You Know You’re Eating in Disney World If… (Part Three!)

We had a lot of fun with our first two sets of “You Know You’re Eating in Disney World if…” posts, and we couldn’t help putting together one more! (Check out “You Know You’re Eating in Disney World When… Part I“, and “You Know You’re Eating in Disney World When… Part 2!”)

Read on to find out how dining in Disney World might be a little bit different than your typical mealtime!

Are any of the items on our list ringing your bell? Let us know in the comments how you know that –

You Know You’re Eating in Disney World If…

1. You buy the popcorn just to get the container.

Because Everybody needs a little Dumbo purse. Right?


Style with Dumbo

2. You see a rat in the restaurant…and you want to take a picture with it.

Everybody say, “Cheeeeeeze!” (What? Too much?)



3. You can have beer in three different countries — before noon.

Oh Epcot. How we love you. (And your brews.)

Italian Beer Flight from 2013

Beer, Beer, and More Beer

4. You run a half marathon strictly for the after party.

Everybody needs incentive.

The Craziness That Was Last Year's After-Party -- we hope it'll be better this year

The Craziness That is Wine and Dine After Party at Epcot!

5. Your ice cream cone has ears.

Look for Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Especially in your food.

Mickey Ice Cream Cone!

Mickey Ice Cream Cone!

Now we wanna hear from you!

How do YOU know you’re dining in Disney World?? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Kristi says

    You can juggle a camera, autograph book/pen, your child, and still interact with characters without spilling a crumb!

  2. Sue says

    You pay EXTRA and book months in advance for the privilege of dining with a Mouse (Mickey) or Rat (Remy) running around the restaurant.

  3. Marci says

    you plan where you are going to eat FIRST and then what parks you’re going to around those advanced dining plans. ;)

  4. KB says

    You have booked signatures with your Deluxe Dining, and members of your party say things like, “Filet mignon and fireworks… AGAIN?! Can’t we just have a sandwich one day?”

  5. Beth says

    You make a bee line for Starring Rolls in the morning because a Butterfinger Cupcake is the breakfast of Champions!

  6. Lisa N. says

    What kind of cookies are those in the ice cream cone? They look like Girl Scout Thin Mints, which would be amazing, but I’m guessing they’re not.

  7. Noreen says

    When food tastes better when it is shaped like a Mouse..and you get your ice cream in a Mickey Sink

  8. Sue says

    Lisa N. — the ears on the ice cream cone are chocolate disks — like the melting wafers you find to make your own chocolates at home. Of course they taste better because they are 1) at Disney and 2) mouse ears.

  9. Jennifer says

    Your waiter makes Mickey Mouse ears on your kid’s plate when they ask for ketchup!

  10. David says

    You’re still full from the last meal but looking forward to the next because the dining plan requires that you eat AGAIN!

  11. Patricia says

    You look at the list of wines by the glass and think you have died and gone to heaven!

  12. Jane Nocella says

    You know you’re eating at Disney World if you’re paying way too much for mediocre food at a restaurant you had to book 6 months in advance.

  13. JimO says

    You can eat at a magical castle one night, on a African savanna with zebras & giraffes the next night, on a riverboat the next night, in a Mexican hacienda the next night, at a Hawaiian luau the next, and then a completely different castle with a BEAST the next night. WHAT!!!

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