News and Review: Corn Nuggets at Golden Oak Outpost in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

It sure is spring here at Disney World! The sun is high and strong, and the spring break crowds at the parks are rising a bit. The great thing about that is there are some really fun food finds cropping up around the Parks.

Certain food locations that aren’t always operating are opening their ordering windows and doors… and – in some cases – bringing some new snacks with them. Woo!

Take, for example, the Golden Oak Outpost in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.

Golden Oak Outpost (4)

Golden Oak Outpost Sign

It’s not altogether unusual to find it open and offering some quick eats; in particular, a tasty Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Breast Nuggets (a six-piece version at a slightly lower price point, as opposed to the standard eight-piece… good to know!).

Golden Oak Outpost (7)

Golden Oak Outpost

However, it’s also not unusual to see a sign suggesting that hungry cowpokes should stop by Pecos Bill’s because the spot is not currently serving.

So while I wasn’t super-surprised to see it operating, I was surprised to see a recent addition to the menu: Corn Nuggets Dusted with Powdered Sugar.

Golden Oak Outpost Menu

Golden Oak Outpost Menu

Nope — not Corn DOG nuggets; just corn nuggets. Upon asking one of the Cast Members about this snack, she informed me that this item isn’t exactly new – it’s returned recently after a long hiatus.

We’ve reviewed corn nuggets here on DFB before (the ones found over on the BoardWalk!); but for those who are uninitiated, Corn Nuggets are small bundles of creamed corn, deep fried and – as the sign says – these ones are dusted with powdered sugar.

Hmm. I’m game… are you :) ? Then here we go…

Corn Nuggets

Corn Nuggets

Oh! Before we move forward, here’s something I learned. Before you grab your seat to try them…

Golden Oak Outpost seating

Golden Oak Outpost seating

… you’re definitely going to want to grab a couple of these!

Napkins -- grab some for this snack!

Napkins — grab a couple!

I sure couldn’t argue with this snack upon first glance. The nuggets were nicely browned, and I could tell right away that the batter was fried to a good crisp. The portion was also good for the price of $3.99.

Corn Nuggets

Corn Nuggets

When I bit into the first nugget, I was surprised to find that the creamed corn inside remained very true to its form — the frying didn’t change the consistency or flavor at all. Interesting!

Inside Corn Nugget

Inside Corn Nugget

The mild sweetness of the corn was complimented by the powdered sugar, while the saltiness of the fried batter makes this a nice sweet-and-salty blend. I’m filing this one under, “I have no idea why this works, but somehow, it actually does.”

Inside Corn Nugget

Inside Corn Nugget

Now, even though I enjoyed this more (a fair bit more, actually) than I anticipated, if you don’t like creamed corn, I’d still say skip it. I don’t think these will change your mind.

But if you do like creamed corn and are looking for a really unique snack, the Corn Nuggets are well done.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for unique treats in the coming weeks all over Disney World! We’ll be doing the same :) .

Corn Nuggets: pass, or can’t pass up? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Mike Nelson says

    We tried them in February…not a big hit. The creamed corn was a bit of a surprise inside, and I guess it was mainly a consistency issue. I think it’s the only snack we didn’t finish in 8 days.

  2. Kari says

    Love those! Around here they are served with maple syrup so the powdered sugar doesn’t seem all that strange. I like them plain though so maybe I’ll ask them to skip the sugar.

  3. says

    I was desperately trying to remember where I’ve tried these before and it finally hit me… they serve this in the cast member mousketeria in the utilidoors. Fun fact, for those interested.

  4. Amy says

    My brain didn’t know what to make of these while I was reading this post, but my mouth instantly filed up with saliva, so I guess I’ll have to given them a try if I see them on my next visit. They seem to fit with my “Don’t think, just eat” lifestyle.

  5. Wendy says

    Eric – Hope you get to give them a try!

    Mike – Hope you all had a great trip! I think it definitely helped that I had some notice of what was inside when I was speaking with the Cast Member… not sure what I would have thought without that bit of mental prep, I’m sure I would’ve been surprised, too :).

    Sue – Ha! Fair enough :)!

    Kari – I’ve never heard of them anywhere else… that is, I’ve never heard of them at all before. That’s cool that they’re around elsewhere!

    Maria – Enjoy your May vacation!

    Kev – Funny story… when I walked past the sign, I read it too quickly and thought, “Why are they putting powdered sugar on Corn Dog Nuggets?” I thought it was a gag for a minute, too :)! It took a moment for it all to sink in… Ha!

    Madison – No way, that’s awesome! Thank you!

    Amy – I didn’t know what to make of them at first, either, so I was thinking a lot about… well, what I thought of them :). Next thing I knew, they were almost all gone, so I thought, “Well, I guess that answers that” ;).

  6. Kathy says

    I LOVE corn nuggets! I will get them anywhere I find them, and I actually don’t care for creamed corn on its own. We always go to WDW in Oct or Nov, and Golden Oak is never open. :(

  7. Sarah says

    They have corn nuggets in the area I live as well. You don’t see them everywhere, but there are a few places that sell them. Love them! I’ll have to look for them when I go to Disney later this year.

  8. Natalie says

    I’ve never even heard of creamed corn. Either it’s given a different name in the UK or we don’t have it/it’s a rare import thing. So with that in mind I can’t imagine what these would taste like! They look nice, though. I would probably give them a try :)

  9. says

    I order corn nuggets at Sonnys BBQ all the time. They’re delicious and hope to try the WDW version next time we’re there.

  10. Wendy says

    These are quite popular here in Australia and I LOVE THEM!! This spot is never open when we visit in September, I wish there were other places they were sold. As a vegetarian it is hard to get yummy snack items.

  11. Lala says

    Beware the birds!! We had a meal here and were sitting in that outside eating area. Another family came, set their food down, and then kinda walked away. En masse, a flock of birds descended and freaked everyone out. Those birds were grabbing at everything – fries, chicken – everything on that table. It was actually kind of scary how many and how aggressive.

    That family was too afraid to return to the table. I was none too happy to be near it (and my toddler was terrified). A CM came out and shooed the birds away eventually. But the moral of this story is do not leave food unattended!

  12. Jill says

    I’ve been eating corn nuggets all my life–maybe it’s a Florida thing?? Will definitely give these a try next time we’re over in the park. I love ‘em!

  13. says

    Love them, but they stopped selling them. We go at least 4 times a year and then never have them. Is there a way to ask Disney to start selling them again.

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