Review: FastPass+ Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

UPDATE: Please note that as of February 25, 2015, FastPass+ is no longer available, as Be Our Guest Restaurant began to accept Advanced Dining Reservations for lunch. For further information, please click here

I had an awesome weekend in Disneyland, but today I’m headed to New Fantasyland with a lunch review of Be Our Guest Restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

The restaurant has taken the park by storm. Even after being open for more than a year, it’s still one of the top draws in New Fantasyland. If you want to eat lunch here, be prepared for long lines!

But on a recent visit to Walt Disney World, I had a little surprise awaiting me in my email inbox — the opportunity to use FastPass+ for a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. No way was I passing up the opportunity to eat lunch here without waiting in line. Come along with me across the bridge to the Beast’s Castle!


We first told you about the FastPass+ system a while back, when Erin Foster had the opportunity to test it out.

Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Erin found the whole process to be practically flawless. So I was anxious to see if they had streamlined it even further since that early testing phase.

Booking the FastPass+ reservation was similar to making a regular advance dining reservation. I thought the FastPass+ option for Be Our Guest was still an invite-only opportunity, but if you see the comment by a reader below, it looks like anyone with a resort reservation can book it. I haven’t tried, so let us know what your mileage is.

Once I’d logged in at the special website, I was offered several different times to dine. The time window works like a regular FastPass — you have a specific window of time in which to show up and use your FastPass. I chose a late lunchtime, but I was really hoping for an early option.

And here’s a TIP: I preferred an earlier dining time, so I checked back the next morning and an earlier spot had opened up! So be sure to secure a table, any table. There’s a good chance you can change your time later. In fact, you can change your time up until arrival.

FastPass+ Ordering

Choosing the Time for Your FastPass+ Reservation is Easy

I took advantage of the opportunity to order online. The menu that popped up looked similar to the ones I had used during my previous lunch visit.

I could even make alterations to the entrees — leave off a sauce, for instance — and the menu would show me the nutritional information changes for different choices.

FastPass+ Ordering

Ordering an Entree Via FastPass+

I could even pre-order drinks and desserts.

FastPass+ Ordering

FastPass+ Dessert Ordering!

On the day of my reservation, I arrived a little early and checked in at the same spot where you confirm your dinner advance dining reservation. The cast member gave me a rose — the customary red one, not the yellow ones that were used during earlier testing — and directed me to a FastPass+ line that was right beside the regular line.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Check-In Area

Be Our Guest Restaurant Check-In Area

And speaking of lines, they’re still long. Real long. Like, back to The Little Mermaid long. It was spring break though, so I’m hoping it’s not always so crazy.

But if you really want to eat here, be encouraged by the fact that the line generally moves pretty quick. It took about 30 minutes for me to get in the last time from the back of the bridge.

Line to get in to Be Our Guest Restaurant for Lunch

Line to get in to Be Our Guest Restaurant for Lunch

Once in, I went to the podium via the FastPass+ line and was directed to a regular pay kiosk. The cast member confirmed my order and I paid there.

Checking in for my Reservation

Cast Members Help Guests with Ordering

It’s important to note that I could have changed anything or everything about my order at this point — from my selections, to leaving some of the trimmings off of my sandwich.

Normally, I show you the menus closer to the food, but the ordering process is a little different at Be Our Guest, so let’s take a look at them here.

Main Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Main Menu — Click to Enlarge

You can also read up on the way things work here if you’re still a little confused :-)

Desserts and How Things Work at Be Our Guest -- Click to Enlarge

Desserts and How Things Work at Be Our Guest — Click to Enlarge

If you aren’t visiting Be Our Guest for lunch via a FastPass+ invitation, you will still be directed to a cast member or kiosk to place your order.

Banner Over Ordering Kiosk

Banner Over Ordering Kiosk

Kiosk Where You Place Your Order

Kiosk Where You Place Your Order

At that time, you’ll be given your rose.

Rose That Tells My Food Where to Find Me

Rose That Tells My Food Where to Find Me

And this is where the two experiences meet up! From there, I went to the drink station, which is self-serve during lunch.

Drink Station

Drink Station

Don’t you love the fancied up fountain drink station?

Drink Station -- Up Cloce

Drink Station — Up Close

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. Real silverware and plates make a Be Our Guest lunch just a little more special. Pick up your flatware, napkins, and condiments on the way to your table.

Silverware Trolleys

Silverware Trolleys

During lunch you have your choice of places to sit. You can choose the beautifully themed but extremely loud Ballroom.

Ceilings in Ballroom

Ceilings in Ballroom

But if you decide to pass, at least look around — especially at the snow outside!

Dancing Snow Outside of Be Our Guest Ballroom

Dancing Snow Outside of Be Our Guest Ballroom

With its lower ceilings, the West Wing is much quieter. But because of the incredible themeing here in the Beast’s lair, it will probably be crowded. (There wasn’t a single table available on my visit this time.)

West Wing Dining Area

West Wing Dining Area

Still, duck in long enough to catch a glimpse of the Master’s portrait as he slowly transforms from Prince to Beast!

Watch Closely -- The Prince Morphs into the Beast when Enchanted Rose Petals Fall

Watch Closely — The Prince Morphs into the Beast when Enchanted Rose Petals Fall

This is where you’ll find the Enchanted Rose as well.

Enchanted rose

Enchanted Rose

I chose to sit in the Rose Gallery this time, however. This room is used mostly for lunchtime crowds, although sometimes it’s used at dinner during busy times.

While other rooms in the restaurant are brought to life straight from the film Beauty and the Beast, the Rose Gallery is not. But it has a story of its own. (Of course it does!)

Music Box and Chandelier in The Rose Gallery

Music Box and Chandelier in The Rose Gallery

The enormous, rotating music box that dominates the room is said to be a gift from Belle’s father, Maurice, to the happy couple.


It wasn’t long after I found a table that my rose worked its magic, and my food found me. It’s delivered to your table via these beautiful, glass-covered carts.

Food Delivery Cart

Food Delivery Cart

I began with the Potato Leek Soup. The classic dish is surprisingly light, yet flavorful. It’s been good since the restaurant opened, and I still highly recommend it at both lunch and dinner.

Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup

We also tried the Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich which comes with a side of crispy Frites. This replaced the steak sandwich, which was on the original BoG lunch menu.

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

Served on a warm, crusty Baguette, it’s topped with a Horseradish Cream Sauce that wasn’t overpowering. In fact, I could barely taste it.

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich -- Cross Section

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich — Cross Section

Overall, this sammy was less than incredible. I likely wouldn’t order it again. However…

…even though I had enjoyed it before, I couldn’t pass up another chance to try the incredible Braised Pork. The dish is so rich and tender that it’s practically impossible to believe that you’re eating at a counter service restaurant while you enjoy it.

Braised Pork

Braised Pork

The potatoes are great. The green beans are crispy and perfect. Seriously, this dish is a winner every time.

Now, on to dessert! We began with the Master’s Cupcake — this was my first time trying it!

Moist, Chocolate Cake is crowned and filled with a healthy helping of The Grey Stuff — except not really. You see, The Grey Stuff originally was a whipped Cookies and Cream Panna Cotta…and maybe it still is when it comes out as a special event dessert. But this topping was much lighter and more “whipped creamy” than the panna cotta was on my first few visits.

The Master's Cupcake

The Master’s Cupcake

Maybe I’m wrong — I’m sure some cast members will let me know if it’s the exact same recipe as before — but this seems like a cheaper, thinner version of the original. Anyone have any info on that?

But I also tried the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake — a favorite of mine for its awesome cream cheesy frosting, of course! This one is a must-try.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

But we had also heard rave reviews about the Chocolate Cream Puff. So of course, I had to try it as well.

Chocolate Cream Puff

Chocolate Cream Puff

Filled with airy Chocolate Mousse, it was the perfect ending to a rich meal.

Chocolate Cream Puff -- Cross Section

Chocolate Cream Puff — Cross Section

And with that, another excellent meal at Be Our Guest was in the books!


Be Our Guest Restaurant continues to be an excellent addition to Magic Kingdom’s lunch offerings, and I really enjoyed the enhanced experience of the FastPass+ option for lunch. It was great to be able to plan ahead, but still have some flexibility. With the option to change my mind about any part of my order when I arrived, and the option to change my dining time, I felt like it was the best of both worlds.

If you haven’t had the chance to eat at Be Our Guest yet, really, carve out some time and do it soon. It such a beautifully, immersive experience. And the food is incredible, too!

And absolutely, if you have the chance to try out FastPass+, don’t pass it up.

Would you love the chance to try FastPass+ for Be Our Guest lunch? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Ellen Goodman says

    When we ate there in December the first tip I got from this site (thank you) was if you can’t get a FP+ reservation get there early to get in front of the line. We got there at 10:15am and waited 15 minutes for the doors to open and we were eating by 10:45am. The second thing was that waiting 15 minutes was so worth it, hands down the best meal we had in the whole of Disney!

    The most fun part for me was our Magic Bands, we didn’t get a rose so I ask a cast member how they would find us and it was the Magic Band. Disney is an amazing place and by far the most magical place in the entire world!!

  2. Kaitlin says

    So if you have a resort reservation, then you can book a be our guest lunch without an invitation. This is a link that they gave out to cast members for anyone who wants to prebook that lunch. You do need a resort reservation but other than that, you can do the exact same prebooking there. The lunch will not show up in My Disney Experience anywhere though so just be aware of that.

  3. Mandi says

    Honestly I probably wouldn’t try Be Our Guest if I didn’t get the FP+ invite. I’ve seen that line be miles long and I visit at the slow times of year (January, September and next in May) so I really can’t wrap my head around waiting in line for counter service for longer than I would a ride! I was happy to get the opportunity to see inside the restaurant, but until the lines ease up a bit I won’t be going back!

  4. Jenny says

    Thank you for the review, I looking forward to trying BOG for our dinner ADR next month.

  5. Stephanie says

    I will not wait an hour for a ride, but I will for Be Our Guest. If I am planning to eat there when I visit the Magic Kingdom (which is almost every time I go), I always get in line by at least 9:30 and I am usually the first or second in line. I’ve eaten in all three rooms, but I generally gravitate to the music box room. I love all the paintings hanging around the room, especially Mrs. Potts and Chip. It’s not as crowded as the other rooms (at least during the times I’ve been), which makes it a relaxing spot. I’ve only had the turkey sandwich and braised pork, but with those two on the menu, there really isn’t any need to try anything else. And the green beans! I am not really a fan of green beans, but I LOVE the ones at Be Our Guest. With the peppers and onions. SO DELICIOUS! I tried the Master’s Cupcake for the first time a few weeks ago and was a little disappointed by the grey stuff on top. I had never had it before and was expecting more of a frosting than the whipped topping that adorned the cupcake. I will FINALLY be going for dinner next month and I hope it is an enjoyable experience.

    I don’t know why, but I really do not like the idea of FastPass+ for a restaurant. While I am ok with scurrying past a waiting line of guests for a ride, it seems wrong to bypass a line of people waiting to eat.

  6. shannon says

    I’ve just discovered this website and I appreciate all the tips and advice. We won’t be visiting WDW until September, but dining at Be Our Guest at lunch is a priority for me — even though that means I won’t be able to have lunch at LIberty Tree Tavern!

    I think it does sound a bit complicated just to eat a quick meal here, but I am hoping I can have the opportunity. We tend to eat vegetarian, has anyone tried the quinoa here?

  7. Grace says

    We were there last October and got the braised pork – it was phenomenal! We were there during Food and Wine, and ate so many different things and had so many table service meals but at the end of the week I deemed my lunch of braised pork at BOG the best meal I had all week. I wanted to lick the plate it was so good. :) I would go back for that in a heartbeat. It wasn’t overly crowded when we were there and we got in line early – I think we waited maybe 25 to 30 minutes (max) – the line was just to the end of the bridge, not around the corner yet.

    We are off-siters, so FP wasn’t available to us that trip. I wonder how you get a special invite?

  8. Nicole says

    We were lucky enough to get a FP+ invite on our last trip, and for the most part, it was great. This was quite literally the one and only thing we liked about this absurd new FP+ system. We had a couple of qualms with it, though. Firstly, the only times available were far earlier than we would normally eat lunch (but I assumed that was just because it was in a trial phase, and I was unwilling to look this particular gift horse in his proverbial mouth… so I got over that quick). Secondly, all that advanced ordering was essentially useless- we still had to go through the whole regular ordering process at the kiosk, so why bother doing the advanced ordering?

    I had the roast beef sandwich as well, and couldn’t taste the horseradish at all. That was fine by me, though, I still enjoyed it overall. Not the best thing I’ve eaten at BOG, but still pretty darn good. I could’ve used more frites, but that’s pretty much always the case for me… I love me some fried potatoes of any variety. I thoroughly enjoyed my Master’s Cupcake, as did my hubby, and I didn’t notice any difference in the Grey Stuff vs. the special occasion serving we were given for our anniversary last year. I didn’t try it by itself, though, just ate it along with the cake, so that may have obscured the texture a bit. I’ll pay more attention next time :)

  9. Ludmila says

    I have booked my trip for may and I have not received the e-mail invitation yet, BUT with exactly 30 days, I entered the Be Our Guest website and it was there! When I asked the concierge before, he told me that the system wasn’t working anymore… >:P So, don’t forget to check the website if you are staying at one of the Disney resorts! :)

  10. Audrey says

    I ate here for dinner in Feb and it was fantastic. We are going back later this year and wanted to try the lunch menu. Question: do you still get a private picture with Beast during lunch or is that just for dinner?

  11. Lisa Wilson says

    I just tried the website and couldn’t get it to recognize my resort reservation number. It wouldn’t take the letters in it. ?? Anyone else have issues? I am more than 30 days out at the moment. Should that matter?

  12. Nicole says

    Audrey, when we ate there for lunch in March, Beast was not there. The area where they take the picture at dinner time is used for ordering kiosks during lunch.

  13. Heather says

    We ate at BoG last October. I had tried for months prior to our visit to get a reservation with no luck. While at Magic Kingdom, my husband walked up and just asked for a reservation and we got booked for 6:30, seated in the West Wing with no problems! Talk about an awesome surprise! Now I’m eager to try the FP+ for lunch when we’re back later this year! Thanks for the info!

  14. Donna Kennelty says

    How can I get a fast pass for the quick service lunch? Is it available on a Fast Pass a Plus yet?

  15. Kim says

    We received the email invite for the FP+ lunch during our trip in February. We were so excited, until we discovered we couldn’t include everyone in our party. We were traveling with our daughter and her family, and our resort reservations and all FP+ experiences were linked with her family’s. But the invite could only be used by the guests in our room, and not my daughters family. So disappointing. We passed rather than leave some of the family out of the fun.

  16. Nicole says

    As mentioned, you do not need an invite, just a 12 digit resort reservation confirmation # to book the FP+ for lunch with the link above. I booked in February for a late April date. I got a later time but that is what I wanted as we are having a breakfast in the park too. It does not link up at all on your ‘My Disney Experience’ so be sure to print out your info! check out for more info!

  17. Sandy says

    Is it a free bonus Fast Pass+, or are you using one of your valuable 3 daily passes? I don’t know if I can part with a regular Fast Pass for a counter service restaurant … but I am very interested, so I like the “early” lunch suggestion.

  18. Lisa Wilson says

    I booked directly with Disney and my resort confirmation number isn’t 12 digits. Am I trying tonuse the wrong number?

  19. Nicole H says

    Sandy, it’s a bonus. It didn’t affect the other 3 passes we had for the day. At least not with the invitation- I’m assuming it works the same way if use that link mentioned by the other Nicole :)

  20. Alyssa says

    The # you need to set up your reservation is a 12 digit number with no letters. This can be found on either the back of your Magic Bands, or on your Magical Express info. If you have neither of those, it can also be found in My Disney Experience here

    It also doesn’t open up until about a month before your trip. Currently, it is open through June 12th, and is opening one day at a time.. It does NOT count towards your 3 FPP’s for the day, it’s an entirely separate system, so there is really no downside!

    When you complete your reservation online, there is no confirmation # provided, and a common problem is that when you log in later on, it won’t show your reservation anymore. Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended to take a screenshot when you reach your confirmation page and save the image it to your computer. If it doesn’t show up when you log in later, rest assured, it IS still in the system.

  21. says

    We are counting down the days 39 to go so Excited!!! I think this fast pass lunch option is really neat. I would love to have the privlage to try it out. How do you get it? Or get invited to try it?

  22. Nicole T. says

    I posted earlier about our April reservation. Nicole is a popular name here today! lol They must have changed it because I booked Feb 16 for my April 29th reservation. Must have gotten lucky. I am very glad we get this because lunch will be a time crunch for us before our FP+ for Anna and Elsa and I really wanted to go to BOG for lunch. We did dinner last September and sat in the West Wing right next to the fireplace. It was great! Our boys got the Grey Stuff because it was their birthdays. We were also on the dining plan.

  23. Tracy says

    We were there in a Feb and our FP was for 1:30. We didn’t order in advance because I knew my kids would change their minds! The regular line was actually pretty short, about halfway across the bridge. I got my FP by doing a google search for Be Our Fuest fastpass. I eventually got an invitation but was glad I already had it set up! Lisa, the number I used was from my Magical Express yellow luggage tags or you can call your hotel and ask for the resort reservation number. The one with the letters is the package reservation number, is what I was told!

  24. jenn says

    Thanks Alyssa for the info! I have tried a couple times to get this for our 1st trip in september. You answered my thoughts if it was to soon! I can only find the confirmation number with letters in it. I’m going to continue to try and get lunch as I couldn’t get dinner for our anniversary! Thanks for the great review!

  25. Candra says

    So if two separate fastplus+ reservations are made for two separate rooms it sounds like they can all sit together because the fast pass just gets you to the front of the ordering line, and then you find your own table. Is that correct?

  26. debra says

    I have a May 2014 trip planned and used the fast pass+ option at the special website:

    As soon as I heard about this fast pass lunch option I checked out the website. It was a bit frustrating at first because it apparently didn’t open up for May 2014 fast passes until early April. When I was able to book it was a breeze and I pre-ordered lunch for my party. I have eaten here twice before and am so looking forward to not having to wait in line!

  27. DebC says

    We got the email and tried to find a time for the day we are in the MK. Nothing was available, so I logged off the site. Then we thought maybe we would move around our days to try a different day. But now, the site doesn’t recognize my password. And I have used that password for many years on the Disney site. Any ideas?

  28. Becky says

    Shannon, I had the quinoa in Oct 2013 and it was great!! My only complaint is that it wasn’t a large portion. It was probably the size of my palm and a couple inches high and that’s all you got. No side veggies, pommes fritas, etc. I had to ask for seconds on the bread to fill me up. It was very tasty though!!

  29. Deb C says

    Well, I got the email, but no times are available for any of the days of my trip. Bummer.

  30. Tiffany says

    I received the coveted email and was soooo excited!! I’ve been trying to get ADRs for the past 6 months with no luck. I followed the link that was provided and there were no FP+ left. How disappointing. Especially since I had already made peace with the fact I was not going to be able to eat there on this trip! And then they get my hopes up and smash my dreams to smithereens!!

  31. Sandra says

    We’ve eaten at BOG for lunch twice. In each case, we waited in a line that extended all the way over the bridge up to Gaston’s fountain, yet we did not wait more than 30-35 minutes to get to the ordering kiosks and be seated. Both times we sat at the same table, next to the music box statue in the Rose Gallery. The first year I had the quinoa salad and my son tried the Crocque Monsieur sandwich, followed by the strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. The dressing on the salad was quite light and it could have used more, but was otherwise pleasant. My son did not care for the seeded bread but happily pulled out the ham to eat with his fries. I ate a piece of his sandwich and thought the bread was actually quite nice. The strawberry cupcake was totally delicious and I assumed the chocolate one was too but it was gone before I could taste it.

    Last December we once again ate at BOG, this time with my husband, who is Mr. Cranky and tough to please. He wanted to try the potato soup in addition to his QSDP meal, and the helpful CM showed us how to order it using a snack credit (outstanding use of a snack credit!). Both he and my son tried the turkey on baguette this time. It was fine, but not special. However, he still mentions the great soup! I had the veggie quiche with salad greens and though it was pretty good (vegetarian food is a wonderful find). We did try the Masters cupcake and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The cake was actually wet as though a hot cupcake had been put into a fridge straight out of the oven. The topping was light and fun, but not terribly satisfying as icing goes. I definitely preferred the strawberry.

    I recommend that everyone eat there at least once, to enjoy the theming if nothing else. Don’t be put off by the line; it moves very quickly and the experience is worth the wait.

  32. Jeff Morris says

    We had our second dinnner at BOG last January, and having experienced it, I would NOT recommend dining in the West Wing. We sat directly opposite the portrait and I damn near went blind from all the people coming in and taking multiple flash photos of everthing. It really diminished our enjoyment of the experience.

    At one point my brother’s MIL and I were debating throwing a roll at the next person who started taking pictures. The rest of our party thought we were joking. We weren’t.

  33. Alyssa says

    As a follow-up to my post from earlier, here are a couple more notes that I remembered.

    1) Do not wait until you receive the email before you reserve your FPP! As some others have mentioned, availability is open on a day by day basis, and is NOT based off of receiving the email. Reserve it as soon as your day opens to avoid disappointment. If you are more than a month away, keep checking every day. It will say “There are no Fastpasses available for your dates” until it opens up for your stay.

    2) You can only reserve into the first 7 days of your stay. If your stay is longer than 7 days, you will not be able to reserve in the later days of your stay. For example, I arrive May 3rd and wanted to reserve mine for May 12th (more than 7 days later). I could only reserve up to the 9th. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly!

    3) If you have used the FPP for BoG before on a previous trip, you may only be able to reserve up to 7 days from the CURRENT DATE to allow others to use the service. This doesn’t necessarily happen with everyone, but be aware it’s a possibility. If this does happen to you, a workaround is to create a new MDE/BoG account with another member of your party’s email address.

  34. Tracy says

    I would love a fastpass+ for Be Our Guest. We had to change our reservations a week sooner recently so we had to redo all our reservations for dinners and we did not get everything we were hoping to get. I’m still checking everyday for openings. Leaving in 4 days but who is counting!!!

  35. JoAnn says

    I’ve eaten here twice for dinner but haven’t tried lunch yet. I love it. I had the chocolate cream puff for dessert in February. It was a nice light dessert after my meal. I would get it again.

  36. Regina says

    I love the idea of fp+ for lunch at BoG! I have really wanted to try it but the crowds were too much and I haven’t been lucky enough for the ADR! Were going again for the 4th of July so I’m hoping for the fp+ option!! The braided pork sounds (and looks) delicious!!!!

  37. Beth says

    So, can I sign up for the FPP for lunch at BoG, and have all eight of my family members walk in with me? Or, do I need DH, DD1, etc, to each get their own FPPs?

  38. Nancy says

    I tried the website for reservations and needed the reservation I’d #. When I called disney and resort they said no number available and I need to wait and see if I get an invite. Hoping to get one!!!

  39. kim says

    Loved BoG for lunch when we visited this past Oct. Going to try for FP for lunch for our Aug. vacation as it will be TOO hot to stand in line that long.

  40. Nicole T says

    Nancy, if you wait for an invite you will be out of luck according to most of the posts on here. Your confirmation # is easy to find. On the My Disney Experience app- it shows up right above your Resort name when you go to Reservations: Rooms and Packages. On the My Disney Experience Website, it also shows up to the right of your resort name under “My Reservations”. I am not sure why Disney could not tell you what your confirmation # is ?!?! Do you have an account set up so you can see your reservation on-line and make FP+ reservations, etc???
    The 12 digit numeric confirmation number can be viewed at if you’re logged in to your account.

  41. Tina says

    Just made a fastpass+, but it would only recognize the ones that were staying in my room. We are traveling with my Daughter and her family who are in another room. Can they come with us on our fast pass?

  42. Lisa says

    So, I received the email and am going to disney may 9-13. However when going the site it is saying no fast passes avail for all my days. Does this mean they are booked or haven’t opened up the dates yet??

  43. Evan says

    My Mom and I loved B.O.G. when we dined there for dinner…it wasn’t quite the haute French cuisine we were hoping for (for that, you want Chef Paul’s at the rear of the French pavillion) but we realized that a lot of kids would want to dine in the fantastic setting, and that when it came to menu design, creative risk-taking had to be balanced with universal appeal. (So, nice enough for Nice, but will it play in Peoria? ;) )

    That being said, the menu was sort of a happy meeting place between “fancy French” and “home cooking” – meat, veg, and potatoes, but with a French accent – and executed very well, especially given the massive turnover. Our final verdict was that the theming was excellent, the food was solid, and we both commented that it would be a good way to encourage kids to become more adventurous eaters.

    The Potato Leek soup that everyone is raving about absolutely lives up to its hype, and was our favorite course, though I also greatly enjoyed my salad trio. The watermelon, radish, and mint salad was my favorite of the trio – sweet without being cloying, refreshing, and a nice way to cleanse my palate before the entree. My salmon was perfectly medium and delicious. My vegetables did seem to be extra peppery on our visit, which I enjoyed at first, but the effect was cumulative, so by the time I finished, it was a little too strong. (Be sure to tell your server if you have a sensitive palate.) Dessert was nicely portioned – not too much, not too little – and tasty. But I was a bit disappointed in the Gray Stuff, purely from a creative standpoint – apparently it’s just vanilla buttercream, tinted gray. Quelle mystere. But the chocolate boite filled with ganache that it perched on was the real star for me – the boite was crispy, chocolatey, buttery – and the ganache rich and sumptuous.

    For folks who are annoyed by the long lines for lunch, however – I’ve seen a lot of tips for beating the line, all of which ignore the simplest and best solution: just go to Gaston’s tavern instead. The pork shank they serve there is an enormous portion (easily shared) and is so good, it absolutely could be served with pride at Be Our Guest. It is fall-off-the-bone succulent. When we were there, the lunch line for B.O.G. was already over an hour. We just chuckled, strolled right into Gaston’s tavern, and it was practically deserted. We luxuriated over that pork, enjoying the ambiance at our leisure, and finished it up splitting an equally ginormous, sticky sweet cinnamon roll for dessert. Full to bursting, well-rested, delighted with our surroundings, no line, half the price.

    Be Our Guest is definitely worth a visit, for the stunning theming alone. While the menu could be a little more adventurous, it is good food prepared well with good portions, and manages to flex its culinary muscles a bit without scaring off picky eaters. It’s tasty and consistent, which, given the sheer volume of patrons they serve, is impressive.

    While the Beast may have won the heart of fair lady, Gaston really holds the key to my stomach. B.O.G. is definitely one to check off your bucket list – but getting a pork shank at Gaston’s is something we’ll repeat every trip from now on. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

  44. Evan says

    Also, Deb C – saw your comment – keep trying! I was bummed out when I realized B.O.G. was booked for our entire trip…but I kept the reservation window open in a separate tab prior to our trip, and just kept trying it every time I used the computer. Eventually, a spot opened up. People cancel/change their plans all the time. With a little persistence and a little luck, you might be able to make it yet. :)

  45. kerri says

    My Best friend and I are going in June. YES…A DISNEY GIRLS TRIP!! Shhhh don’t tell the kids ;) When my family and I went to Disney in January, the line to Be Our Guest was so long. I would love to try the fast pass for Be Our Guest, in June. We will be staying at a Disney Resort. Thank you for your article it was very helpful.

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