News!! Star Wars Themed Character Meals at Disney World During Star Wars Weekends

Yes. You heard us correctly.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios will feature new Star Wars themed character meals for a limited time only!

When Star Wars Character Meals begin on May 4th, dinner at the Hollywood & Vine restaurant and breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater will offer these galactic experiences through June 15, 2014. Note that the character meals are available all week — not just on weekends!

Star Wars Themed Character Meals

Meet These Awesome Friends at Star Wars Themed Character Meals This Year!

Booking begins March 26! These will be popular so we recommend dialing (407) 939-5277 at lightspeed.

The Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine

At Hollywood and Vine, dinner will feature Disney characters wearing their Star Wars best! You may get the chance to meet Ewok Chip & Dale, Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Darth Goofy, and/or Stormtrooper Donald. Dinner seatings start at 4:15pm and go until park close (8pm-9:30pm) for $55.99 adults and $33.99 kids 3-9.

Make your Star Wars experience extra special with a Fantasmic dinner package for adults $59.99; kids 3-9 are $36.99. The meals include a digital download of a photograph with Chip and Dale! Sweet.

Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Breakfast

Sci-Fi will offer breakfast reservations from 8am until noon — so fun! The cost is $47.99 for adults and $29.99 for young padawans. This also includes a digital photo of your party on a commemorative PhotoPass card.

Characters for breakfast include Stormtroopers, Jawa, Greedo, Boba Fett, and DARTH VADER.

Share yer waffles with this guy!

Share yer waffles with this guy!

Instead of the usual science fiction movie clips, the restaurant’s big screen will feature

trailers, clips, and music from Star Wars!

To make an advance dining reservation for these Star Wars Weekends, call (407) 939-5277 from 7am to 11pm Eastern Time. A credit card guarantee is required at time of booking.

Both experiences are 2 credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

All info is subject to change, but bookings are going fast! Stay tuned to Disney Food Blog for updates!

So Star Wars fans; do you want to dine with Darth Vader? Let us know in the comments below! We’re already dialing… .


  1. Fran says

    I just booked the Star Wars Fantasmic Dining Package just a short while ago. Not happy that it’s going to eat up 2 TS dining credits, but I think it will be fun for us kids who were around when the original Star Wars came out. I bet though that it will make a lot of people mad who have had ADRs at H&V and now will be charged a lot more. A sure hope WDW contacts those folks and lets them know of the costly change.

  2. Patrice says

    I was on the phone at 0600 PST this morning. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so, decided to treat myself and my daughter to both! Both of them are different experiences so I am hoping to enjoy them equally. One is a breakfast and one is a dinner, so why not! Yipppppppeeeeee!

  3. Colette says

    Frank -it’s available all week. The CM told me it was only available during the weekend but after telling her it was on every day of the week (I read this site to her lol) she realised that I was right. I booked mine for the May 27th and I can’t wait :D It’s also the day that DHS has evening EMHs.

    I got put through right away but for some reason I had a feeling that once people where aware what was on offer the times would soon be taken.

  4. Frank says

    Thanks Colette!

    i was trying to say the same thing to the CM, but she didnt sound to with it. anyway got pretty decent times for the days that picked…so happy i checked out the blog today otherwise i might have missed out

  5. JoyfulMommie says

    Was fortunate to get a day/time for breakfast during our May trip BUT CM insisted meals were NOT offered every day. If I had pick of our whole week would have chosen a different day, but thankful to get in. We will have a very happy 10yr-old (and Us!) on our hands! Looking forward to this new experience!

  6. Kristy says

    Wish I would have seen tho sooner. Now I know why my lunch reservations at sci if diner were pushed back. I hope they have a breakfast seat still available. My kiddos would love it.

  7. Sara says

    I am on hold and have been for some time. I just found this reading the blog…I had no idea and they are probably booked. We will keep trying

  8. Courtney says

    Do you know if the Star Wars dining experiences at Sci-Fi and Hollywood and Vine will be reservations only or is there a chance you could just show up and wait for a table?

  9. Cindy says

    So sad that we won’t be there during its time they are doing the dinner can’t they extend it for a few months.

  10. Eric says

    Courtney, there will most likely be almost no chance of walking up. You should probably call and make a reservation.

  11. Juliette says

    Just booked breakfast with the Characters! I was told things are filling up quick, the Dinner at Hollywood & Vine is almost sold out for most days. Cannot wait—-it’s our first family trip to Disney! My son is going to flip out over Boba Fett!

  12. Stacey says

    Booked for both! My husband will be thrilled :)

    Courtney – I highly doubt they will take walk up guests. They were down to one or two time options when we reserved today

  13. Courtney says

    UPDATE: Yesterday I wasn’t able to get the Sci-Fi character dining, but today I was – Woohoo!
    My 5 year old son is going to be so excited to eat breakfast with Darth Vader :)

  14. Eric says

    They are definitely NOT just on weekends. I’ve got my reservations for both the breakfast and dinner on a Wednesday.

  15. Kari says

    Also, if you are DVC you can book with Member Services and have a shorter wait. Scored breakfast!

  16. Brett R says

    Got 8am breakfast for last Saturday of Star Wars weekends. Made plans last August thinking we were missing STW then they extend the dates, then they offer a character breakfast! Now my son won’t complain about the princess breakfast….

  17. Lauren says

    Just booked the Star Wars breakfast for May 10th! Didn’t even have to wait on hold at all. I’m so excited! By the way, does anyone know if this will be a buffet breakfast?? I can’t seem to find that anywhere, but since it is a character dining experience and a set price, I’m guessing yes.

  18. April says

    If any of you booked a breakfast for the week of May 20-27 and aren’t going to keep it, please cancel it soon!! Can’t even get a reservation for only 2 people. Thanks!!! :)

  19. Heather says

    Just got in the Breakfast on June 7th :) That’s when Luke Skywalker is going to be at the park, so tried to get them both knocked out in one day :)

  20. Ivonne says

    I actually have a May 14th dinner reservation booked since Dec, but I want to swap for a Fri to get the whole Star Wars weekend experience and can’t!

  21. Jean says

    Since we couldn’t reserve online & I don’t like waiting on the phone, we just went to Downtown Disney Guest Services since we live 5 minutes away. We were the first ones to book the breakfast (5/14) there. They had to call a manager to complete it since it was so new. Can’t wait!!

  22. Ken says

    I had Hollywood and Vine booked for May10th since last November because I have an autistic child with texture issues so I stick to buffets so it’s easier. When they called to tell me it had gone up to 2 credits I was livid. Took me 4 days and 4 managers but I got some degree of compensation to offset the increase in credits. So now I’m looking forward to my dinner at Hollywood and Vine :)

  23. Pam says

    Does anyone know what they will be serving at the Star Wars Sci-Fi breakfast? When I booked this for May 10th all they could tell me was there would be different kinds of pastries and some kind of yogurt parfait.

  24. Becky says

    I was told that there was an entree, pastries and yogurt. I think it costs so much purely for the characters. We go June 13th so please post reviews as soon as possible. Would love to know if it’s worth it.

  25. Pam says

    I would love to hear the reviews as well. Although I know I won’t cancel. This is as close to the Star Wars weekends as we will get.

  26. thundersparkle says

    Booked the breakfast to see Vader & Pals at the Sci Fi Dine in May 15th. Excited as week/end we’re there is the one weekend that overlaps the EPCOT Garden Festival and Star Wars Weekend.

  27. Michelle says

    “Not planning the Disney trip until Dec 1st – Will there be any Star Wars attractions?” – Jen

    Jen, are you saying you wont’ be there until Dec 1st? In that case, no, the character meals and other special events that are exclusive to Star Wars Weekends will not be available for you. There will still be Star Tours of course, but that is about it.

    On the bright side, there are some AMAZING seasonal decorations that time of year and early December means delightfully low crowd levels and mild weather, so its one of my favorite times to be there!

  28. Jenn says

    I hope they make this character breakfast year-round! My family and I would love it but we won’t be there during Star Wars weekends.

  29. Colette says

    I didn’t book the breakfast, it’s a lot of money especially when your paying for your meals as well so it all adds up.

  30. patty says

    I received my email confirming my reservation for June. Dinner @ Hollywood & Vine with Star wars characters. Along with my info on Fantasmic.

    The EMAIL shows 2 credits from the DDP

    However when I called in I was told 1 credit from the DPP
    Also on CHAT, I was told the email was wrong. AND it was 1 credit from the DPP.

    Can anyone veyify?

  31. Ken says

    I just got back from Disney on Sunday, and was at the Star Wars Dine at Hollywood and Vine on Saturday May 10th. When I checked in they confirmed before my meal it would only be one dining credit. As long as you booked before they announced the change from 1 to 2 credits they will honour it.

    I recommend the Skywalker Ranch Chicken, along with a yummy vader cupcake.

  32. says

    We want to book a Darth Vader breakfast the week ofay 26th – May31
    Please don’t let my son down we are traveling over 2000 miles to go to this!!
    Please give us a time. ASAP thank you

    Mary Glotzl

  33. Linda carroll says

    Booked the Breakfast and Hollywood and Vine Fantasmis package Not going to use dinning credits Not worth the credits any way you look at it. Just got disney gift cards for cost of the meals

  34. says

    Hi Mary — You’ll want to contact Disney Dining directly to see if they can help you with your Advance Dining Reservation. Their number is 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463). The Disney Food Blog is not affiliated with Disney, so we can’t make a reservation for you. We wish you the best of luck!!

  35. Kirk says

    Is there any chance disney will extend Star Wars days into August 2015? Seems like a good idea to me given the new movie!

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