Fun Find: Must-Have Teapots in Epcot’s UK Pavilion

I love tea, so I rarely make a trip through Epcot without checking out what’s new at the Tea Caddy in the UK Pavilion.

The little shop is your stop for just about any variety of Twinings Tea that you might be looking for. You’ll also find an ever-changing host of snacks and British pantry items. But my favorite items to browse are the tea pots, teacups, and mugs you’ll find here.

The Tea Walk

The Tea Garden Behind the UK Pavilion’s Tea Caddy

I always spy something new. And my recent visit at the beginning of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival didn’t disappoint.

Cupcake Tea Accessories

You know all those afternoons that you sit around, leisurely sipping tea and eating delicious cupcakes?

Right. Me neither.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

So maybe daily cupcakes aren’t such a great idea for my waistline. But cups of tea? Score! Super good for you! So we might as well have our Cupcake Teapot. And hold the cupcakes. (At least some of the time. On Thursdays maybe?)

Cupcake Tea Pot

Cupcake Tea Pot

And while you’re at it, here’s a great coordinating Mug!

Cupcake Mug

Cupcake Mug

And Coasters, too!

Cup Cake Coasters

Cup Cake Coasters

And don’t you need a little calorie-free-ish cupcake-themed serenity in your life?

Alice in Wonderland Goodies

But there are also some really fun finds if you love a little madness in your tea party. Fans of Alice in Wonderland will like what’s coming next. These have been available in the parks for years, but just in case you haven’t seen them… .

Here’s the single serving tea set first. Perfect for those serene afternoon tea sessions.

One cup Teapot, Teacup, and Saucer Set

One cup Teapot, Teacup, and Saucer Set

The little One Cup Teapot is darling, and features Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat having tea.

One Cup Teapot

One Cup Teapot

The Teacup pictures Alice having what I’m sure is a maddening conversation with the March Hare.

Alice in Wonderland Teacup and Saucer Tea Caddy

Teacup with Saucer

There’s also a larger Teacup — rather a fancy Mug — that matches the set as well, if you prefer bigger cups.

Large Alice in Wonderland Teacup

Large Alice in Wonderland Teacup

This is my favorite, though! I love this wonky “Stacked Cup” Cup! And especially the little “Drink me” tag. :-)

"Stacked Cups" Teacup Reverse

“Stacked Cups” Teacup Reverse

The black and white design is really striking. I think Alice fans would absolutely love this piece.

"Stacked Cups" Teacup

“Stacked Cups” Teacup

Here’s another Alice Words Mug that features lots of the fun sayings from the film.

Alice in Wonderland Mug

Alice in Wonderland Mug

And of course, what’s tea time without your…Shot Glasses? But seriously, I love the “Curiouser and curiouser” tag. It’s a pretty common saying in my household.

Tea . . . Shot Glasses?

Tea . . . Shot Glasses?

Finally, check out this adorable Mad Hatter Mug, shaped like the little crazy guy’s hat, of course.

Mad Hatter Mug

Mad Hatter Mug

And it has its own built in saucer. Perfection.

Mad Hatter Mug Reverse

Mad Hatter Mug Reverse

I thought I had enough teacups and teapots…but I’m rethinking that. I may need to clear out a cabinet or two. I mean, do we really need all those plates?

Which of these fun tea finds is your favorite? Leave a comment and tell us which one you’d like to bring home!


  1. Diane says

    There’s a scene in Saving Mr. Banks where P.L. Travers offers Walt Disney hot tea in the evening, and she offers him whiskey to put in the tea, rather than milk or sugar. So maybe the shot glasses are useful with a tea service after all! I’m game.

  2. JenniferO says

    Oh wow, that stacked tea cup is amazing. Hope its still there when we visit in October!

  3. Mary says

    Diane – She was making a Hot Toddy, which was appropriate given that it was night time and that is when they are usually made. The core ingredients are hot water or tea, sugar or honey, lemon, and spirits (most commonly whiskey, but brandy is also used a lot). People like to vary it up, so you’ll find a lot of recipes out there for it. :)

  4. Dawn Miller says

    I love the “stacked cup” with the drink me tag on it!!!!! Is there any way of ordering this mug? Love it!!

  5. says

    Fun fact: In Epcot, the curiouser and curiouser shot glass is, indeed, a shot glass. However, in Emporium on Main Street, it is a ‘toothpick holder’, because Magic Kingdom does not sell shot glasses.

  6. Brooke says

    Dawn — I actually just found it on! It wasn’t there when I looked a while back. Good luck!

  7. Roxanne Shun says

    I got these stacked cups when we were at Disney World in March. I only bought 2, but wish I would have bought more. I love them. Makes you feel special drinking out of them.

  8. Deb Gallo says

    Back in 2004 I purchased the PERFECT mug from the Tea Caddy- it had a rooster on one side (Gallo is Italian for rooster) and a pig on the other side ( I collect pigs!). It was like they had made it especially for me!! Sad to say, it broke a few years ago and I’ve never found a replacement :(

  9. Peter T says


    As a Brit and an avid tea drinker, I felt I should post my opinion here.

    Those teapots are very pretty and lovely, however the “propper” teapot is called a Brown Betty, which is a pot-bellied teapot, brown and sometimes has a few dark brown lines near the top of the pot. It is made of earthenwear rather than bone china and china coold the tea to quickly.

    The whole question of milk in cup before or after tea is a much debated topic over here. IMHO if making tea in a cup, milk last. If in a pot, tea first.

    Although seen as a tradition, there was originally good reason for milk first. Bone china cups were the order of the day to the gentry classes as tea was an expensive commodity and was treated with respect. Bone china was not as robust then as it is now, so the milk was added first to cool the tea enough to reduce the risk of the cup shattering, in much the same was as adding milk to the mug before hot water when making instant coffee to prevent it from being bitter.

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