News! Menu Changes at ‘Ohana and Earl of Sandwich in Disney World

Adios chicken skewer!

Yup — the rumors are true. There’s another menu change at ‘Ohana at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort!



Menu Changes at Disney World’s ‘Ohana

Among other dining changes at this resort, guests will now find fan-favorite ‘Ohana removing one of their most popular items from the all-you-can-eat dinner.

Grilled Chicken at 'Ohana

Grilled Chicken at ‘Ohana

While the majority of the menu remains the same, the Grilled Chicken Skewer has been removed from the options, while the Sweet and Sour Pork Loin, Szechuan Sirloin Steak, and Spicy Grilled Shrimp remain.

A children’s dessert has also been added to the menu here (more bread pudding for meeeeee!).

'Ohana Dinner Feast Menu

‘Ohana Dinner Feast Menu

While we’re on the topic, it appears there has been a menu change at another Disney dining favorite:

Earl of Sandwich Menu Updates

At Downtown Disney, all eyes are on the construction of what will become Disney Springs, and it seems Disney food fans have much to look forward to. Still, we love our old Downtown Disney favorites, and for many – or most — that certainly includes Earl of Sandwich, so we wanted to let you know of a few recent changes to the sandwich menu.

Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney Orlando

Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney Orlando

First, the All-American and Cannonballs sandwiches have been removed. Cannonballs was my favorite, so I gotta say… this one hurt a bit.

Earl of Sandwich Menu

Earl of Sandwich Menu

It looks like the Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich has been replaced with a BBQ sandwich, and the Best BLT with an Avocado BLT. A Veggie Sandwich has been added. Additionally, most of the sandwiches have received a price increase from $5.99 to $6.49.

Remember, Earl of Sandwich can be found in other places across the country, so if you’re one who is lucky enough to live near one, know that the menus may vary and these changes may not affect your location.

That’s the latest from two much-loved Disney World restaurants. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye out!

What do you think of these recent menu updates? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. says

    I went to the Earl in New York City (52nd and 6th) two weekends ago and Cannonballs were definitely gone from that menu too. I never got to try them so I am bereft. :(

    I did get the Pastrami Reuben though and blogged about it.

  2. Tim says

    When we went to Disneyland 3 weeks ago I noticed that Cannonballs was off the Earl of Sandwich menu in Downtown Disney there as well.

    The Ohana news is honestly heartbreaking. Ohana is by far my favorite food ever, and the chicken was my #1 favorite meat there. They should have ditched the overly sweet pork instead :(

  3. Keri says

    I’m so surprised that ‘Ohana would get rid of the most popular protein in America. While I am partial to the shrimp, this will definitely effect our family and friends. I wonder why they are making the change?

  4. Jenna says

    Keri – I’m guessing that with their particular cooking methods, the chicken was coming out dry and they were getting a lot of complaints about the food quality. Just a thought…

  5. Keri says

    Great point Jenna – didn’t think of that. Probably why my husband loves the chicken there and I don’t :) I don’t think this will change the status of ‘Ohana being his favorite at WDW, we always have to eat there at least twice a trip.

  6. Hannah says

    I had Earls Best BLT in November and couldn’t wait to have it again. I do like avocado but it was “The Best BLT” for a reason. Guess my plans in October will change a bit. Just another thought for ‘Ohana’s chicken, besides being dry, they do serve the sticky chicken wings so maybe they want the other meat choices to be different.

  7. .Chris. says

    Awww o’hanas got rid of the chicken? going in 3 days with a large group for my 30th birthday… Must admit it bums me out since I love the chicken and steak.. Of all the entrees it should be the pork in my opinion…but I will stay positive, they still have so many wonderful food options and apps to have and the steak shall just be my shining star entree hehe. Let’s see if they add something in its place! Can’t wait to see!

  8. Lesley says

    I wish they brought back the old veggie :( But I will be giving this one a try in 12 days :) Yippie!! The price increase is a surprise but not really…Still the best deal for great tasting food in Disney :)

  9. Brenda Levin says

    I’ve never been lucky enough to eat at ‘Ohana but can’t believe they would remove a chicken dish, leaving only pork, steak, and shrimp. Hopefully they are planning to add a new chicken dish soon.

  10. Alan says

    Surely they can figure out how to properly cook chicken- they do it by the truckload in many of their other restaurants. Many people don’t eat the other proteins for health/ religious/ dietary reasons. Chicken is somewhat universal, at least among carnivores. Seems like they are cutting off a big potential market. I know there’s nothing on the menu now that would appeal to my family (one chicken eater and 3 pescatarians)

  11. Cindi says

    Drats. The chicken was the only meat I eat there. I guess I will be filling my plate with salad and lo mein noodles.

  12. Niki says

    This my be the last straw for me with Ohana. We have had bad service there lately and the food has been hit or miss. For the price will have to think long and hard about eating here.

  13. Jay says

    Ohana’s what are you doing? First you take away my beloved Turkey then my scalloped potatoes still missing those then you change the salad and now take away the chicken. The price keeps going up here and the menu keeps decreasing. We used to love that place man it was worth the $25 a person back when we always went. Skipped breakfast and lunch and still couldn’t eat all Ohana’s gave us. We took my family there and that’s when the turkey was gone and so were the tators and the price was $39 a person. Now I think its over $40 a person and for what? Earl of Sandwich why are your prices going up and why are you removing stuff too? Its upsetting and this new Disney Springs better deliver on more food and better prices. I still am voting for family meal deals as Disney is so not on board with this. Pollo Campero had one but it is now closed. Disney is meant to be a family place said by Walt himself.

  14. Andy says

    Not happy with the decision at O’Hana. The last visit we made was for a 5:00 ADR and I swear the goal was to have us out the door by 5:20. The food was very rushed and asking for more was almost a bother. I don’t know if this decision lies more with food cost or the fact that only having 3 choices vs. 4 will speed up the dining process even more.

  15. Scott says

    We first had Ohana in 2001 and really enjoyed it. The food was good and the fresh pineapple and warn caramel was a fantastic dessert option.

    We next went there in 2011 and were so disappointed that the fresh pineapple and warm caramel were gone and found the food to be just OK.

    We gave it one more try in 2013 knowing that the fresh pineapple and warm caramel were long gone hoping the disappointment in 2011 was an anomaly. Unfortunately we were again disappointed. Surprisingly the thing we liked the most was the salad with the new dressing that was much criticized.

    Ohana continues the downward spiral.

    I would not recommend eating at Ohana.

  16. Robert says

    So many bad decisions, California Grille changed their Georges Scallops dish which was their best dish by far. We love O’Hana, but the chicken was the only protein my wife ate and even thou I like all the proteins the chicken was my favorite.

    No lunch menu at Le Cellier anymore either. I know I’m going to pay a high price to eat at Disney, but lunch at Le Cellier is over $40.00 a person for food alone. That’s an awful lot of money for lunch.

    I don’t know what the cannonballs were are the Earl, but I’m sure zi missed something good. Portobellos also got rid of their Meatball slider appetizer which was very unique and tasty. How can you have a meatball bar without a meatball appetizer on the menu?????

  17. Jeff says

    Bravo ‘Ohana.

    The chicken didn’t come close to matching the flavors of the other skewers. And it certainly was dry.
    People can get their chicken fix elsewhere.

  18. says

    Sorry to see the chicken skewer go, it was the only skewer I ate there so I guess we won’t be going for dinner again. The Earl in NYC has had the Cannonballs off the menu for a while. Store said it was because it wasn’t popular. My husband is really disappointed!

  19. Jennifer says

    We ate at Earl in March and the All American was already off the menu. My husband asked if they would make it and they said no problem. So I was able to get it. But it could also be because all of the ingredients are on other sandwiches, versus having meatballs on hand.

    We also ate at Ohana that trip and loved it! It’s going to be a must do for us every trip. I will miss the chicken, though…

  20. Amanda V says

    And a small win for us veg heads at EoS!!! It’s so nice to have more options that are meat free! I’ll look forward to trying this out in June!

  21. Pippi says

    Does Ohana have any vegetarian options? Very interested in eating there, but the entrees/appetizers are all meat. Also very excited Earl added a veggie sandwich finally.

  22. Kelly says

    We ate at EoS last week. You can still order the BLT. We had sticker shock
    when we had to pay over $50.00 for lunch to eat sandwiches &
    mine they made wrong & had to take it back & wait longer!
    I will rethink EoS next time.

  23. Diane says

    I am extremely disappointed in their decision to remove the grilled chicken from the menu. I have always made a point of going to O’hana when visiting WDW. I will not be going during my next visit.

  24. Dawn says

    Not pleased with this decision. I hope they’re prepared to dish out more chicken wings.

  25. Robert says

    I never found the chicken dry at O’hana’s, but I would think that was the reason it was dropped. Chicken breast can dry out if not served quickly. I’m not sure why vegetarians would be happy about the chicken being removed from the menu, it’s not like they replaced it with a meatless dish. O’hana’s is definitely not for vegetarian. It’s all meat except for the sale and bread pudding. I’m glad you can order the bread pudding at the bar as it’s exceptionally delicious and can not be fully enjoyed after the huge meal at O’hana’s.

  26. Robert says

    I never found the chicken dry at O’hana, but maybe I was just lucky. I’m sure that may have something to do with the decision as chicken can dry out if not served quickly.

    I’m do not understand why vegetarians would be happy about the chicken being removed from the menu since it wasn’t replaced with a meatless option. O’hana is definitely not for vegetarians.

    I would have removed the chicken wings because I found the skin rubbery even though they were tasty.

    On the plus side you can now order the bread pudding somewhere in the Polynesian resort without having to eat the huge meal. I will be definitely be doing that. ..that stuff is dangerously delicious.

  27. Kate Ott says

    Really disappointed with this menu change. No chicken means there’s nothing on the skewers I eat. Allergic to seafood and beef!

  28. Sam Winston says

    It seems odd to remove the chicken. If you’re a Jewish Vegetarian you’re out of luck.

  29. Andrew Z says

    I’m not happy that the Ohana menu is downsizing, but I am glad the chicken is being removed. I went in early March and found the chicken to be very tough and dry. Frankly, the only impressive dishes were the wings and the dessert bread.

  30. Kelly O says

    What garbage to remove yet another protein at O’Hana. First turkey, then all the choices for dessert, now this. Oh, and I believe at least 1 if not 2 dipping sauces are history. This WAS my favorite restaurant at WDW but I’m conflicted going forward.

  31. Maureen says

    We were at DTD several weeks ago, and went to EOS. I was dismayed that the All-American was no longer on the menu, but luckily they made me one! I don’t know how much longer they will do that, and I heard someone asking about the Cannonball, but they couldn’t accommodate because they didn’t have the meatballs.

  32. Maureen says

    Oh, I meant to talk about Ohana’s. It used to be our favorite place to eat at WDW, but so much has changed, and the last few times we went, the service was very poor. We no longer book there, and it does make me sad. We had some wonderful times at this restaurant.

  33. Gillian says

    I erupted in a huge “WHAAAAAT!!!?” when I read that the All American was gone from EoS because it’s the only reason I’d go back. In fact, I think it’s the only thing I’d bother to visit Downton Disney for! I tried it after the holiday sandwich, which I was so very excited to try and the All American is so much better! I’m so glad to hear that they’re still making it on request though, because I was about to seriously lose it. The price increase doesn’t scare me much because inferior sandwiches at home are still more than that, but we only have two mouths to feed at Disney (but they are very big hungry mouths!). :p

  34. Robert says

    I hope I’m reading this correct. The Chicken Skewers have been reinstated to the menu at O’hana! ……I almost canceled our upcoming reservations for O’hana because my wife doesn’t eat the other proteins and it’s one of the better choices there.

  35. Whitney says

    Oh no!!! :( We love Earl and they got rid of our two FAVORITE sandwiches!! :( (Cannonballs is my husband’s fave, All-American is mine). This is very sad, indeed.

  36. Sheri Kitsis says

    The chicken was my favorite. In Fact, that was the only meat I ate there. Bring back the chicken Ohana!!

  37. Rocksmith says

    Makes no difference to my wife or me. We have to be Gluten Free, so we order their salad and chili

  38. MARGARET says

    noooooo….The Cannonball was my FAVOURITE! I had one (usually 2) every time we visit WDW.

  39. Melanie says

    I can see why they took the chicken off the menu. It’s tough to cook that much chicken properly without drying it out. They still do have chicken wings so they are still serving chicken.

  40. Robert says

    We ate at Ohana last night. The chicken has not returned to the menu. The new dipping sauce doesn’t go well with the proteins so peanut sauce is the only option. The chicken wings are tasty but because they are sauced the skin is rubbery and not appetizing. If a chicken item had to go it should have been the wings.

  41. Drew says

    Imo, if one of the chix dishes had to go, im glad it was the skewer. The wings are bomb. I mostly eat the shrimp and steak anyway.

  42. Robert says

    The Wings are horrible rubbery skin is the very worst thing for a chicken wing. Better wings can be had just about anywhere.

  43. Thank goodness says

    that EoS finally has a vegetarian option again other than a bloody salad.

  44. Pat says

    Newsflash–chicken did not return to Ohana on May 1st–It is off the menu–How do I know I was just there and extremely disappointed. I relied on the newsflash above that it was back!

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