News!! Star Wars Themed Character Meals at Disney World During Star Wars Weekends

Yes. You heard us correctly.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios will feature new Star Wars themed character meals for a limited time only!

When Star Wars Character Meals begin on May 4th, dinner at the Hollywood & Vine restaurant and breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater will offer these galactic experiences through June 15, 2014. Note that the character meals are available all week — not just on weekends!

Star Wars Themed Character Meals

Meet These Awesome Friends at Star Wars Themed Character Meals This Year!

Booking begins March 26! These will be popular so we recommend dialing (407) 939-5277 at lightspeed.

The Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine

At Hollywood and Vine, dinner will feature Disney characters wearing their Star Wars best! You may get the chance to meet Ewok Chip & Dale, Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Darth Goofy, and/or Stormtrooper Donald. Dinner seatings start at 4:15pm and go until park close (8pm-9:30pm) for $55.99 adults and $33.99 kids 3-9.

Make your Star Wars experience extra special with a Fantasmic dinner package for adults $59.99; kids 3-9 are $36.99. The meals include a digital download of a photograph with Chip and Dale! Sweet.

Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Breakfast

Sci-Fi will offer breakfast reservations from 8am until noon — so fun! The cost is $47.99 for adults and $29.99 for young padawans. This also includes a digital photo of your party on a commemorative PhotoPass card.

Characters for breakfast include Stormtroopers, Jawa, Greedo, Boba Fett, and DARTH VADER.

Share yer waffles with this guy!

Share yer waffles with this guy!

Instead of the usual science fiction movie clips, the restaurant’s big screen will feature

trailers, clips, and music from Star Wars!

To make an advance dining reservation for these Star Wars Weekends, call (407) 939-5277 from 7am to 11pm Eastern Time. A credit card guarantee is required at time of booking.

Both experiences are 2 credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

All info is subject to change, but bookings are going fast! Stay tuned to Disney Food Blog for updates!

So Star Wars fans; do you want to dine with Darth Vader? Let us know in the comments below! We’re already dialing… .


  1. Chrissy says

    Does anyone know if you already have a H&V dinner reservation during that time, do we need to rebook? I’m assuming no.

  2. Christina says

    Star Wars weekends don’t start on the 4th… Just these dining options do. The weekends start on May 16th!

  3. Asuka says

    So expensive! I was really tempted since my parents and I will be there during that time and my Dad loves Star Wars, but I can’t justify that price. It’s as much as CRT can be.

  4. Joe says

    Got them booked this morning! Had to rearrange what I already had booked…but no problem to taken these in!


  5. Jay says

    I think it stinks for those of us who want to dine at Hollywood and Vine during this week, i’m not interested in Star Wars and if I wanted to dine there now I’ll have to pay $59.99/not going to happen. And i wonder what’s going to happen to my ressies I already booked, guess I’ll be cancelling. I was already bumped from my 11am ressies at Sci-Fi. Really not fair….they should have made this decision before everyone could have started booking.

  6. says

    Eeep just booked breakfast for May! Any idea on what the menu will be like? I’ve never been to the Sci-Fi Dine In!

  7. Martin says

    I already have a Fantasmic dinner package booked weeks ago for the end of May – will this count??

  8. Jennifer says

    Awesome! Wish it was going on in November. My 9 year old daughter loves, loves Star Wars.

  9. Sara says

    Any word on what food will be offered at the Sci Fi breakfast? Will it a buffet or ordering off a menu?

  10. JT says

    Why are you complaining Jay? It won’t interrupt your reservation this week. the Star Wars dining doesn’t start happening till May 4th (Star Wars Day), it’s only that booking starts on March 26th! :)

  11. Jay says

    JT I didn’t state which week I was going…when I said “I think it stinks for those of us who want to dine at Hollywood and Vine during this week”, I meant the week/weeks it’s offered….I’ll be there the first 2 weeks of May. So yes, it will interupt me ressies. It already interrupted my sci fi ressie, I was booked for 11:30 and was bumped to 3, 2 hours before my dinner ressies!! These decisions should have been made before people were able to book, Disney is all about plan, plan, plan…I have to book dinners months out, even my fast passes have to be booked months out…..they should have the same courtesy. Sorry for the confusion.

  12. says

    Thanks for the head’s up! Just made a reservation for 5/5 and the person I booked with didn’t even know that weekdays were available! Apparently everyone has been calling for weekends this morning.

  13. Pam says


    Still won’t interrupt you unless you booked sci fi for BREAKFAST; its ONLY breakfast for star wars…. same with hollywood and vine, character dining is only breakfast and lunch and star wars is for dinner. I think they did a fine job making sure no one was

  14. Jay says

    Is there a reason my post was deleted? I didn’t write anything mean? Just explaining that my ressie WAS during star wars dining. *shrug*

  15. Jay says

    Nevermind, it’s there again, lol. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crossing any line with my previous post for further reference.

  16. Desiree Glaze says

    Took an hour on the phone, but got our dinner reservation for the night of the All-Nighter!

  17. Jay says

    I had lunch at sci fi for 11:30 and was already bumped, so it does effect some ressies from 11-12, from my understanding. :( For dinner at Hollywood and Vine, it was my assumption it’s dinner from 4:30 to close every night for these few weeks? Am I wrong? I’m hoping my dinner ressie for mid may will stand, does anyone know?

  18. Wendy says

    Oh please, please, please, let this be a permanent offering! And, since I’m begging…can we add this to Disneyland or California Adventure as well? Character meals aren’t as popular or plentiful at Disneyland as compared to Disney World. This would jump start character meal mania in California.

    Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  19. Colette says

    When I booked mine the CM on the phone said no it was only available at weekends until I corrected her. I got the Fantasmic dinner package for the extra $4. I’ve never done a Fantasmic dinner package deal before and I’ve also never eaten at Hollywood and Vine before.

  20. Aramis says

    Booked!!! Thank you so much for your great updates!!! I’m trying to surprise the DH but I’m so excited I doubt that will happen. I got our reservation for 8:00 breakfast @ Sci-Fi!!

  21. Robin says

    Waited on hold for 48 minutes but I got both reservations for the first weekend of June. I think 2 dining credits is steep for breakfast but it will be worth it to my son!

  22. Kim says

    I wish this was year round. They really need a character meal that will interest older boys. My two boys and my husband would love this but we can never travel during Star Wars times.

  23. Bo Mullen says

    Breakfast for $47.99, are they serving Fabrege Eggs, that’s a lot to see characters your going to see in the park throughout Star War weekends. But it seems people will pay anything to say they did it.

  24. Ani says

    Booked both for May trip thru Concierge since staying Club Level and didn’t have to wait for Cast Member!! Had to cancel dinner at my favorite restaurant California Grill but worth it for one on one picture time with characters and less crowd than Star Wars weekend. Maybe I can use Tables in Wonderland, if not it’ll still be worth it :) So excited!!

  25. Sharon says

    Booked for opening day of SWW! So excited that Disney continues to add new events and experiences for SWW each year. While I agree the price is a bit steep for breakfast, it will be so nice to get photos with the characters without having to stand in long, hot lines. We can use that time enjoying other things – so in a way its a great deal! My 9 year old son will be so excited to meet Greedo!

  26. ronnib says

    I am reading this correctly, do these new character dining options not start until May? we will be in orlando during April and my kiddos would have loved this!

  27. Luana says

    Breakfast with Lord Vader while we watch Star Wars clips! Outstanding!! Got my reservations for June….YAY!!

  28. Ed says

    We booked H & Vine over a month ago when our booking window first opened. It was one credit now it’s two. Also reserved Fantasmic at that time as part of the package. I emailed Disney to ask what is going on; will have to see what they say.

  29. Kendell says

    I’ve got my travel agent on the phone trying to book a breakfast now. Just got a text from my sister saying she’s hearing all breakfast is sold out!!? I hope not. Will comment on here if we get a rez. Anyone heard about breakfasts?

  30. Cort says

    I’ve read on a couple different blogs that people with existing reservations are getting bumped–so I wouldn’t assume that because you have a reservation you are good to go. I’d call and have it switched so that it is listed as the Star Wars character meal. I think it is really crappy that they would bump guests with existing reservations and charge them one more dining credit, when they were originally only using one, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

  31. Chef Joe says

    Got ours for June 15th… What?? it is father’s Day… and I’m letting my family come along :)

  32. Eric says

    Just booked both! Can’t wait! This will save us so much time in lines for when we go to the Star Wars Weekends event. We won’t have to wait now to see Vader, Boba Fett, or Jedi Mickey and friends!

  33. jason says

    geez a lot of people seem to complain. if you don’t want to pay for the breakfast then go for lunch at sci fi. if you don’t like the cost of the supper then go for lunch. you are going to the happiest place on earth and you are complaining about having to switch your reservation!!

    I got my breakfast booked for june 14 after 40 min on the phone. cant wait for this experience. sure its $45 for breakfast but you will see characters that you will be waiting in line for anyways. and star wars clips at a drive in? double win.

  34. mendy says

    Omg I wish they would still do this when I’m there in October. SciFi Dine in is awesome but even better with Darth Vader!!!

  35. Joe S says

    We had Sci-Fi lunch reservations for 11:10 on May14. Last week someone called me and had it changed to 1:25 on MyDisneyExperience, saying it was a computer glitch. After a lot of complaining, a manger called me and said it was a speical event (not a glitch) and we got 12:10

  36. Frank says

    Just booked both and super excited for me…and family.

    looks like it is only available on the SWW and not the entire week or at least that was what i was told

  37. Eric says

    I’m really surprised to hear people are holding for so long. I called in three times and was on hold for less than 2-3 minutes each time. I called once to make the breakfast reservation, then again later when I decided we wanted to do dinner too. Then I called again to switch the date of our breakfast reservation. Got right through every time and had no issue. One time I tried calling the normal dining number and was on hold for a while. But, then I hung up and called the resort line and had them transfer me to dining, and someone picked right up. I did that every other time with no problem. So, if you’re holding on the dining line, try the resort reservation line and ask them to transfer you. Also, try cooking weekdays, instead of during one of the SWW weekend events.

  38. says

    I got through in 20 minutes. But when they told me it counted as 2 table service credits, that was a deal breaker. Too expensive.

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