News and Video! Fish Tank Bursts Open at T-Rex Cafe in Disney World’s Downtown Disney

Wow! Have you heard the latest news from Downtown Disney in Disney World?

On Monday, a fish tank at T-Rex Cafe burst open while patrons were eating dinner nearby.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Landry’s, the Houston company that owns T-Rex Cafe, issued this statement Tuesday: “A seal failed on the tank causing water to leak. Employees took action and did a great job rescuing all of the marine life, caring for our guests and managing the situation. The marine life has been moved to holding tanks and the restaurant is open for business as usual.”

All of the fish have been rescued, and no animals or humans were harmed during the event.

T-Rex Cafe is a “Rainforest Cafe-esque” restaurant themed with dinosaurs, and is usually a hit with families and kiddos.

What would you do if this happened during your vacation? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sarah C. says

    We were just there on Sunday. Glad it didn’t happen then! :-) :-) glad the fishies are all okay.

  2. says

    Saw that this morning. I was glad it was not the one behind the bar. I read that ATM (the company that does the show ‘Tanked’) did the tank behind the bar, couldn’t find anything on this tank. One would assume they did since it’s the same location. I know at least one other company has done some of their other projects (AK Rainforest, Typhoon shark reef, etc).

  3. Amber F says

    Well you know Nemo and his friends must have been hard at work to get out of that tank, lol

  4. Kaelsma says

    Landry’s definition of leak and MY definition of leak are apparently very different!

  5. Ed says

    It’s always bad to see something like this. It looks like the seam where the acrylic is bonded separated. If I was there I think I would try to go into the tank and put something like large plastic bags filled with water to allow it to sink in the wate up against the leak,the suction of the leak would pull the bag up against the leak causing it to slow if not stop for awhile. I would at least try.

  6. Danny says

    I love this restaurant I think it’s a lot of fun for all ages I’m sure they will get this problem fixed real quick. Glad no one got hurt.

  7. Kimberly says

    Just because there have been rumors everywhere:

    Living Color (from the show ‘Fish Tank Kings’) did not do any of the tanks at T-Rex; they did Rainforest Cafe at AK.

    ATM (from the show ‘Tanked’) only redid the large tank at the bar.

    The tank that split seems to be the work of the Biscayne Group from TX:

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