NEW! Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae (AKA The Mickey Pants Sundae) in Walt Disney World!

OK, all! I’m so excited to share with you another monster sundae in Disney World! And you can get this in TWO places!! We’ll let you know where WE think you should buy it at the end of the post (best value!!).

Introducing: The Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae! (Which I’d like to, from now on, refer to as the Mickey Pants Sundae.)

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

You can find it at both the Plaza/Main Street Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and at Beaches and Cream in Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

We’ll look at the Magic Kingdom’s version first, then swing over to Beaches and Cream to check out their sundae!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Display

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Display

At the Ice Cream Parlor, you’ve got three scoops of ice cream — chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry — topped with three toppings — hot fudge, strawberry, and caramel. The whole thing is covered in whipped cream, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and cherries.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Description

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Description

The sink itself is what we’re thinking brings the cost up to an astronomical $23. But it IS a pretty cute sink.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Container Plaza

Mickey Kitchen Sink Container Plaza

I mean, check out those

Mickey glove faucets! And they really do turn and spin like real faucets do.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above -- faucet close up

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above — faucet close up

The ice cream and toppings are standard to the Ice Cream Parlor. You can most likely substitute ice cream flavors if you’d like, though we didn’t try that.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above -- ice cream close up

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above — ice cream close up

Here’s a close-up of what you get inside. The bowl is very deep, even if its not all that wide. So the actual ice creamage is quite significant.

Ice cream cross section

Ice cream cross section

But, again, it’s that souvenir bowl that you’re paying for. Here’s a shot of the back!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from behind

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from behind

And here’s the whole thing all cleaned out and ready for transport to your souvenir collection at home.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Empty Container

Mickey Kitchen Sink Empty Container

So, that’s what you’ll get at the Magic Kingdom for your $23. But check out what you can get over at the Beach Club!

Mini Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

Over at Disney’s Beach Club Resort — home of the original Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches and Cream — they have the Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae with a twist! (Thanks to DFB reader Bradd Gross for these Beaches and Cream pics!)

Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

According to the cast members here, this is meant to be a smaller alternative to the actual Kitchen Sink Sundae for guests that don’t have a reservation and have to get their ice cream to-go.

But check out what you get here!!!!!!!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Description at Beaches and Cream

Mickey Kitchen Sink Description at Beaches and Cream

FOUR toppings, PLUS a brownie AND Oreo Cookies! Sprinkles! Chocolate Shavings! I don’t know about you, but that looks like at least $5 worth of extra value when you consider Disney prices for things like that (heck, a brownie costs you $4 in any bakery, right?).


Well, the question here is: Does it make sense to pay $23 for one of these little beauties?

Obviously, the Beaches and Cream Sundae is a much better value. It has more toppings, more extras, etc. But either way, you get to take home that fancy Mickey pants bowl.

According to our reporter, Wendy, “The ice cream is maybe $8, putting the bowl at $15. I could use it to hold popcorn at home for movie night, put it somewhere to remind me of my vacation… . Maybe I’m an idiot, but, yeah, for Disney prices I think I’m pro the Mickey Pants Sundae. I think 3 bucks less would be about right, but it’s cute.”

I tend to agree (not about the you being an idiot part ;-D).

By the way, Wendy also recommends asking the restaurant or nearby store for a plastic bag to carry the souvenir pants bowl home — it can be really messy to clean that thing in the Disney auto-sinks! That said, she did mention that it’s pretty light as the legs are hollow. An easy souvenir to tote!

What do you think?? Would this Mickey Pants Sundae be a family memory for you, or will you use your $23 elsewhere?


  1. John says

    Look, I don’t even like ice cream, but we are definitely getting one of these during this summer’s trip. If nothing else, that container will be used to hold snacks during every Disney Planning Party we hold for the rest of time. It’s awesome !

  2. Todd says

    I’m guessing it can’t be a snack option on meal plan. I can get a ten dollar sundae as a snack at main st ice cream parlor. Can u do that and pay separate for the sink bowl?

  3. says

    Hi AJ
    We have never seen it ourselves, but we heard that Clarabelle’s at Disneyland is selling this very very same dessert now for only $11.99.
    They must use ‘extra cold soft serve’ at WDW LOL!

  4. Missy Lane says

    I am definitely getting this, me and the hubby can split and we will be good. It will also serve as part of my memories of our trip.

  5. Amanda says

    Yes we ,as in my daughter ;), are going to get one when we are down there this weekend. It looks very yummy big enough to share! It’s Disney you just gotta do stuff like this lol!! The kitchen sink is second on my list next to a dole whip which I have never had.

  6. Kaitlin says

    $23 for ice cream can be considered steep, but it looks big enough for two people to split, EASILY. Take into consideration a normal sundae for one person at Beaches is $10, so for two people $23 isn’t unreasonable…plus you get to take home the adorable sink!

  7. Missy says

    We used to see people getting it at Beaches and Cream all the time, but we never got it ourselves because it was just too expensive for two people. I would pay this price since the sink is adorable! It would also make for some comedy for my husband as far as souvenirs go, “Now you even have the kitchen sink in the suitcase!” haha!

  8. Kim says

    A month ago we made reservations at Beaches and Cream for our trip in May specifically to try the kitchen sink. Is it still worth a special trip over there, or should we just try the Mickey version on Main Street? Or maybe both?!?

  9. rebecca says

    OGM I love it, I am going to Disney Land this June I will definitely buy one heck I can buy two for the price at WDW.

  10. Tabitha says

    Is this available at both The Plaza and the Ice Cream Parlor in Magic Kingdom or just at the Ice Cream Parlor?

  11. Aimie says

    I think it looks great, if not a little expensive. Does anyone have the size dimensions for one of these? I can’t wait to get one :)

  12. Karen Brady says

    I will not be seeing those 2 locations anytime soon but would love to order the sink, I don’t care if no ice cream comes with it! I’m a big mm freak and like anything with mm

  13. Rosel says

    My husband and I are pretty excited about this….We’ll be at Disney World on May 4-12.

  14. Colleen Rhedey says

    I will be getting one in Magic Kingdom for my Birthday next week. I can then justify the price! Happy Birthday to me..

  15. says

    I actually like the looks of the MK version better. Part of what I never liked about the original kitchen since at B&C is too much stuff. The MK version is more of a simple banana split without the banana, which is how I would prefer a banana split anyway. I think I will be trying this during the Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hours Party on May 23!

  16. says

    This is adorable! I definitely want to share one of these with my kids on our trip this summer. We already have our Beaches and Cream reservation for June. We’ve never been brave enough to get the actual “kitchen sink” because it was so big, but I think this is something we have a chance to finish! Anyone have any idea of the general dimensions of the Mickey sink itself? I’m wondering how much suitcase space I need to set aside to get it home. :)

  17. sara says

    can you still get the regular kitchen sink sundae at BnC? for the same price i’d rather get the real thing

  18. says

    I think it’s probably worth it if you are sharing with your family and had planned on buying about three individual sundaes instead. (You’ll get approximately the same amount of ice cream and toppings and a souvenir for about the same price as buying three individual servings w/out a souvenir included?) Definitely, a better deal at Beaches and Cream though.

  19. Jane says

    We enjoyed one in MK today and thought it was a good amount for two people. My craft wheels are already turning about what I can do with the adorable sink. Worth it to me.

  20. Melody says

    I soooooooo would buy that. I spend more than that for a souvenir and not get my belly full. I love the idea. Can’t wait to buy one. It is adorable.

  21. Charlene says

    The Mickey Kitchen Sink is only $12.99 or $13.99 here at Disneyland California Adventure at Clarabelles! Wonder why the HUGE difference in price! I’ll make sure to buy it here at DCA!

  22. Robin says

    Would like to try it… after I see size of sink…makes it hard to buy one knowing it’s so much cheaper in California…

  23. Connie says

    I’m a bit confused the mini at B&C has extra stuff but no handles or spigot, the MK IS THE WHOLE SINK with less stuff? I see the sign says no substitutions, B&C have a special non allergy kitchen, but the MK does not? So I can’t get a non peanut and chocolate in the MK ?can someone clarify this for me?

  24. ppony says

    It says no substitutions. So no mint chip or anything better. Too steep for me and I’m happy to blow $ on cute stuff, but I have my limits.

  25. ppony says

    Now that it’s at BnC too, will that replace the other one that was WAY better? It’s also shrunk over the years too though. Why is it only products shrink while the price never does nor does our waistline?! Not that we could finish even the one at BnC but if this is taking the place of it, no thanks.

  26. Elizabeth says

    The container looks like it would bean adorable soap dish with some river stone in The bottom or a mini herb garden. Still worth around $15 with the added use. Not more.

  27. anna says

    We were in DL last month, and yes it was around $11.99. Why is the price in WDW so much higher?

  28. Patrick Riley says

    We had dinner at BnC last Wednesday (4/16). My mother-in-law noted the Kitchen Sink on the menu (her first visit) and wondered if they ever sold them, thinking they were some sort of “food challenge” promotional type item. She was stunned as we saw at least six served throughout our dinner. My 6 year old, knowing BnC was always oh so close to Stormalong Bay and our Yacht Club room was constantly requesting ice cream. BnC’s long lines often made a walk to the Dolphin a quicker option. Adding the Mickey Pants Mini Sink (MPMS?) to the to go menu may push the end of the takeout line to somewhere around Jellyrolll’s, based upon the responses here.

    I love the atmosphere of BnC, the design details transport me back to a Cape May of an earlier time. But with it getting harder and harder to accommodate all the guests who want to experience that magical transport, is it just a matter of time before BnC is rebuilt and expanded? The arcade is easy enough to move. Martha’s Vineyard is great but seems drastically under-promoted and doesn’t seem to have the cover numbers. I can’t remember the last time I saw Ariel’s open for a private event. I can appreciate that a small place creates an intimacy, but I know Disney can make a larger, more accommodating space seem small and intimate. And ultimately, much more profitable. C’mon Disney, give us a bigger, better BnC!

  29. Wendy says

    Hi, folks! I took a ruler to the Mickey Sink… dimensions are: just over 6 inches wide, and just over 5 inches from front to back. With the legs, it is four inches tall, while the inside bowl is about 3 inches deep. In terms of sticking it in your bag, it’s good to know that the faucet adds 2 more inches to the height. Hope that helps!

  30. Sandra says

    If my son begs for this, I’ll get it for him (us) but otherwise, I think it costs a few dollars too much, no matter how cute it is. The same amount of ice cream and toppings can be had at the Fountain at the Dolphin for around $9.00; just don’t think I want to spend $14-15 for the souvenir dish.

  31. Kelly Ramirez says

    I don’t think the BnC is w/o handles & faucet. I think the stuff is just piled higher than the 2 inches. Can’t wait to see the thread & extra pictures in the disboards about this!!

  32. Doublethefun says

    We just saw this 2 days ago at Magic Kingdom. I thought it was cute, but my husband and one of my daughters thought it was too much and opted for ice cream sandwiches instead.

  33. Kevin says

    It looks like the same amount of ice cream as a regulat <$9 sundae at Beaches and Cream. It's not even remotely worth it for me.

  34. Kelly Ramirez says

    Someone could make a lot of $ just buying the thing w/o ice cream & putting it on ebay. A *TON* of people were are asking about it. If it’s just $12 @ DL…I’d gladly buy one for $15 given that it’s $23 at WDW. If any enterprising person has it on ebay, just email (ladyelenawf1@gmail) me the username or item link. I’ll on that like white on rice, on a paper plate in a snow storm.

  35. Marc Schreiber says

    Thanks AJ for sending someone to both the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and BnC for an onsite report. I think I will make reservations for BnC and get me one after the Expedition Everest Challenge. Mickey’s Sink looks like a snack next to the REAL kitchen sink.

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