News! Beignets and Elephant Ears Debut at Les Halles in Epcot’s France Pavilion

We’ve had LOTS of people ask us why you can’t find beignets in Epcot’s France, but now we have reason to celebrate!

Yep! Beignets (Bugnes Lyonnaise) have arrived at Boulangerie Patisserie Les Halles in Epcot’s France Pavilion!

Les Halles

Les Halles


Head inside and you’ll notice a little something special on the menu — these are here as a Mardi Gras special only. That’s right… these babies are only around until Mardi Gras to honor tradition (though we’re hoping they decide to keep them longer!).

"Mardi Gras Special"

“Mardi Gras Special”

And among all of these beautiful treats…

Bakery Case at Les Halles

Bakery Case at Les Halles

Bakery Case at Les Halles

Bakery Case at Les Halles

… you’ll spot them in the case. Here they are!

Beignets in the Bakery Case

Beignets in the Bakery Case

So, if you’re visiting France (Epcot’s France, that is) through March 4th, then you’re in luck :) . Let’s dig in!

Beignets at Les Halles

Beignets at Les Halles

They look great, don’t they? I love the way the shape of the beignets reminds me of a Mardi Gras party mask.

Beignets at Les Halles

Beignets at Les Halles

As far as the taste… they are just all sorts of yummy, sugary, fried goodness.

Inside of the Beignets

Inside of the Beignets

Speaking of sugar, they’re coated in a granulated sugar, as opposed to the powdered sugar I typically associate with a beignet. So, while slightly different than what I expected, they were DELISH just the same.

Consider yourself warned, though: three of these will only leave you wanting more. You may end up using another one of your snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan for more (yep, they’re covered on the plan!).

Of course, if you are in need of more Beignets, there is one place at Disney World where it’s Mardi Gras all year long :) . We’re talking about Port Orleans – French Quarter, where you can always find Beignets at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory! The Beignets at French Quarter have the powdered sugar I spoke about, with a more traditional “pillow” shape (okay, they’re squares… but they remind me of fluffy pillows!).

Port Orleans French Quarter Beignets

Port Orleans French Quarter Beignets

Until now, French Quarter was the only place you could find Beignets at Disney World (aside from a brief stint at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Terrace when they temporarily sold breakfast while Main Street Bakery was undergoing its renovation). But for a limited time, you don’t have to travel quite so far around property to get your fix :) !

Chocolate Cinnamon Elephant Ear

I couldn’t help but notice that directly next to the Beignets in the case was an old Les Halles favorite: the Elephant Ear! How could I resist ;) ?

Elephant Ear with Beignets

Elephant Ear with Beignets

Back with a little something extra (namely, chocolate and cinnamon!), the Elephant Ear did not disappoint. In fact, it held its own even next to the Beignets!

Les Halles Elephant Ear

Les Halles Elephant Ear

Super buttery, sweet, and flaky, this treat literally melts in your mouth. The cinnamon added just the right flavor, and the chocolate only enhanced it.

Inside the Elephant Ear

Inside the Elephant Ear

Simply put: it’s terrific. (Oh, and since it’s not listed on the menu, you may want to know that the price is $3.50, before tax).

A word, however, to the wise: if it’s hot outside — and odds are it is at Disney World — this is a treat best kept in the indoor seating area. The chocolate is rich and generously poured, but it melts quickly in the strength of the Florida sun.

Here’s some good news for everyone… the Elephant Ear may be making its way back to the regular menu, so even if you miss the Beignets, you may be in luck yet. So, Happy Mardi Gras… and let the good times roll :) !

Would either of these treats sway you from your “must-have” at Les Halles? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Kaz says

    The beignets at Port Orleans looks better. The ones at EPCOT look more like American donuts… That being said, if I were there, I am sure I would get some :)

  2. Deb C says

    I agree, but even the ones at POR aren’t that good, at least compared to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. If they made the “beignets” behind stage in a kitchen somewhere and then put into these little cups, then put on the shelf behind the glass in the counter, they are already stale.

    Beignets need to be eaten while they are still warm, right out the oil and right after they have put the powdered sugar on them. So if they aren’t served within two minutes of taking them from the oil, they are already old.

  3. says

    One thing that often occurs to me is that Disney play fair when it comes to pricing specialty snacks like these delicious treats. If you walked into a high street coffee shop chain, you’d be paying out these kinds of prices and I always tend to find the quality of the Disney goodies are way up above.

    I love the beignets, but to be honest, I’m deeply, deeply troubled by a lack of choc dipping sauce lol. Even their pointy shape cries out ‘dip me!”

    The tip about the melting chocolate on the elephant ears is very helpful AJ, and I think that alone has probably doubled the sales to choc lovers like me!!

  4. nitabee says

    I was wondering too if the beignets are premade and waiting for someone to order them. If so, count me out. The elephant ears look good though! I agree with Deb C. – I first had beignets at Cafe du Monde several years ago and loved them so much, we went back more than once, but I haven’t been that impressed with the ones at POFQ :(

  5. Paul in CT says

    The elephant ears might tempt me, but I have to agree with Deb and nitabee that unless the beignets are made to order, they won’t compete with the ones from Café du Monde. Incidentally, what does Les Halles have against powdered sugar? They took it off my favorite, the napoleon, along with ruining the pastry itself and the custard. :(

    Although, I really like the expansion of the bakery itself, why did they have to change the supplier and variety of the pastries? The expression. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind. I’m sure that it was a financial decision by WDW. I have yet to find a new favorite at Les Halles except for the coffee and the chocolate almond croissant for breakfast. :)

  6. Lani says

    Question — does the menu SAY “Elephant Ear”? To reduce confusion, it might be better to call them “palm cookies” or “palmiers,” since “elephant ears” in many parts of the country are the term used for fried dough.

  7. Essie says

    The beignets look similar to the crispy French toast at the CP and that is super delicious. I agree, however, that they look like they need something in which to dip them.

  8. Sarah C. says

    I agree totally with the fact that beignets need eaten immediately, nothing could compare with Cafe du Monde, nothing.:-)

  9. Venessa Hinojosa-Wright says

    Best ones hands down are at Jazz Kitchen Express in DL :) I can’t wait to try these elephant ears! In Texas those are all over the sweet bread stores or also known as “pan dulce.”

  10. Mamaleficent says

    Since several people mentioned the freshness of beignets: the last time we were at POR, they were, indeed, made to order. Haven’t been to Les Halles yet; it just doesn’t do it for me like the old bakery did. If the palmiers are back permanently, tho, I might need to give it a try.

  11. Lexi says

    I went to Port Orleans yesterday for the tail end of the parade, then over to France who is still advertising but was OUT IF BEIGNETS! It’s Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras! Really, France? YOU HAD ONE JOB. I settled for Macarons. =(

  12. Rebecca says

    We had the beignets at les Halles on February 14. I thought they were donuts… They had a mild citrus flavor. After we took one bite, we both thought they would be even better warm We knew that they heated up sandwiches and other breads so we went back in and asked if they could heat up them up. Three staffers looked at us like we were crazy and said that they (the French) eat them cold. Oh, well. We gave up on that. They were delicious anyway. (And I typically don’t like donut type treats.)

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