More of a drink for the boys, a whiskey based cocktail, with rich black cherry, and smooth nutty amaretto finish.

Burly and Brawny

Burly and Brawny

Jafar is a sleek, tall, toxic drink. Along with one of my favorite liquors ever, Myers Rum, it makes for a very potent drink with the pineapple and grenadine cover. All topped with a orange peel cut into a cobra. (kind of)

Royal Vizier

Royal Vizier

Opposite Jafar, Jasmine’s drink is white rum based, and a much more exotic light mix. The main hassle with this drink is mixing it so the color lands. All topped with gold sprinkles, and laying at the bottom.

Rebel Royal

Rebel Royal

I’m sure Cody will be developing more of these! Check out the originals — and hopefully recipes soon — at Cocktails by Cody!

(Nope — I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post! I just think these are awesome!  Enjoy!)

Which one is YOUR favorite? Let us know with a comment below!


  1. Frank says

    I’m assuming these aren’t available at Disney lounges??
    That WOULD be so cool…
    I bet they’d sell.

  2. Jenny says

    These look amazing, I’d love to have one made for me. I couldn’t make one no matter how hard I tried. :)

  3. says

    They all look delicious, but a quibble here on the Glass Slipper. The Glass Slipper should be clear. I love the cocktail idea, but I would change the name or change the cocktail for the Cinderella themed drink.

  4. Nita says

    I also saw these on Pinterest and remarked to a friend that I was hoping for a Mike Wazowski Avocado Margarita to be added o)

  5. Joni says

    We should get Cody to give Disney the recipes so we could order these at our fav. restaurant’s they look awesome.

  6. Becca says

    I loved these cocktails. I did like the Cinderella as the light blue. I hope you will repost this on the blog with the actual recipes once Cody posts them. I would love to try to make some of these. Could do a Hero vs Villan party for each set and see who wins!!!

  7. Cindy says

    I would love to drink these but alas I can’t have liquor. Maybe I could figure out a virgin alternative.

  8. Agnes says

    Cody, you’re such an artist! All the drinks look awesome and perfectly in tune with each character. Puts my poor caipirinha to shame…
    Thanks for sharing this with us, AJ!

  9. Sam Winston says

    While I would love see these at a Disney Bar…I understand why they are not, without virgin alternatives these would disappoint a lot of children that happen to see the drink menu.

    I still remember, as a child, being very disappointed at not being able to go into “The Spirit World” at the Contemporary Resort it was a liquor store but I was convinced it had something to do with the Haunted Mansion.

    I wonder if at one of the better bars you could bring a picture and ask for a custom made drink?

  10. kristina says

    These are suoer cute….I liked his page, BUT, I was hoping for some instructions…not only were there none, he (she?) was a bit rude when people requested how to make them.

  11. Steph M says

    BEAUTIFUL drinks!!! Bummer for those of us that don’t like vodka. :( Anything for non-vodka drinkers? or better yet, virgin drinks?

  12. Steph M says

    Oh wait, some didn’t have vodka, it felt like they all did, so I skipped the last few. Still, theya re utterly beautiful!

  13. Angel says

    Really awesome, would love to see an Alice and Queen of Hearts, a Dalmations and Cruella, a Mulan and Shan Yu and a Simba and Scar.

  14. Grace Dennis-Schaffer says

    Boy, this is a tough decision, they all look so good and I’m not much of a drinker but I definitely would drink any one of these. So, if I had to choose a first, I would choose Belle of The Ball! I am crazy about bananas, the chocolate swirls caught my eyes and then…..the topping with a cherry on it?!?!? Superb! Man, wish I had one right now! Thanks so much for sharing Cody and I wish you the best of luck!

    Grace Schaffer
    Lives near Disney in FL

  15. says

    If you read Cody’s Facebook page today, it looks like he is trying to get discovered by Disney. He would love to work for them. Anyone have any connections who can help him? I would love to see these available in Disney World!!

  16. says

    I am very much afraid you left two VERY necessary ingredients out of the villains’ cocktails. In the case of Maleficent and Jafar, for example, I recommend adding a generous dash of–PRUNE JUICE!! For the Evil Queen, the Evil Stepmother, and especially Ursula, I would add a dash of double-strength–CASTOR OIL! (If you REALLY wanted to get sadistic about it, you could substitute PAREGORIC for the castor oil–but, of course, that requires a doctor’s prescription!) Finally, I’m sure that you could come up with with a drink for old Ratigan, from “Basil of Baker Street,” which would include a generous amount of HABANERO TABASCO SAUCE!! You might also want to look up some of the drinks that Johnny Carson thought up for his character, Carnac the Magnificent; I’m sure you can make them even more fiendish!

  17. Lizz says

    There should be a Scar one. Beside Malicifient, he’s my fave villain. So many of these look so good!

  18. Debbi says

    These are completely awesome!!!! I am planning to try all of these. Not all at once – oh good god…. what I am going to do is have friends over for Saturday night card night and each Saturday we will be hosting xxx Disney character drink…

  19. donna says

    Hi Cody, dont forget the Rescuers Down Under…Cody was one if the heros! I can wait to try all these but im really looking forward to Jafar and Ursula. Would love to see Mustafa and Scar!

  20. Amy says

    WONDERFUL! Would like to see one added for Beast, since he’s sort of the Anti-hero from Beauty and the Beast. And don’t forget Peter Pan (Peter and Hook, of course), The Jungle Book (Mowgli and Shar Khan), and Alice in Wonderland (Alice and the Queen of Hearts).

  21. neil says

    i have tried a few of these now i love the the evil ones and as a beauty and beast fan i tried bells but it not as nice as cinderellas, keep them coming cody

  22. says

    Cheryl — Check out Cody’s Facebook page for more information. There’s a link to it in the post above. It seems like he may be getting a book together soon. And yep — Disney has published many cookbooks, although Cody’s Cocktail recipes are not available in them. Check out this Disney Gift Guide: Cookbooks post that we put together for some of our favorites.

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