Review: Birthday Cake Ice Cream (!!!) Cookie Sandwich at Disney World’s Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Check it out!

I was wandering Magic Kingdom last Friday (on my way to my Be Our Guest Restaurant FastPass+ lunch — more on that soon!), and I noticed something…celebratory…at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square.

A new waffle sandwich? No. A change to the funnel cakes? Nope.

What I spotted was this…

Special Menu Placard

Special Menu Placard

Now, those of you who are familiar with Disney’s mucho popular homemade ice cream sandwiches know exactly what immediately ran through my head.


Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

But let’s back up a little bit here before we get ahead of ourselves… .


Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is a long-time nook of awesomeness in the Magic Kingdom. They introduce all kinds of fun, inventive menu items — sometimes limited time, sometimes not — and, like Friar’s Nook, are one of those places that I always have to check to see what’s new every time I’m in the park.

Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom

Built to resemble the home of Washington Irving (you know — the guy who wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) in Tarry Town, New York, it’s a unique and historic addition to the themeing of Liberty Square.

Sleepy Hollow Facade

Sleepy Hollow Facade

It’s a walk-up spot — no table-service here…or even indoor seating. But the Castle view makes that worthwhile a lot of the time!

Sleepy Hollow Castle View Seating

Sleepy Hollow Castle View Seating

No room at the Castle-side tables? There’s covered seating just around the corner. You won’t escape the heat or the cold, but you may escape a bit of the rain!

Sleepy Hollow Seating

Sleepy Hollow Seating

So that’s all there is to Sleepy Hollow…the actual structure of the place, anyway! But now it’s time to dive into that awesome-socks snack I mentioned above. Shall we?


The menu here, as I said, offers lots of must-eat, unique Disney snacks. I can often put together a meal and a half from this walk-up window.

Current Sleepy Hollow Menu

Current Sleepy Hollow Menu

But one of my favorite items is that ice cream sandwich, and when I saw the Birthday Cake ice cream was available for a limited time…well, I knew what I had to do. (You guys would never forgive me if I didn’t, would you?!?)

I quickly (well; not that quickly…it was Spring Break after all, so I waited for about 25 minutes in the line) ordered up my custom sammy and headed to the pick up window to wait.

A word of caution — my order wasn’t immediately made for me. I had to approach the pick-up counter cast member and give her my receipt. After she received my receipt, she made my sandwich. So don’t do what I did and just stand around waiting for ten minutes thinking that it’s just Spring Break so things are taking longer than they normally would. Take action, my friends!

Sleepy Hollow Pick Up Window

Sleepy Hollow Pick Up Window

And I headed over to that lovely Castle-side seating, sat myself down, and dug in.

The cookies this time (I’ve had several of these sandwiches before…just not with B-Day Cake iced crema) were lovely. Packed with chocolate chunks, soft, and very, very fresh.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream was deeelish. I’m not a big ice cream fan normally. I’ll take a cupcake over ice cream most days. But guess what! THIS ice cream TASTED LIKE A CUPCAKE! And it had FROSTING IN IT!

Well, I think it had frosting in it. These look like frosting swirls to me.

Frosting Swirls!

Frosting Swirls! I Think!

So the combo of my beloved dessert — cupcakes — with the ooey-gooey-chocolatey-cold-meets-warm creaminess of a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich was an awesome and unexpected treat on my MK visit last week! Huzzah!


Yep, Sleepy Hollow does it again. They won’t always have birthday cake ice cream, everyone; but they will usually have some sort of fun, seasonal ice cream to go inside that classic ice cream sammy.

Have I mentioned that I love this place?

And, yes, you CAN have vanilla ice cream. But…why?

Have you had an ice cream sandwich hand-made for you at Sleepy Hollow (or any of the other fun spots that make them in Disney World)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Rune says

    Oh my … *brain overload* I love birthday cake ice cream, we don’t seem to get it here in the UK though (or at least if we do I’ve never found it) and it’s one of my favourite flavours, so that looks amazing!

    Love Sleepy Hollow’s ice cream sammiches, had them with plain ol’ vanilla, candy cane, mint choc chip, and pumpkin ice cream but nver seen this on offer. Sadly, I’m guessing it’ll be gone by the time I get back there but here’s hoping everyone who does get a chance to scoop it up, enjoys it!

    On a side note, the ‘birthday cake flavour’ and your whole thing about preferring cupcakes to ice cream has got my thinking about the Contempo’s birthday cake cupcakes, now I’m imagining one of those with a scoop of this ice cream. Super sugar overload yes but oyyy, well worth it! ^_^

  2. Kristina says

    That looks really good…although birthday cake ice cream can be a real hit (eh-hem…Turkey Hill and it’s chunks of cake and buttercream swirl) or a real miss (pretty much any other, IMO–has one flavor).

  3. says

    May I be the first to say that the “Today’s Special” sign looks quite shabby. Bad show, Disney! I’ll have my ice cream sandwich now.

  4. Joni says

    So you said “cold-meets-warm” I’m thinking the cookies are warm?? Like fresh out o the oven warm? Yum.
    And I agree with Heather the sign does look a tad shabby.

  5. says

    I definitely saw this in an older DFB post – I think a photo from another reader? I’m like 99% sure it’s not new (although probably rare). I don’t remember a review though so thanks for that!

  6. Angelina says

    You can get the birthday cake ice cream from Dryers/Edys but it would taste so much better at WDW! Meanwhile I must get my hands on one of the waffle sandwiches. They tempt me everytime you post something about waffles/Sleepy Hollow/or any unique snacks at Disney.

  7. Jess says

    I’m hoping they have this next month when I am there! I am currently addicted to birthday cake oreos and this sounds awesome!

  8. Stephanie says

    Darn! I was just there earlier today and decided to skip getting a snack in the park. If I had know about this, I probably would have gotten one (or two!).

  9. Ashley says

    On our last trip the flavor of the day was peppermint candy cane and it was wonderful as an ice cream cookie sandwich. One of our favorite treats of the trip.

  10. Karla says

    Oh my goodness!! That’s looks amazing. I hope it’s still around for when I got to Disney at the end of April.

  11. Gillian says

    This looks amazing! We tried the delicious cookies and cream seasonal flavour they had while my boyfriend and I were there at the end of February. I know they probably won’t have this, but I’m holding out hope for something awesome like pumpkin in October! :D I wish it was something easier to share because this thing eats like a meal! You definitely should not try to cram in all of the treats you forgot to eat the rest of the trip into the last day in the span of a few hours. :p

  12. Kara B says

    This is my middle child’s absolute most favorite ice cream. Let’s hope it’s still available this summer!

  13. susan says

    Oh, phooey! I was just there yesterday and had no idea… I guess we”ll just have to go back again today! Thankg goodness for AP!

  14. Stefanie says

    Now I’m officially excited to try Sleepy Hollow for a meal!! I Love Birthday Cake ice cream when it’s available from Blue Bell & the oreos they have out now are pretty good, too. :)

    I’ve been wanting to try the chicken waffle sandwich here, too!

  15. Erica says

    I have had one ice cream sandwich at WDW. I wasn’t crazy about it. WDW uses Edy’s ice cream and I’m not a fan of the texture of the Edy’s brand. I will be passing on this treat.

  16. Nancy says

    Got trapped at the castle-side tables by the main street electrical parade once. Can’t say I was complaining too much when it came time for Wishes. ;)

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