News! Redesigned Refillable Mugs at Disney World Resorts!

RFID is here to stay! Your favorite refillable mugs in Disney World have gotten a brand new design!

The new mug

The new mug!

OK — here’s a little background. Many of you know that Disney has a refillable mug system at it’s resort hotels: buy a mug for a certain price, refill it as many times as you want while you’re staying at the hotel.

A lot of news last August revolved around the arrival of the new Rapid Fill refillable mugs across Disney World Resorts. When they hit the shelves, the mugs had the same design as the previous non-RFID version of the mugs, with only some variation in the colors of the lids and handles.

So we’re especially excited to show you the newly redesigned mugs that have started to pop up at Disney World Resorts! The Fab Five are all there… plus Clarabelle! ;-D

Pluto joins in the fun

Pluto joins in the fun

They’re really fun — the gang is checking into a Disney hotel! And, of course, Donald is experiencing a few “hang-ups.” ;-D

Goofy and Donald on the opposite side

Goofy and Donald on the opposite side

There are four colors available to choose from (as opposed to three in the previous line):  Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple.

Four colors to choose from

Four colors to choose from

We saw the mugs at Port Orleans Resort, French Quarter. We understand that each Resort will replace the current mugs as needed with the new design, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, many happy refills to you and yours!

Questions about Disney Resort refillable mugs? Check out our Refillable Mug FAQ page!


  1. Sharon says

    I was just there and they still had the old mugs at the Pop Century. I like the new cups. They are cute!

  2. Meredith says

    I hope they hold more than the previous design. I would be willing to pay more money if you could buy a mug and refill it at the hotel and the parks. We always get the dining plan, so ours are usually included. I just think if they had an entire park mug, even if it was $30-$40 I would get them for our family as a matter if convince.

  3. Linda says

    So do they have a code on them? I remember at one time Typhon Lagoon stuck a label on your cup that activated the service station. Is it done the same way?

  4. Ally says

    I’m so glad they finally made mugs with more colors to choose from. It’s a small thing but it does help keep family’s more organized.

  5. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    like the new design and really like that there are now 4 lids. since next trip i will be getting 4…

  6. winston says

    I know people love these, but other then having a glass to take home; what’s the purpose of them if they are tied by the RFID chip to only work in the resort; and not at the parks food courts? If you’re just using them for the room or to fill before taking them to the parks, it would seem cheaper to stop by some place and get a few 2 liter bottles of your favorite soda.

  7. Laura Harris says

    Does anyone know if they have these designs at Art of Animation yet? I will be there in 30 days. :)

  8. Chris James UK says

    Slightly off topic but… where is Daisy? It’s always the fab five, she rarely makes the cut! Loving Clarabelle though, it’s about time she made more of an outing. And the new colours are cool. Will be visiting Wilderness Lodge for 2 weeks in Oct so bound to be fully in use by then. Resort specific mugs would be waaaay cooler.

  9. Essie says

    They are cute and they DO look a little bigger, taller than the old ones. I know that we can’t use them in the parks, but I’m glad they’re good at all of the resorts at least.

  10. winston says

    This also brings up an issue. If you have a room with a microwave. Saving hot chocolate or coffee in the ‘fridge and microwaving the mug in the morning will kill the RFID tag and cause a little light show or fire. Something to consider if you bring them home and have a large microwave you use to heat up things in a insulated mug ‘to go’ will definitely cause some sparks when the chip fries.

    Although I think the mugs are much taller than would fit in a microwave at resort some home microwaves are tall enough for large thing like this cup.

  11. winston says

    Sorry to be a spoil sport. But the Microwave thing is very, very, very, important to know.

    As I mentioned a tall cup would keep them from fitting in a resort microwave.

    But when you get home with a large microwave DO NOT WARM THINGS IN THESE CUPS.

    Here’s a youtube bit…with some not safe for work language. Of a RFID chip in a microwave.

  12. Ceelee says

    Aww…we stayed at FQ last week and got the same old mugs as years past. They’re nice and all, but was kind of hard to distinguish each others because they only had green and purple, this time around. Last year we also got black, but I guess they were out. Anyway these new ones are very nice. I’m wondering, too, if they are bigger. From the photo it looks that way, but who knows. Thanks for posting this info.

  13. Sarah C. says

    Cool new design! :-) but wow! What a very important fact you have brought up, never even considered them being unable to be microwaved. Hmmmm…..

  14. winston says

    I wouldn’t consider them a danger too, until I had some second thoughts about them.

    I have a large microwave and sometimes I’ll hit the 2 min with water in a ‘plastic mug’ type cup and put in my teabag for the morning drive.

    There would be a good chance if I hit 2 mins with these and then got in the shower–there would be a fire kitchen.

    Children might also microwave hot coco and stuff in their mugs when they get home. These could be a dangerous item to have in the house.

  15. Sarah says

    Ooooooh. I want a red and blue and purple one! Multiple Disney trips needed.

    Would be amazing if Disney did a mug like this for refilling in the parks and hotels but don’t see that happening.

  16. Katie R. says

    I’m so glad there is finally new mugs! Are you sure that is Clarabelle? It looks more like Horace Horsecollar to me. There’s no eyelashes.

  17. Christopher J says

    I thought that too but the give always are the horns and the neck tie. They must have forgotten to put eyelashes on her this time? Or maybe she’s a mash-up of the two? It’s Clarabelle though!

  18. Maryjane says

    I still have my mugs when hotels had there own with there logo on them. They were great and a nice size.

  19. Susan says

    Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but what are the actual dimensions (height, diameter at the top, diameter at the bottom) of the 2014 mugs? Will they fit in a water bottle waist pack?

  20. Wendy says

    Hi, Susan! They’re about 3 inches wide on the top, and nearly 7 inches high (nearly 2 and 1/2 on the bottom). I don’t know if they’ll work in a waist pack, though, since the handles jut out a bit. Hope that helps a little!

  21. Sharon says

    We stayed at The French Quarter in April, 2014 and these new mugs were not offered. Are they at all of the resorts now? We’re going back to WDW in April, 2015 & would love a new design.

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