Disney World’s Kouzzina by Cat Cora To Close September 30, 2014

We got a little bit of news from a DFB reporter today that you may love or hate:

Cat and Mouse to Part Ways in September

Cat and Mouse to Part Ways in September

Kouzzina by Cat Cora, the Greek/Mediterranean restaurant located on Disney’s BoardWalk in Walt Disney World, will be closing its doors in September 30, 2014. Kouzzina replaced former Mediterranean restaurant, Spoodles, in 2009.

Kouzzina Open Kitchen

Kouzzina Open Kitchen

The spot will be closed in September and re-opened at an unspecified date as another restaurant. No word yet on what type of food will be served, but Cat Cora’s name will not be attached to the new dining location.

Waffles topped with Mascarpone Cheese at Kouzzina

Waffles topped with Mascarpone Cheese at Kouzzina

While we weren’t huge

fans of dinner at Kouzzina, we sure will miss the delicious and easily accessible breakfast here!

Warm Honey Pecan Cinnamon Roll

Warm Honey Pecan Cinnamon Roll

Adios, Kouzzina! We’ll miss those cinnamon rolls!

Note: Disney has not announced or confirmed this information, so it is in rumor status until they do. Subject to change!

Were you a fan of Kouzzina? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    So sad that this is closing.
    The quality was great and the Greek influence provided a great menu that stood out as being a lot more authentic than many restaurants that claim to be ‘Italian’ or Mediterranean’.
    Every confidence in Disney replacing Kouzzina with something great though, as they really do seem to be shaping up some great improvements to the resort areas in general.
    Sad but curious! ;-)

  2. Laura Schwartz says

    We just breakfasted there in October and it was lovely. We had hoped to try dinner there another time….we’re going in April, so that may be our last chance!

  3. Erin says

    Sad!! I really love Kouzzina and have eaten there many times for breakfast and dinner. Figures the next time I’m going back is October! If you happen to find out the reason for the closure, I’d be curious to know. Either way, I’m always excited for new spots and can’t wait for the info to come out. :)

  4. Ashley W says

    I loved our breakfast at Kouzzina. Perhaps that was the problem: most people only went for breakfast? I will be sad to see it go, but excited to see what comes next.

  5. Mike Venere says

    Not at all suprised….tried this a couple times after Spoodles and just did not WOW me.
    What should be done is to make this into a quick service location for the Boardwalk!!!
    More than needed!!!
    Just my 2 cents!

  6. Pigletyyz says

    Actually sorry to see this close. Although we have had hit-or-miss service/food over the years we had a spectacular dinner here in January. A quick serve location would be a big plus on the boardwalk though…maybe some good BBQ??

  7. George says

    So sad. One of my favorite places to eat dinner at the Boardwalk. I’m sure Disney as usual will replace it with another quality place to eat.

  8. Jim says

    Bit of a bummer. Finally got to eat there on our last trip down. Had dinner with some friends and we all enjoyed it. Figured I’d have a chance to get in there for breakfast on our next trip but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Always thought that Greece would have been a great pick for a pavillion at Epcot. Oh, well.

  9. Mark D. says

    Absolutely love Kouzzina. Never went for breakfast, but we always had fantastic dinner’s there and I am honestly surprised by the lack of love. The quality was great, the choices were different, and the food was delicious. Our last trip was the first time we skipped Kouzzina since it opened and we don’t usually repeat restaurants.

    My oldest daughter will be sad as she loved Cat and the food here.

    Fun fact, I was there when they took that promo picture you have at the top of the article. We had a flight that morning and were just hanging around the boardwalk bakery until time to leave.

  10. Suzanne T says

    LOVE Kozzuna! It’s one of my favorites- we always eat there when we visit WDW. We’re going to miss it!!!!

  11. Scott says

    Wasnt a fan for Breakfast or Dinner but I know many people liked it. Sorry to see any restaurant go out of business. Looking forward to see whats coming next.

  12. Saskia says

    Every year when my mum, sister & I would go to the festival we went to Kouzzina. I’m not sure what we will do without it. And that’s not drama talking. We honestly found Kouzzina one of the highlights of our trips. We will miss you Cat, and your outrageously good food. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this is simply a horrible rumor.

  13. Shayne says

    Sad that we never got to try it (so many restaurants, so little time…)

    We do have a trip planned in August, so maybe we’ll have to try to fit this into our schedule.

  14. Miles says

    I just recently had dinner here (two weeks ago) and I was not very impressed. My fiancé and I were eager to try the breakfast. Guess that’s on our list of things to do when we go back in June!

  15. John says

    Thank god!
    I know there was a following for this restaurant somewhere….but we never left there impressed ….and we never honestly met anyone who really enjoyed it that much …..and it replaced Spoodles which was a pretty popular place to eat.
    One can hope they replace it with something decent and maybe a little more broadly based. Boardwalk needs a simple, popular place to just enjoy a good,simple, decent meal.

  16. Cindy says

    I’ve always had fantastic dinners at Kouzzina. It’s one of my favorites. I’ll be extremely sorry to see it go. :(

  17. Andrew Lund says

    We couldn’t be happier, and always wondered what people saw in the place. As frequent guests of the Boardwalk Innkeepers Club, we were forced to endure Kouzzina “cuisine” against our will. Recently, we did the Atrium Club at the Contemporary and were delighted to have many delicious choices, none of which even barely resembled Kouzzina’s stuff. I do hope they keep one thing, though…the PB&J rolls.

  18. Angie L. says

    Oh no! I’m so disappointed; we had dinner there on our last trip and it became our new favourite, everything was delicious! My next trip is not until January, so I won’t get to revisit….I’m so sad. :(

  19. says

    Well, we loved dinner there the first time… and we were like “eh” the second time.. and I breakfast reservations for May… so at least we’ll get to experience breakfast before it closes!

  20. JoAnn says

    I had breakfast there in November and liked it. I would have like to have tried another meal there. I’m glad I got to try it.

  21. Anne Marie Geary says

    We had our 50th Anniv. after dinner there with our friends from
    Long Island, N.Y. and everyone had a good time. Hope to see Chef Dee when we are there in May. Many a good meal was had.

  22. John says

    Hope this stays a rumor …. one of our group’s absolute favorite places for Dinner. Unique, well-executed food and just always a great time. Love the location, love the fact you can actually get an ADR here, and their Pork Chop is one of the best meals I’ve ever had at Disney. Also a nice place to hit up for breakfast. Sad to see it go.

  23. Eamon says

    We’ve eaten there twice, and the only complaint that we had was that the food was really heavy. That made our evening walk over to Epcot more of a waddle. I liked the mix of Greek and Southern cuisine, it’s not something you see very often. We’re going in August, we might have to visit Kouzzina one last time. My wife is going to be really disappointed that this place is closing.

  24. Zach says

    NOOOO! Every Disney vacation we take, we alway eat here. My mom and I are both gluten-free and this place had some of the best gluten-free options. We will surely miss this restaurant.

  25. Mike K says

    Very disappointed in hearing this! This was our favorite breakfast place in Disney! We are going back to Disney in Nov. and are devastated that this restaurant will be closed by then.

  26. says

    I’m so sad – I had consistently amazing dinners here – 4 or 5 times over the past few years. I LOVE mediterranean food and haven’t found avgolomeno (lemon chicken soup) that compares anywhere else!

  27. Peter Roy says

    Bring back Spoodles! Spoodles was my favorite restaurant in WDW before it closed. It had a great breakfast buffet and as DVC members owning at BoardWalk it was always a Must Do. Was not a fan of Kouzzina.

  28. Karen says

    My husband and I are saddened by this news. We’ve eaten there every October to celebrate our anniversary since it opened and have not once been disappointed. Food and service was always exceptional. It will be sorely missed.

  29. Boden says

    When it first opened we tried both dinner and breakfast. Had really bad service and cold food both times! I think the main problem was bad management. Not at all surprised to see it go.

  30. Glenn Morgan says

    This is NOT good news. Kouzzina has become one of our absolute family favorites. Both for breakfast and dinner. One of the best sit down dinners I’ve ever had in my 15 years of coming to Disney was just this past January, 2014 – Short Ribs. They were excellent! My wife and daughter just love the flavorful food. The after dinner Greek Coffee and the Golden Waffles at breakfast.

    I would, as mentioned in a prior post, also encourage Disney to take this opportunity to create a fabulous counter service for the Boardwalk. Even though the Boardwalk Bakery has recently been upgraded, a GOOD counter service venue is badly needed.

    If the rumor is true, we won’t be back in time to enjoy a final meal, as we do not plan to return until October. Kouzzina will definitely be missed by our family!

  31. Jim says

    Could not be more disappointed if this is true. This was one of the few celebrity chef style restaurants they gave Disney Dining I feel a real impact. And it is one of my favorites.

  32. Shawn says

    Reading the comments here seems like every Disney World restaurant. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I hate it. lol. Just set all my dining reservations for the beginning of September, or I may have booked this one just to get my take on it. Did always want to try it (I like Cat Cora). Ah well. Another restaurant bites the dust.

  33. Keith says

    Well that sucks! Just have to spend more money at Blue Zoo and Shulas. Hopefully, they replace it with something superior and interesting……and please NO counter/quick service!

  34. Kris says

    Not surprised after the couple of times I tried it at dinner. The food was ok, nothing special at all. Prices were higher than the quality reflected and service was always meh. Breakfast was a good meal there. I’d love to see Disney do something fun with the space! Maybe a tapas bar or sushi.

  35. Vaila says

    This is sad news :( We’ve eaten dinner there twice, and loved it both times. Our kids will be heart-broken.

  36. Joni says

    Was not a fan. Loved Spoodles, In the very beginning they had these huge coffee cups , I will always remember that. Boardwalk really needs a a good breakfast and lunch spot. Casual. They have the FF and The Brewing place and ESPN Now something family friendly, Just plain old good food in a fun water side restaurant.

  37. Bill says

    Im so upset about Kouzzina closing, it was one of the only places i could eat at and enjoy. But the same time i cant wait to see whats next.

  38. Bo Mullen says

    I for one wish it would close next week. Tried it a few times, never cared for it.

  39. Alan says

    This shows how difficult the restaurant business is. A superstar chef, a great location and a captive clientele ( DDP ) and it still, apparently, has failed. I, personally, felt the menu needed tweaking.

  40. Marie says

    Can’t believe we are losing this one. We have eaten there breakfast and dinner many many times and it has always been a great experience. Different, yes, but that’s just what we look for. Another fast food place is NOT what we look for! Anxious to hear why.

  41. Shawn says

    I have an ADR for late August, would you recommend changing it to another restaurant? My concern is that the quality of the food as well as the service will be declining as the closure date gets closer. Started our 2012 trip here and really enjoyed it.

  42. Bunkkinsmom says

    UGH! One of my must do’s. I absolutely loved the trio there and was so looking forward to our next dinner in December. I will truly miss this place.

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