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News and Review: Handmade Chocolate Fudge Easter Eggs Back in Disneyland!

Shazam!!! After spending a lovely (literally — the weather was gorgeous) weekend in Disneyland, I’m pleased to report that I finally got to try one of the best seasonal Disney treats ever created! The Disneyland handmade Easter egg!!!!!

Easter Egg Box

Easter Egg Box

These quietly slipped back into the Candy Palace this year, and I was so SO excited to get my hands on one. Heather got to review them year before last, lucky duck!

Check out the vintage, I-got-this-at-my-local-hometown-candy-store box!

Easter Egg Box Side

Easter Egg Box Side

Of course, I snagged the best flavor ever: Peanut Butter Fudge. They also have Vanilla Nut and Chocolate Nut, which you can see reviewed here.

Easter Egg Ingredients

Easter Egg Ingredients

Of course, you might also choose yours based on the sugar confection decoration on top. Mine was a little duck in a bonnet (nope, not Donald, but the same colors!).

Disneyland Handmade Easter Egg

Disneyland Handmade Easter Egg

So, I hope when you get your egg you’ve got a free night available where you can just spend a little time alone with it. LOOK at this thing. And, if you’re smart, you’ll save it aaaaaaaaaaaaalllll for yourself. (I seriously doubt anyone can eat the whole thing in one sitting, but wouldn’t it be fun to try???)

Disneyland Handmade Easter Egg!

Disneyland Handmade Easter Egg!

A peek inside reveals some gorgeous, dense peanut butter fudge in this particular egg. There are a few nuts — which I took to be peanuts, but seeing as the other flavors include walnuts, I’m honestly not sure. I was diving into it really quick before heading out to catch a flight, so I wasn’t as careful as I should have been. My apologies for being a sugar-struck and in a huge hurry food blogger!

Easter Egg Cross Section

Easter Egg Cross Section

Regardless, this was truly an amazing treat, and I can see why these are such coveted seasonal items.

Handmade at the Candy Palace by the master candy makers, they’re only made once a week and they go quickly! This year you can find them over by the registers in the back of the Palace.

Aaaah, I wish I had another one to enjoy in a leisurely fashion! I wonder if Heather will mail one to me… .

So, which Easter egg would you grab up? (Notice I’m not asking you if you WANT to get one…that’s pretty much a given, right?) Let us know in the comments below!


  1. nitabee says:

    “Check out the vintage, I-got-this-at-my-local-hometown-candy-store box!” YES! I went by my local chocolate shop yesterday here in Florida, and they were using the same exact boxes for their chocolate eggs. They had way more flavors though. I got my sister a peanut butter one and my mom a coconut cream.

  2. Jay says:

    I’m curious why is it Disneyland always seems to do these special things and WDW is never on board? Alot of people say living so close to WDW about 20 mins away is so nice but I’m finding more and more things are in Cali not in FL. I know this blog covers all Disney resorts but I really wish someone would make one just for us here in FL. I even tell my children Disneyland is better because by the looks of it they always have more food options. However, we will sadly never go unless we win a sweepstakes which is 1 in a billion chance. So we are stuck with WDW and I am always disappointed.

  3. Donna says:

    LOL, Jay. My sisters and I here in California always say that WDW seems to get the most fun new snacks, treats and food selections!

  4. Heather Sievers says:

    You need another one???? I can make that happen!!!!

  5. Lynnilou says:! Ok, Disneyland next Easter anyone? Great review!

  6. Nancy says:

    Jay that’s funny! This blog IS mostly WDW because WDW is all about the food! I love looking to see what both resorts have to eat.

  7. AJ says:

    Heather — Do eeeeeeeeeet!!

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