NEW! Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae (AKA The Mickey Pants Sundae) in Walt Disney World!

OK, all! I’m so excited to share with you another monster sundae in Disney World! And you can get this in TWO places!! We’ll let you know where WE think you should buy it at the end of the post (best value!!).

Introducing: The Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae! (Which I’d like to, from now on, refer to as the Mickey Pants Sundae.)

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

You can find it at both the Plaza/Main Street Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and at Beaches and Cream in Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

We’ll look at the Magic Kingdom’s version first, then swing over to Beaches and Cream to check out their sundae!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Display

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Display

At the Ice Cream Parlor, you’ve got three scoops of ice cream — chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry — topped with three toppings — hot fudge, strawberry, and caramel. The whole thing is covered in whipped cream, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and cherries.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Description

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae Description

The sink itself is what we’re thinking brings the cost up to an astronomical $23. But it IS a pretty cute sink.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Container Plaza

Mickey Kitchen Sink Container Plaza

I mean, check out those

Mickey glove faucets! And they really do turn and spin like real faucets do.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above -- faucet close up

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above — faucet close up

The ice cream and toppings are standard to the Ice Cream Parlor. You can most likely substitute ice cream flavors if you’d like, though we didn’t try that.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above -- ice cream close up

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from above — ice cream close up

Here’s a close-up of what you get inside. The bowl is very deep, even if its not all that wide. So the actual ice creamage is quite significant.

Ice cream cross section

Ice cream cross section

But, again, it’s that souvenir bowl that you’re paying for. Here’s a shot of the back!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from behind

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae from behind

And here’s the whole thing all cleaned out and ready for transport to your souvenir collection at home.

Mickey Kitchen Sink Empty Container

Mickey Kitchen Sink Empty Container

So, that’s what you’ll get at the Magic Kingdom for your $23. But check out what you can get over at the Beach Club!

Mini Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

Over at Disney’s Beach Club Resort — home of the original Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches and Cream — they have the Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae with a twist! (Thanks to DFB reader Bradd Gross for these Beaches and Cream pics!)

Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

Mickey Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

According to the cast members here, this is meant to be a smaller alternative to the actual Kitchen Sink Sundae for guests that don’t have a reservation and have to get their ice cream to-go.

But check out what you get here!!!!!!!

Mickey Kitchen Sink Description at Beaches and Cream

Mickey Kitchen Sink Description at Beaches and Cream

FOUR toppings, PLUS a brownie AND Oreo Cookies! Sprinkles! Chocolate Shavings! I don’t know about you, but that looks like at least $5 worth of extra value when you consider Disney prices for things like that (heck, a brownie costs you $4 in any bakery, right?).


Well, the question here is: Does it make sense to pay $23 for one of these little beauties?

Obviously, the Beaches and Cream Sundae is a much better value. It has more toppings, more extras, etc. But either way, you get to take home that fancy Mickey pants bowl.

According to our reporter, Wendy, “The ice cream is maybe $8, putting the bowl at $15. I could use it to hold popcorn at home for movie night, put it somewhere to remind me of my vacation… . Maybe I’m an idiot, but, yeah, for Disney prices I think I’m pro the Mickey Pants Sundae. I think 3 bucks less would be about right, but it’s cute.”

I tend to agree (not about the you being an idiot part ;-D).

By the way, Wendy also recommends asking the restaurant or nearby store for a plastic bag to carry the souvenir pants bowl home — it can be really messy to clean that thing in the Disney auto-sinks! That said, she did mention that it’s pretty light as the legs are hollow. An easy souvenir to tote!

What do you think?? Would this Mickey Pants Sundae be a family memory for you, or will you use your $23 elsewhere?


  1. Michelle Richard says

    We got one of these just a few days ago at Main Street. They will not substitute UNLESS you have allergies to one or more of the ingredients. We tried to get Mint chip, Birthday cake and cookies n cream in ours instead, but no luck. The sink is about 6in wide, 8in long, and 8in high (estimation). It is very light, and my husband had no issue washing it out in a bathroom sink before dropping in a bag he acquired. We had 5 people noshing on it, and we could barely finish it.

  2. Jaime Birecki says

    I just heard from someone on facebook that said they reduced the price in MK to $13.99, be worth looking into incase it’s true!

  3. says

    Jaime — The price has been reduced. We’ve been planning on getting a photo today to add to the blog.

  4. Arlene says

    The price is $14.99. Had one today and they are very firm about no ice cream substitutions.

  5. Brooke says

    Denise — The Original Kitchen Sink is still on the Beaches and Cream menu, and we know of no plans for it to be discontinued. According to the Cast Member that we spoke to, this version is just smaller, and can even be ordered to go.

  6. Patty says

    Beaches did a substitution on our sink earlier in May (before the price drop). And the higher price was more easily tolerated with a Tables in Wonderland discount (when dining tableside).

  7. Vinnie says

    Sorry – another question – is this available from the Beaches and Cream walk up counter or only inside the restaurant?

  8. Brooke says

    Vinnie — Yes, it’s available at the walk up menu. It was there when we visited earlier in the week. Hope you get to enjoy one soon!

  9. ilene says

    Can I just order the sink and will they ship it to me ? I live in Florida ! I would love to use it as a
    a fruit bowl ! Please advise ! Thanks ! Ilene Bezerman

  10. Luana says

    Bought one today, Friday the 13th. Paid $15.97 (including tax) at MK in WDW. Ate it while we waited for the 3:00 parade to begin. Worth every penny. It is adorable! Will be used at home & the office to hold candy.

  11. Letty says

    Looks amazing!! Does anyone have a pic with someone holding it so I can get an idea of size x

  12. Karen says

    Unfortunately I won’t be going to Disney this year can I purchase this bowl online?

  13. Marc Schreiber says

    It will hold the No Way Jose sundae. About 3 scoops wide. HOpe that helps.

  14. John Thompson says

    Is either this smaller one or the original large version available on DDP please?

  15. Tricia says

    Is the $14.99 version at Beaches and Cream? Can we get it from the walk-up window or do we need to use a TS?

  16. Jennifer says

    Has anyone purchased the sink without ice cream?
    There’s no way I could eat that whole thing!

  17. Brock says

    I actually got this tonight, and now you get only 2 choices of ice cream flavor and only one topping (hot fudge, peanut butter, caramel, etc) still for 14.99. The sink is great though!

  18. Nicki says

    So bummed was just informed by Disney cast member on 9/14 they ran out of kitchen sinks at all locations on property right now and are waiting on new shipments not sure when they will be available again:(

  19. Ginger says

    We just got one tonight at Disneyland California Adventure for $12ish with tax. They offered substitutions before we even asked. We shared it between 2 of us. It was huge – 3 scoops, 2 cookies, whipped cream and cherries. Super yummy and worth it for the adorable souvenir, which will likely end up being a kitchen counter herb garden at our place.

  20. Stacy Fontaine says

    We just got one of these in MK Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street on Friday. It was like $16 something with tax. We only got 2 scoops of ice cream and could pick any flavor and could only pick 1 flavor of topping. Was able to share it with 3 people. It was worth the money just to get the kitchen sink bowl and we would have easily spent more money than that on 3 separate ice cream dishes for the 3 of us.

  21. Roz in Louisiana says

    We will be at WDW Dec 13-20….sure hope the kitchen sink (scaled down version) is available at MK ICP… We had the original KS at Beaches and Cream for my granddaughters birthday…. it actually fed 6 of us, and it was difficult to finish it up, even with that many of us eating from it.
    Can’t wait to get there and try out the mini KS!!! SEE YA REAL SOON!!!!

  22. Nicola McMurray says

    Hi – is it possible to buy a small kitchen sink and ship to UK? We stayed at beach club recently and purchased one but left it in the room!

  23. Marti from PA says

    We just had one in MK. It was $14.99. We could pick the two flavors of ice cream. We had a choice of hot fudge, caramel, or peanut butter topping. You could have an extra for .69. Lots of whipped cream and 2 cherries. Three of us shared us. We want to see the one at Beaches and Cream…may have to try that one too. Is it still $22.99?

  24. Max S. says

    To Nicola McMurray (who posted on November 5, 2014 at 8:59 am); did you try calling your hotel to see if the housekeeper had found it when your room was cleaned?

  25. Marc Schreiber says

    California Adventure Clarabelle’s they had 6 choices, I think, for 12 bucks. A nice one person sundae for those with a moderate sundae addiction. With all the whipped cream it was difficult to tell if it was 3 regular scoops or 2 large. Mine was yummy. When I get home I will post a picture of the menu.

  26. Michelle says

    Good morning! Is this smaller version still available? I do not see it listed on the menus, and wondering if The Plaza still has it. My daughter would love this in August.

  27. Marc Schreiber says

    I’m here right now at least at POP waiting for transport to port Canaveral. The Mickey pants sundae is indeed available at the Plaza. It is 14.99. You choose 2 flavors of ice cream, I didn’t read any further.

  28. Michelle says

    Thanks, Marc! I appreciate the update. I made an ADR for our August trip; it’ll be a nice break to get some inside time.

  29. Marc Schreiber says

    Speaking of limited edition stuff I was told by a popcorn car cast member at DHS that the Cinderella popcorn container will be available next week. I’m not sure if She meant tomorrow, Monday, or a week from today. They are currently featuring a 7 Dwarfs’ Mine Train car.

  30. MaxS. says

    My husband went to HS just 2 days ago to find out about the Cinderella Coach popcorn bucket. After going to a few kiosks, he finally was told it won’t be available until the day the movie is released. We will be back!

  31. ange says

    Can you buy this off the Internet. As the queue was horrendous I didn’t have the time.

  32. Marc Schreiber says

    ange, yes you can but with the ice cream and all the postal service will get very annoyed. (Should have sent this on April 1st.)

  33. Lisa says

    Does anyone know if one person could finish the smaller KS sundae ? Or is it still to much ice cream for one person? I travel alone to the parks a lot. I’m surprised the prices are all over the place for the small kitchen sink sundae. Any reason why i wonder? Disney usually keeps the prices the same at all location on their properties. Hummm? But either $22.99 or $13.99 I’ve gotta try one when I get there!

  34. Marc Schreiber says

    If you can eat a No-Way-Jose at Beaches and Cream, then you could do it easily. If your speed is a one small scoop and a dribble of syrup then No Way. It is a two large scoop sundae.

  35. HollyD says

    Does anyone know if you can get Dairy free ice cream at the Plaza for the kitchen sink? We have a milk allergy.

  36. Max S. says

    I’m not sure if every venue has it, but some places have “rice” cream available.

    Re. the DDP — this is not available on the Dining Plan, because it’s not a quick-service or table-service meal, and it’s not a snack. Snack entitlements are generally valued up to/at around $5.00 US.


  37. says

    js — You can find it at Beaches and Cream and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in WDW, and Clarabelle’s in Disney California Adventure.

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