The Best (and the Worst!) Pizza in Disney World

Ahhhh…Pizza. Most of us love the stuff, whether it’s high end, low end, or homemade.


But one thing’s for sure — you and I both know that not all pizza is created equal — and this is definitely true when it comes to Disney.

Today, we’re awarding some Pizza Pie Superlatives. From Best to Worst and Everything In Between, let’s take a look at a few.

And when we’re finished with the awards, I’ve love to hear if you agree! Leave us a comment with your best and worst!

Best All-Around Pizza in Disney World

If you’ve been reading Disney Food Blog for any amount of time, the winner in this category will come as no shock to you. The hands-down best pizza in all of Disney World are the pies you find at Via Napoli in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.

With authentic ingredients right down to the flour, tomatoes, and water they use, these are some serious pies that come closest to the real deal from Naples, Italy. They also taste the most like my favorite New York Style pizza (Lombardi’s!!!!) — the gold standard, as far as I’m concerned!

Quattro Fromaggi Pizza from Via Napoli

Quattro Fromaggi Pizza from Via Napoli

You can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas you order here, whether you’re getting a personal size, or you’re sharing with the table.

Build Your Own Pizza with Prosciutto

Build Your Own Pizza with Prosciutto (and/or Other Ingredients…Whatever)

We give high marks to the Quattro Formaggi White Pizza, as well as the Build Your Own with Prosciutto. But really, there are no wrong choices here!

Worst Disney World Pizza

When it comes to pizza that you can safely — no, you definitely should — skip, we’ll chalk this up to…nearly every counter service location in Disney World that serves pizza (just wait, Wolfgang Puck Express fans, we’ve got you covered later in the post). But to give you a frame of reference, we’ll throw Pizza Planet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios under the delivery truck.

Honestly, your kids will love this place. But the pizza here is less, well, pizza-like, and more like a big, puffy, pizza pillow, with just a smidgen of toppings that identify it as pizza.

I mean, the toppings are kinda the point, right? And what am I supposed to do with all that not-good-enough-to-eat-alone bread?

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Want my advice? Skip the pizza here altogether while you enjoy the super fun setting and video games!

Video Games and Seating Area

Video Games and Seating Area

And if you’ve just gotta get a bite here, go for their killer Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake instead.

Best Disney World Pizza to Start Your Day

Do you like to start your day with a little leftover pizza from the night before? Well, at Disney, they have something even better — Breakfast Pizza!

Piled high with breakfast favorites like egg and ham, you’ll find one of our favorite versions on the bountiful breakfast buffet at Trail’s End at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. With colorful veggies, it’s like an omelet on a pizza crust! Healthiness!

Breakfast Pizza -- Up Close

Breakfast Pizza at Trail’s End

Other spots we’ve spied breakfast pizza include breakfast at Crystal Palace and the morning meal at Chef Mickey’s. We’ve also had a fun version in some of the resort food courts, like Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Breakfast Pizza at Everything Pop Food Court

Breakfast Pizza at Everything Pop Food Court

There are lots of other spots, too, though, so keep your eyes peeled if pizza for breakfast sounds good to you! And if you can’t wait until your next Disney visit to have the dish, check out our handy Chef Mickey’s breakfast pizza recipe for making it at home!

Most Convenient Disney World Pizza

Sometimes, a day at the parks can prove to be a little too much fun for even the basics — like sitting upright in a booth and eating.

And that’s when Disney Resort Pizza Delivery comes in handy! This is one of my favorite tips from The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining.

Pop Century's "Peace of Pizza" Delivery Menu!

Pop Century’s “Peace of Pizza” Delivery Menu!

Nearly every Disney resort — from value locations like Pop Century to moderate and deluxe resorts — offer pizza delivery, either as a standalone dining option, or as part of the room service menu.

Art of Animation Resort Pizza Delivery

Art of Animation Resort Pizza Delivery

Trust me — after a day of running to and fro making the most of every second at Walt Disney World, this can be a heaven-sent option. And as a bonus — cold pizza for breakfast if you’d like to sleep in!

Best Disney World Counter Service Pizza

Before Via Napoli arrived, my favorite spot for pizza enjoyment at Disney World was Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney.

I love Puck’s for its insanely good, better-than-counter-service food anyway. But their pizza (which Puck is known for) is just amazing — especially when compared to the disappointing dish that usually serves as Disney counter service pizza. (See above for how I really feel.)

Pepperoni Pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express

Pepperoni Pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express

The thin crust is part of the reason I dig this pie so much. But the toppings are always in perfect proportion to the crust as well (and plentiful!).

Amazing Crust -- Up Close

Amazing Crust — Up Close

And I’m thinking the secret to the success is the wood burning oven they use, which reminds me of other spots that made our “Best of” list. You’ll find similar ovens at Via Napoli, as well as California Grill and Jiko. Which brings me to our next set of favorites…

Best Disney World Flatbread

Pizza’s thinner and even crispier cousin also rates a mention on our list. We’ve had some truly incredible Flatbreads in and around Disney World. But two of our favorites tie in this category, and you’ll find them at California Grill and Jiko.

During our last visit to California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the Oven-Dried Tomato Flatbread was a standout. With tangy oven-dried tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella, the dish is simple, but perfectly executed.

Oven Dried Tomato Flatbread at California Grill

Oven-Dried Tomato Flatbread at California Grill

And I’m still dreaming of this Flank Steak Flatbread that I enjoyed on a recent trip to Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Flank Steak Flatbread at Jiko

Flank Steak Flatbread at Jiko

But keep in mind — both of these popular signature restaurants like to change things up with the seasons – which means you might not see the same options when you arrive for your next advance dining reservation. Every flatbread we’ve had at either spot has been fantastic, though. So order with confidence!

Most Unusual Disney World Pizza

Our final award goes to Splitsville Luxury Lanes. This newly opened entertainment mecca has quickly become a great spot for bowling or dancing the night away! And their menu is enormous, offering a variety of dishes, from sushi to pizza and everything in between. But today, we’re celebrating it as our pick for the Most Unusual Pie.

I’m talking about their amazing Firehouse Pizza, which combines some of my favorite flavors — Buffalo chicken wings in all their glory — into one pizza experience.

Firehouse Pizza at Splitsville

Firehouse Pizza at Splitsville

Loaded with diced chicken tenders, mozzarella and bleu cheeses, and a drizzle of ranch dressing, it has everything. And it’s appropriately named, since you might need a firefighter to put out the flames inspired by that spicy Buffalo sauce! You won’t find me complaining, though. :-)

There you have it — the Good, the Bad, and the Unusual when it comes to Pizza in all its permutations at Walt Disney World!

And now I want to hear from YOU! What Pizza Pie Superlatives do you think we should add to the list? Weigh in with your “Best”, “Worst”, and “Most” suggestions below in comments!


  1. Cindi says

    My two favorite places for pizza are Wolfgang Puck’s Express Downtown Disney Marketplace and California Grill for the flatbread. Via Napoli was okay but just okay and not worth all the hoopla. It was very loud and didn’t work out for us as one member of our party has hearing loss in one ear so conversation was impossible because they couldn’t hear our waiter, us, or anything else over the background din. If I ever return to Via Napoli, which is not likely, I’d dine al fresco.

  2. Rune says

    Really love the marinated beef & goats cheese flatbreads from the Contempo Cafe. Well worth the walk / rise over from the Magic Kingdom. Plus of course there’s always cupcakes there for dessert. ^^

  3. says

    I really appreciate this article DFB.

    Firstly, I love good pizza, so I’m bound to sit up straight and pay attention!
    What annoys me a little about theme park pizzas in general is that they take a concept that is almost impossible to wreck, and then do a pretty good job of turning it into an atrocious meal!

    Pizzafari was perhaps the last time our family ever ordered a mainstream Pizza in the parks, and I would definitely add that to the Pizza Planet category. Very ‘bready’ and suspiciously pre prepared.

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head though with Via Napoli, which turns out amazing, freshly prepared pizza with fabulous bases.
    Sure, there’s a little extra prep in there, but I can’t imagine that the cost difference between the Disney worst and Disney Best amounts to more than a couple of quarters!

    I hope that Disney upgrade the standards of what is one of the nation’s favorite dishes!

  4. Maria says

    Huh. Well, “something for everyone” as the saying goes. I have not tried a great variety of the World’s pizza, but personally I don’t care so much for a thin crust, and I also happen to love the pizza at Pizza Planet! I also love the personal pizza from the Riverside Mill food court at POR (they are quite similar, if not the same). Bon apetit! :)

  5. Mandi says

    Is it sad that I love Pizza Planet pizza? I think it’s a perfect midday snack/light lunch at HS! I guess it’s the “Disney Food Bubble”, because I probably wouldn’t eat it here in CT!

  6. Raelynn says

    Doesn’t matter how “Convenient” it is the delivery pizza we got at All Stars Movies was some of the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Right up there with cafeteria stuff. Would take a pie from Pizza Planet before that for sure.

  7. Kimberly says

    Can I order a to go pizza from Via Napoli? How is the pizza at the Boardwalk pizza window?

  8. John Melcher says

    I have to say… this list is spot on. (As a first time responder… thank you for all you do with Disney food… it has/always will be what makes our trips to Disney best… this blog, besides keeping me in a happy place daily, provides me with a very good base to choose the restaurants we will visit every trip). I would like to tell you about some amazing pizza that is on (off) resort. Mangino’s, at the Shades of Green, has a pizza that makes me smile… well everything there makes me smile actually. I would recommend a trip to the restaurant if you can find a military or DoD member to take you (and maybe a military appreciation blog entry if possible?)

  9. Michelle P says

    As much as I love the Via Napoli pizza, I was very disappointed in the pizza from the outside window last week. It’s not the same wonderful thin crust pizza they serve in the restaurant. It was a very thick brick of bread (although it does have the wonderful pepperonis that Via Napoli uses).

  10. says

    We JUST found a vintage Disney pizza delivery menu that was handed out at the Polynesian back in the day (dated 1989). I posted pics of it!

    Having been born and raised in NY and NJ by an Italian family, I can vouch for the authenticity of Via Napoli and the inauthenticity of every counter service pizza in the parks (blech!) Great post. :)

  11. Jon says

    The Prosciutto E Melone pizza at Via Napoli is awesome. The other pizza pies are very good as well…safe to say Via Napoli has the best pizza on property.

  12. Jen D. says

    There were many mornings where I would grab the POP breakfast pizza. It was definitely my favorite breakfast from my favorite resort food court. I am pretty sure that it is no longer on the menu (sad face) and I will have to find a new favorite for those early mornings before the parks come October. :o)

  13. Wendy says

    I don’t mind the Pizza Planet/Pizzafari/etc. pizzas, as I don’t mind thicker crust.

    However, I do agree that Via Napoli’s pizza was just incredible! However, the restaurant itself is only ‘meh’. It is SO loud in there, and layer that in with the language barrier with the wait staff and the fact that they are definitely some of least “magical” CMs I’ve encountered… not my favorite overall experience.

    …but I’d definetly return for the pizza! And it might not be so bad if I go into it next time with the right set of expectations for the experience as a whole.

  14. Miles says

    Apparently, the pizza window no longer serves Via Napoli pizza. The only good pizza window anymore is on the Boardwalk.

  15. Dana says

    I have a gluten-allergy, so I normally can’t eat pizza when I’m at Disney. However, during our trip last fall we found out that Pizza Planet will do gluten-free pizza – it was really good! They make it next door in Mama Melrose’s pizza ovens, and it’s thin crust. My husband and I also could have easily split it – it was huge! Will definitely get pizza there again.

  16. Andrew Silmser says

    I agree with all points here. Because the disparity between pizza venues at WDW is so obvious, this article was probably very easy to write.

    I would add that if you MUST have a pizza-like item from a counter service spot, Pinnochio’s village Haus flatbread is a small step up from the other pizza offerings at WDW theme park counter service. It is in NO WAY comparable to Jiko or Cali Grill, but it will do in a moment of desperation. I am a sucker for the BBQ chicken.

    On another note, our five-year-old recently had some pizza with our family at a popular gourmet pizza place near our home. “Mom! this tastes like DISNEY PIZZA,” she said. We weren’t exactly sure what she meant, so we inquired a little more.

    Come to find out, she was comparing it to Via Napoli, and she said that DISNEY PIZZA is the best ever. Maybe we’ve been to Via Napoli too much (or other places too little) for her to use “DISNEY PIZZA” as the gold standard by which to judge all others, but she is not too far off base.

  17. Janelle says

    We usually don’t eat pizza while at WDW as there are so many other amazing options to eat, but, if I did it would be something authentic like Via Napoli. I also think it probably depends on where you come from in the U.S. or world as to what type of pizza you prefer. I am from West Coast.

    I also was surprised that Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano was not mentioned as they have great flatbread’s (Wild Mushroom).

    I also recall an amazing grape and cheese flatbread, but maybe that was at Palo on DCL.

  18. KP says

    My favorite used to be Bluezoo’s littleneck clams flatbread (freshly shucked, extra virgin olive oil, grated parmesan & fresh oregano). They now have a bacon and clam flatbread, but it’s just not as tasty. I’d have to say Via Napoli is my current favorite.

  19. Elizabeth says

    Worst pizza I ever had in the World was the Boardwalk pizza window. I was sooo disappointed since I thought I had hit the best idea in the world, which is to stroll back to the Boardwalk hotel post Illuminations and grab a late night slice. Unfortunately there pizza was terrible, it tasted mass produced and just reheated…I agree with Wolfgang Puck and Via Napoli, my two faves!

  20. Bri says

    I actually never eat pizza at Disney. I’ve been a Disney girl my whole life, and now a CM. I’m sad to say I’ve never even been to Via Napoli. We rarely get pizza cause the “good pizza” is mostly at Italian places or places with few other options. My daughter actually hates tomatoes an any sort of tomato sauce, so we tend to steer clear of those places with her. But the closest thing I’ve had to a pizza at Disney is the caprese flatbread at Pinnocchios Village Haus. I’m a sucker for all things caprese, and I think this flatbread is the :) it fills me up too, I usually can’t eat the whole thing. So good. I recommend. But after reading this article I want to try via Napoli and Wolfgang pucks. You’ve got me intrigued. Which you guys normal do with your articles. Lol.

  21. Kerri says

    I definitely agree that Via Napoli is the best on property! So delicious. I also enjoy the flatbreads at counter service locations such as Contempo Cafe (CR). Pinocchio’s Village Haus is also pretty decent as far as a flatbread pizza goes. One of my absolute favorites sits right on the borderline of being a pizza. It T-Rex’s Footprints Flatbread…it is fantastic with a great balsamic glaze drizzled on top!

  22. DarrenL says

    I just wanted to add that the pizza at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta is pretty great with an amazing setting for people watching.

  23. Annie says

    Great list!

    I also enjoy the Hawaiian flatbread pizza at Cpt. Cooks. Followed by a Dole Whip of course!

  24. Jeff in Middletucky says

    Great list, I concur completely. Just one slight nitpick, though: It’s missing the eminently drool-worthy A la Flame Alsacienne from Chefs de France.

  25. Nick P. says

    Shocked. SHOCKED! Pizza Planet is home to the greatest pizza known on this Earth. Please, for all that is good in this world, don’t ever review pizza ever again.

  26. Rick says

    Worst “pizza” are the flatbreads at the Pinocchio Village Haus at MK. Those are just awful!! Even my kids who eat virtually anything resembling pizza wont eat those.
    Pizzafari at AK and Pizza Planet at DHS are at least edible.

  27. Jason says

    Kimberly, Boardwalk Pizza window is good, not great. If Pizza Planet is a 1, and Via Napoli a 10, I’d put BW at a solid 7.5. Totally different style than Via Napoli (obviously) and IMO the toppings at BW can make the difference. They usually only offer Cheese, Pepperoni, and a 3rd veggie option. When the veggie option was roasted peppers and onions it was really, really, good. Last trip it was mushroom and artichokes I think… whatever it was I did not like it so I went with plain cheese. But, there are few experiences in life that are better than sitting on the Boardwalk, eating pizza and watching the World go by!

  28. Frankie T says

    Is there anywhere that does fresh to order pizza in WDW (so I could order without cheese), and do you know if anywhere does a dairy-free dough? WDW is my favourite place to go on vacation and pizza is my favourite food, but as a new vegan, I wasn’t sure there’d be any hope.

  29. Janet says

    Used to love trails end breakfast pizza but then it had a biscuit type crust, looks like a pizza shell now?

  30. Rory D says

    The resort pizza at all star music was TERRIBLE. I’m a big eater and a pizza lover. We ordered this when both my wife and I were very hungry. Total we may have eaten half the pie and that includes what we picked at the next morning. I’d rather have a chain pizza like domino’s or pizza hut.

  31. Kaelsma says

    My son and I LIKE Pizza Planet pizza! As for what you do with all of the “not-good-enough-to-eat-alone bread”? Dip it in the free salad dressing! My son like Ranch but I prefer Bleu Cheese!

  32. Ashley says

    I agree with everything except I’m not a fan of Wolfgang Puck’s pizza. It’s way too thin to be filling at all. After sharing one with my boyfriend before going to see a movie (feeling like a pig scarfing down 3 pieces instead of my usual 2), I was still hungry, and he was still really hungry. We had to get nachos at AMC less than ten minutes later (which were amazing philly nachos – filling, and a much better deal than the tiny pizza).

  33. Jim says

    I have to disagree with the room order pizza. I am not sure if it is the same for every resort on property, but every time we have ordered it, it has been very disappointing and extremely overpriced. I would rather go to the local Pizza Hut.

  34. Anna says

    Our family is not a fan of the counter service gluten-free pizza options in the parks. They are similar to their non-gluten-free counterparts: doughy and tasteless. If you are in a pinch and must order them, give yourself plenty of time, because they require extra time for the kitchen to prepare. Half of your table will have finished their meal before the pizza arrives. That being said, kudos to Disney for trying to cater to guests with food allergies. I would be curious to know if there are g-f pizza options in some of the parks’ and resorts’ nicer restaurants. I haven’t encountered any myself. Thanks!

  35. Dianna says

    We loved the Boardwalk pizza:) Simple and tasty the kids thought it was better than any place else and reasonable price. Via Napoli is very good, but my kids thought it was gross, they want american pizza. LOL.

  36. Laura says

    RainForest Cafe has a REALLY great breakfast pizza! Staying at the Wilderness soon so Im really excited to try that breakfast pizza! It looks FANTASTIC!

  37. Rick says

    We have not been happy with Wolfgang Puck’s pizza. It was so thin and greasy, that we couldn’t eat it; and had to find food elsewhere. However, Puck’s did give us a credit for the future, which we never used.

  38. Mary says

    I totally agree about the Pizza Planet Pizza. The worst I have had at Disney. The best pizza I have ever had was room delivered at the Polynesian Resort. There were only 2 choices, cheese or everything. It was huge and delicious! They brought us linen napkins and real plates and silverware, not paper or plastic. I can’t wait to get it again.

  39. Daren Parrwood says

    Just to put things into some kind of perspective…I loved the counter service pizza…and the salad that came with it!…butI’m British! I’m not for one minute putting good British cuisine down…but our idea of fast food is absolutely appauling.
    The counter service pizzas may be the worst that Disney has to offer, but all of our family was amazed by the flavours in such a rushed-out product.

  40. says

    Kimberly asked about the Boardwalk pizza window, and it’s lousy in my book. It’s bland. The only good thing about it is that you can enjoy the scenery if you sit at one of the nearby tables on the boardwalk itself.

    My regret is that we ordered an entire pie for the family, and after every bite I kept lamenting that we were a 10 minute walk from Via Napoli.

    A decent counter-service pizza — and I haven’t had it in years, so I don’t know if it’s still good — is the one at Disney Quest. Cheesecake Factory handles the food there, and it wasn’t great but definitely a welcome break from the cheesy cardboard Disney typically passes off as pizza.

  41. Jackie says

    The best flatbread I have ever had anywhere is the A la flamme Alsacienne at Les Chefs de France. The brick oven tart or flatbread is perfect but the toppings steal the show…creme fraiche, onions & bacon. Love it!

  42. Matt says

    My wife and I wandered into Pizza Planet one time to get a quick bite.
    We didn’t even make it up to order. The place just smells of bad pizza.

    Via Napoli makes one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had and I’m from CT, the home of great pizza.

  43. Kimberly W says

    I agree with Via Napoli as #1, but as for the worst, Pizza Planet pies are divine compared to the awful Pinocchio Village Haus flatbreads. They are a rock-hard cracker with a scraping of something that barely passes for sauce, and almost devoid of any other toppings. Never again. As the place is now under refurbishment, I’m hoping the menu gets a refurbishment as well.

  44. Virginia says

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I really liked my first pizza planet pizza. I think it was the “starving” mode I was in. Went back again, and was less than impressed. Via Napoli wins hands down for the best pizza. I really thought it was over-priced till eating there.

  45. Breed7 says

    Flippers is our favorite pizza when we’re in Orlando. There’s a Flippers at The Crossroads shopping center, just down the road a bit from Downtown Disney. Hands down the tastiest pizza around.

  46. Mandy says

    We didn’t like the pizza at Pizza Planet, but I did think they had a great ceasar salad. And I LOVE sitting upstairs watching everyone having fun playing the games, and doing the Disney magic thing. I agree they have a great cupcake, rich enough to share. So we will stop in for a salad, a cold drink, and some down time.

  47. Sandra says

    We’ve eaten lots of pizza at Pizza Planet, Pizzafari, and our resort pizza window. My son, not noted for his refined taste, really loves it. I think its all fine for a quick bite while in the parks or after a long day, especially with a side salad. Filling, tasty, cheap. The crust on the resort pizzas seems to be not as nice as it used to be, but my guys still like it (they are used to Dominos and Pizza Hut).

    As a Jersey girl, I am always on the lookout of good pizza. I have had it twice at Puck’s; once was very good but the second one was underdone. We have not tried Via Napoli; very pricey. We enjoyed the one pizza we got at the Boardwalk pizza window, especially because we were able to use adult CS credits for it. But what I really miss is the single serving breakfast pizza they used to have at Electric Umbrella in Epcot. Looks like we’ll need to try some of the other resorts to see how theirs compares.

  48. Rocco says

    Surprised to see no mention of the delicious Chicken Bianca Pizza flatbread from Tony’s Town Square! Good choices though. :)

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