Review: NEW Star Wars Jedi Mickey Character Dining Meal at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Are you ready for a delicious dinner buffet served up with a side of THE FORCE?!

I sure hope so, because a long time ago (a few hours now) in a galaxy far, far away (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) we attended the debut evening of the Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine at Hollywood and Vine! We JUST returned from the long-awaited new character dining meal in Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring…yup!…STAR WARS CHARACTERS!

Well, not exactly Star Wars characters; this was BETTER than Star Wars characters because it was Disney characters dressed up as Star Wars characters!!

Confused? Maybe a picture will help it to make more sense… ;-D

Ewok Chip and Dale welcome you!

Ewok Chip and Dale welcome you!

Now, let’s dive in and check out the Cantina… uh, I mean, the scene!

Jedi Mickey's Star Wars Dine

Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine


Staged (see what I did there?) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Hollywood and Vine Restaurant — which normally houses Disney Junior characters — the new Star Wars Weekends character meal was nearly an immediate sell-out when we announced it just over a month ago.

Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine

The restaurant is set up as a buffet, which means you’re able to set the pace of your meal and make sure you’re at your table when the characters come your way.

Hollywood & Vine is themed as a vintage “Cafeteria to the Stars” (and the art deco decor on the buffet makes it stand out a teensy tiny bit from its companions around Walt Disney World).

Hollywood and Vine Buffet

Hollywood and Vine Buffet

However, for this event, the place received a bit of a galactic makeover!

Star Wars Character Meal Backdrop

Star Wars Character Meal Backdrop

Star Wars decoration

Star Wars decoration

Otherwise, a relatively neutral backdrop featuring photos of old Hollywood, a big ol’ mural, and aluminum tables and chairs means that the characters really are the feature here.

Hollywood and Vine Seating

Hollywood and Vine Seating

Hollywood and Vine Mural

Hollywood and Vine Mural


Speaking of…the characters! That’s what you really want to hear about, right? Enough pictures of seating, DisneyFoodBlog…let’s get to the fun!

As seen earlier, Ewok Chip & Dale greet you immediately upon your arrival with a couple of hugs and a chance for a sweet photo opp! (But hey, ummm, guys… I think you’re facing the wrong way ;) )

Ewok Chip and Dale up to their usual antics

Ewok Chip and Dale up to their usual antics

Ewok Chip and Dale

Ewok Chip and Dale

There, that’s better! After your picture, your photographer will hand you a special Photopass card just for the occasion: your picture with Chip & Dale is included in the cost of this experience.

Star Wars Character Meal Photo Pass

Star Wars Character Meal Photo Pass

Clearly, everyone is excited about this ;) !

Everyone's getting in on the fun!

Everyone’s getting in on the fun!

Once you’re seated at your table, you’ll entertain a few other special visitors who stop by, including Stormtrooper Donald,

Star Wars Character Meal Storm Trooper Donald

Storm Trooper Donald

Darth Goofy (Brilliant!),

Darth Goofy

Darth Goofy

Princess Leia Minnie (LOVING that bun/ears combo!)…

Princess Leia Minnie

Princess Leia Minnie

… and JEDI MICKEY himself, striking his best Jedi pose!

Jedi Mickey!!!!

Jedi Mickey!!!!

I will say that the meetings with the characters were a bit brief compared with some other character meals I’ve experienced — the house was packed. But even so, we got to meet and have our photos taken with every single character, and were happy with each visit. And as I saw the characters interact with the kids, it seemed that there were plenty of hugs and autographs going around. The general mood was just high-energy FUN.

Okay, with both the Empire and the Alliance represented with these characters, you now have a choice to make. Upon being seated at your table, you’ll notice something in addition to your napkins and silverware. A piece of paper that is red on one side…

Star Wars Character Meal Red Light Saber

Red side of paper

… and blue on the other.

Star Wars Character Meal Blue Light Saber

Blue side of paper

What appears to be merely paper transforms into a LIGHT SABER!

Blue for Jedi Mickey's side!

Blue for Jedi Mickey’s side!

Throughout the meal, guests are invited to choose their color: fold your paper to show blue if you’re on Mickey and Minnie’s side (the Alliance), or red for Goofy and Donald (the Empire). I thought it was super clever how they didn’t ask kids to choose between the dark side and the good guys — basically, you just picked your favorite character, waved your light saber like crazy, and let out a holler! (This is also, by the way, a great little energy spender for kids who are really excited while waiting for the characters to arrive at their table).

I noticed impromptu light saber battles happening all around the restaurant, primarily between fathers and their kids (and, yep, a few pairs of full-grown adults, too!).

Light Saber battle!

Light Saber battle!

I would LOVE to see a more permanent souvenir available for the kids with this meal, like a small, plastic red or blue light saber — the paper ones were such a hit, I think something like that would be an extra thrill and terrific touch.

For all this talk of children, you should know that my friend and I — both adults — felt right at home, and there were plenty of other adults-only groups for this event. While this is not the case with the typical Disney Junior meals featured throughout the year here, please don’t shy away from this event if you would like to go but don’t have children to bring. All Star Wars fans are welcome, both young and not-so-much :) !


I think the Hollywood and Vine buffet offers some truly unique choices compared with some other buffets on property, but on this evening, the fare was a little extra special.



Things started in a fairly typical fashion with the salads, fruit, breads, and the cold bar.

Assorted Breads

Assorted Breads



Create Your Own Salad

Create Your Own Salad

Not sure of shrimp name

Cold Bar

But moving foward, we didn’t just have a chance to try pork, chicken, beef, etc… oh, no!

On this night we ate everything from Tusken Raider Chicken, to Salacious Crumb’s Crusted Pork (an absolute standout!), to Kamino Maple Mustard-Glazed Salmon. Reading the Star Wars names for the dishes was nearly as fun as eating it all!

Tusken Raider Chicken

Tusken Raider Chicken

Salacious Crumb's Crusted Pork

Salacious Crumb’s Crusted Pork

Kamino Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon

Kamino Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon

Even beyond the fun names, the entrees were plentiful and varied. We also had Skywalker Ranch Chicken, Princess Leia’s Penne Pasta (not the best option, erring on the side of mushy and a bit overdone — no offense, Princess), and Mos Eisley Barbecued Meatballs (which, on the other hand, totally rocked and I wish I were still eating some right now).

Skywalker Ranch Chicken

Skywalker Ranch Chicken

Princess Leia's Penne Pasta

Princess Leia’s Penne Pasta

Mos Eisely Barbecue Meatballs

Mos Eisely Barbecue Meatballs

If you’re a seafood fan, you can’t pass up Lando’s Lobster and Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese. Excellent!

Lando's Lobster and Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese

Lando’s Lobster and Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese

And we certainly can’t go without mentioning Luke’s Chipotle Citrus Barbeque Chicken (…wait for it…) THIGHWALKERS!!!

Luke's Chipotle Citrus Barbecue Chicken Thighwalkers

Luke’s Chipotle Citrus Barbecue Chicken Thighwalkers

Additionally, guests could enjoy the Jedi Council Carving Station, featuring Dexter Jettster’s Herb-Roasted Turkey and Kessel Run Roasted Strip Loin.

Dexter Jettsters Herb-Roasted Turkey

Dexter Jettster’s Herb-Roasted Turkey

Kessel Run Roasted Strip Loin

Kessel Run Roasted Strip Loin

And Hollywood and Vine’s unique Create-Your-Own Pasta Station belonged to the Dark Side as Palpatine’s Pasta Station.

Create-Your-Own Pasta

Create-Your-Own Pasta

Create Your Own Pasta results!

Create Your Own Pasta results!

I’m a “sides” girl, and was happily pleased with the choices. While some were fairly simple, they were tasty: they included Cantina Corn, Greedo’s Green Beans with Garlic and Tomato, and Naboo Bean Cassoulet.

Cantina Corn

Cantina Corn

Greedo's Green Beans with Garlic and Tomato

Greedo’s Green Beans with Garlic and Tomato

Naboo Bean Cassoulet

Naboo Bean Cassoulet

Other choices included Qui-Gon’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Pilaf, C-3PO’s Cream Corn Spoon Bread, and Solo’s Sweet Plantains.

Qui-Gon's Quinoa and Brown Rice Pilaf

Qui-Gon’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Pilaf

c-3PO's Cream Corn Spoon Bread

C-3PO’s Cream Corn Spoon Bread

Solo's Sweet Plantains

Solo’s Sweet Plantains

They also included the most ridiculously awesome hot and yummy Mashed Potatoes and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of them on the buffet. Guess I was too ready to dive in! Here they are on my first simple plate — you know how it is, at first you’re overwhelmed with so many choices that you dive right into your favorites!

First plate... of many...

First plate… of many…

Let’s not forget the Padawans! The Kid’s Buffet features Wicket the Ewok’s Macaroni and Cheese, Chewbacca’s Chicken Tenders, Ahsoka Tano’s Tater Barrels, and Yoda’s Steamed Broccoli and Carrots.

Padawan's Buffet

Padawan’s Buffet

Now, let’s talk desserts! While much of the buffet was a renaming of many standard Hollywood and Vine dishes, some of the desserts were unique to this event.

Hollywood and Vine’s signature Chocolate Fountain was very much present, and every single dessert was Star Wars themed!

Chocolate Fountain and dessert buffet

Chocolate Fountain and dessert buffet

One side of the fountain featured Jedi desserts and this awesome Jedi Mickey display cake.

Jedi Mickey Cake

Jedi Mickey Cake

The Jedi spread included Yoda mini cupcakes, R2-D2 No Added Sugar Cheesecake, chocolate-dipped strawberries with blue sprinkles (again, a Jedi Light Saber color), and bright green key-lime tarts (green — the other Jedi saber of choice!).

Yoda Cupcakes

Yoda Cupcakes

R2-D2 No Added Sugar Cheesecake

R2-D2 No Added Sugar Cheesecake

The Alliance dessert spread

The Jedi dessert spread — dipped strawberries, key lime tarts, and sugar cookies

And check it out on the right… a WOOKIE COOKIE!!! (Okay, these were all just appropriately labeled “Sugar Cookies,” but c’mon!)

Star Wars Character Meal Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

But my VERY FAVORITE Jedi treat of all was Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk Ice Cream, made with Tatooine’s famous Blue Milk, of course — just like Luke Skywalker used to drink! YES!!! (The flavor, by the way, was a tasty light blue raspberry, while regular vanilla and chocolate soft serve were also available.)

Aunt Beru's Blue Milk Ice Cream sign

Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk Ice Cream sign

Aunt Beru's Blue Milk Ice Cream

Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk Ice Cream

The Dark Side of the dessert table featured this Stormtrooper display cake!

Stormtrooper Cake

Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Dark Side desserts included Darth Vader mini cupcakes, and all things red to match those red light sabers: Red Velvet Cake, as well as more chocolate-dipped strawberries and Boba’s dipped Brownies and Marshmallows.

Star Wars Character Meal Vader Cupcakes

Darth Vader mini cupcakes

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Empire Desserts

Dark Side Desserts

Those strawberries, by the way, could tempt anyone to come to the Dark Side.

Inside Strawberry

Inside Strawberry

All in all, there is something to please everyone, no matter which side you’re on!

Dessert plate

Dessert plate


This character meal, in addition to one featuring Darth Vader himself over at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater on the other side of the Studios are two big additions to this year’s Star Wars Weekends (and these two weeks prior).

When I consider everything about this event: from the meal and variety of foods, to the themeing, to the character interaction and photo opportunities (and, while we’re at it, to the air-conditioning!), I think guests who choose this experience will have many reasons to be pleased with their choice. In other words, “This will be a day long remembered.” ;)

For those who love these characters, this is a huge time-saver and win when it comes to getting autographs. I’ve stood in line for 50 minutes in 95 degrees with no shade to get my picture with Jedi Mickey and Minnie during Star Wars Weekends, not to mention an hour and a half for a photo-opp with Chewbacca. (I also took tent-shifts with my friends for three days to get our tickets for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace… but that’s another story for another time).  My point is this: since these characters only come out once a year for a few weeks, there is never a short line to greet them. Add that May is when temps start to reach the 90s in Florida… well, you could easily spend three hours in the summer sun trying to get pictures with all of the characters available here. Wouldn’t you rather sit back, have a leisurely meal, engage in a saber battle or two, and get your autographs in the process?

A few logistics: the cost of this experience is $55.99 adults and $33.99 kids 3-9, or two table service credits for those on the Disney Dining Plan. The event does not accept Tables in Wonderland; however, Disney Visa Cardholder discounts were honored last night (though blackout dates may be applied in the future — it’s best to check with your server upon arrival in case the discount continues to be honored).

Our fingers are crossed that one or both of the Star Wars themed meals stick around long-term after the Weekends are over. After all, now that Disney’s moving forward with more episodes in the Star Wars film series, doesn’t that mean the characters should have more of a presence in the parks? Hmm?

Are you hoping this character meal sticks around full time? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Suzanne says

    Great review – thank you! Will you be doing the breakfast at Sci-Fi as well? We have reservations for both the weekend of May 17 and can’t wait! Are you sure they are accepting the Disney Visa discount? I read another review this morning and they said “no discounts of any kind”. I’m hoping you’re right (I have the card).

  2. Wendy says

    Hi, Suzanne, and thanks so much for your comment and question! They did honor Disney Visa discounts last night — I was surprised, because my understanding was also that discounts would not accepted. However, I’ve updated the wording in case last night was an anomaly. I’d say it’s well worth checking with your server just in case they continue to honor it. I hope you have a wonderful time at your meals :)!

  3. Kathie says

    Your review and your enthusiasm made me want to try this. It looks excellent and well worth the cost, which for some Dis meals I don’t think is true. SO, thank you for sharing.

  4. says

    This looks like so much fun! I’m glad I already have an ADR for this later this month. The desserts look amazing! I wonder if they will be the same ones featured at Feel the Force, which I also have reservations for.

  5. Janet says

    We ate at the breakfast yesterday morning. We paid with our Disney Visa and there was no discount.

  6. Colette says

    Great review! Reading this review has made me even more excited for this character meal!! I can’t wait to go, I’ve never eaten at Hollywood and Vine before. The food looks good but the desserts look great!! A bonus is that the characters are gonna be there so I won’t have to wait in long lines for them lol. Thank you for posting this review, I’m really excited for SWW and everything they have to offer :)

  7. TeresaG62 says

    I would love to see it stick around. Looks like a fun meal! We would def attend if it does. We’re heading there in 130 days and counting!

  8. Heather Crouch says

    Great review! Thank you! What weekends are they doing this? And is it Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

  9. Heather says

    Looks Great! We have reservations for The Sci Fi Breakfast June 7th. I hope they do let us use our Visa Cards for the Discount! Thanks for posting. Does anyone know what they are serving for the Breakfast?

  10. Janet says

    I think the menu for the breakfast is on the Disney website. I have a few pictures of our food from yesterday but it’s so dark in there they aren’t that great. My husband had the French toast and I had the traditional breakfast. My kids got the puffed French toast and the traditional breakfast as well. Although my son barely ate because he was watching the screen the whole time!

  11. Stephanie Valverde says

    This would be great to see when we head out in June too bad it’s an event. Please extend this event?

  12. Angel says

    Do you know if this will be here November 2015 from the 7-21 of November? Sorry,I’m not a Star Wars fan…but Disney characters IN Star Wars costumes is a big hit on me! Also,what does ‘tables in wonderland’ mean? I know I call myself the Disney expert,but I have no idea what this means! Thanks,

  13. says

    We passed on this because the price gave me sticker shock. But we did sign up for the parade/fireworks package. I wonder if these will be the desserts included with the fireworks. If so, I’ll be pleased. I want a Darth Vader cupcake. The others look good too.

  14. Joy says

    Oh my goodness! I wish they would do this year round-I would love to book it for our upcoming November trip.

  15. Jomar says

    I originally understood that this themed experience also inuded the Fantasmic dinner package. Is that still the case? I didn’t see anything regarding that option on your review. We have ADR for next week and got it in part due to the Fantasmic option. Anybody knows if still available?

  16. Dave says

    I managed to snag a reservation for this for May 24th. Your review makes me even more excited!

    I tried unsuccessfully for countless days to get the reservation, and finally, there it was! One hint for those who are still trying to book, look under both the Hollywood & Vine listing and the Fantasmic Dinner Package listing. When I booked it, Hollywood & Vine showed no availability. Scrolling up, there was a table available at Hollywood & Vine listed under the Fantasmic package option.

  17. Lori says

    Thanks for the great review! We have reservations on May 17th and can’t wait. I didn’t realize that there was a discount at any dining locations with the disney visa. What is the discount, if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks!

  18. Sue says

    Okay, time for a new restaurant! How about it, this looks fantastic but we never can go when they have these weekends! I want those cupcakes…please?!??!

  19. says

    Thanks for the great review. Can’t WAIT until May 18 when we go here!

    And I really hope they have extra lightsaber paper! I have a feeling we’ll need extras!

  20. Michelle P says

    Great review!! We made reservations for the end of May when I heard about it!! Our reservation is late (8:35) and I noticed the sign said “4:30-8:00″, but in hoping that’s just because the park maybe closed earlier that day… I’m nervous to make a booking mistake lol

  21. Pat says

    Hope this stays around ,great character meal for boys .. They get tired of everything princess!!
    Food looks great !

  22. Frank III says

    We are doing both in June. Can’t wait! I’m sneaking one of each of those sugar cookies out in my backpack!

  23. Chrissy O says

    Sooo wish I was there! Looks like a great way to get pumped for SWW! I think the desserts looked awesome. I do doubt that Carrie Fisher ate too much of her Princess Leia pasta before filming Return of the Jedi. Here’s to Ep 7 and even more Star Wars at WDW! Yay!

  24. Wendy says

    Thanks so much for the comments, everyone, and May the Force be with you ;)!

    Heather C – Even though the official Star Wars Weekends events only happen on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, they’re actually offering this meal and the breakfast at Sci-Fi daily from now until June 15 :). Thanks!

    Angel – as of right now, the Star Wars meals are only running through June 15. You may have seen that Nancy B provided some great info on Tables in Wonderland (thanks, Nancy!). I hope you have a great trip in November!

    Jomar – Hi! They offered one option with Fantasmic and one without. I didn’t choose to include Fantasmic, but I’m sure that if you booked that package then you’re all set for the show :). Enjoy!!

    Dave – That’s a great tip! Thank you! Have a blast at your meal!

    Lori – according to the DV rewards site (, the discount is 10% at select dining locations at Disney World, and they have a full list available on the site :). It looks like Sci-Fi Dine-In is not on the list, but Hollywood and Vine is (though it does note “restrictions apply,” and I’m not sure if this event might be restricted in the future). Hope that helps!

  25. Lisa says

    Great review -thank you!
    I’m eager to see a review on the breakfast at the SciFi Diner – as we have tickets for that on Thursday the 15th, then enjoying via the “Rebel Rendezvous” (yeah we shelled out the bucks for it) all the fun merch & characters!

  26. Frank says

    I just heard that if you are on the dining plan and bring kids to the meal, that they will eat up 2 adult credits. I tried to confirm this with disney but gave up after 30 minutes on hold. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, that is ridicules! I am not using two adult dining credits so my 3 year old can eat Mac n cheese

  27. Jen gunn says

    Hollywood and vine is one of our favourite restaurants, let’s keep the Star Wars theme right through the year!! Please!!!!!!!

  28. Monique T says

    I have seen reference that if on the DDP , it will cost/deduct 2 adult credits for kids 3-9. is this correct? Please advise. Thanks!

  29. deAnna says

    YESSSSSSS! Please keep this around so I can surprise my husband and take him!!!!

  30. Laura Lou says

    We were able to attend this meal on Tuesday night with a 5:15ADR. It was the highlight of our week long trip! We were not able to use any discounts at this meal, and while it was expensive, it was worth the price.

  31. Anett says

    Waaaaaa! Price shock!!!!! I’m one of the few local fockle and I would love to go but for $55/person I can go to Charley’s Steakhouse and have a 14oc with sides. This saddens me. Yes, it’s a “Special Events Ticket” but wow. $110 for dinner for two and I’m sure the soda isn’t included…sorry to be negative Nelly here but Florida just doesn’t pay that much to make this affordable.

  32. Linda says

    WHY WHY WHY can’t they extend this??? It just makes sense. We are going in mid-July and it fills a much-needed hole for character dining geared towards boys. Sighhh.

  33. Jason says

    Went to this on May 31st and I have to agree with some of the posts concerned about the price…the price of this event is just too high. Now I obviously knew the price when I made the reservations, but I wanted to do something special for my kids (isn’t that how Disney gets us :) ). But after spending $225 including tip (2 adults, 2 kids), I’m just not sure it was worth it. The food was OK…some dishes even very good, but if that buffet was anywhere else, it would probably be $29.99 for adults and $14.99 for kids. So I essentially paid in the neighborhood of an extra $100 to see Jedi Mickey and friends and some cool desserts. Worth it? Ehh, maybe. I received a survey from Disney after returning home and on the “overall value for price paid” question, I rated it as Poor. Maybe a little harsh, but when I have to pay $35+ for my 5 year old who ate literally 10 bites of food, that’s not good value. (And believe me, I get the high prices at Disney.) I’m a FL resident passholder so I go quite often. I think I’m OK with the $55 for adults, but a kid 3-9 should be no more than $20. I also indicated on the survey that as a passholder and a big Star Wars fan, I’d likely make this an annual event if the value was even a little better, but at $225 for my family, it will be once and done.

  34. Jace says

    Hoping this will be available in 2015, as we specifically are planning our trip for the first week of May!!!

  35. Tena says

    We are going to WDW in November and would absolutely attend both Star Wars themed meals if extended!

  36. Cheryl says

    My family will be down in August and we would be so thrilled if this dining option was available. Between myself, my husband, my brothers and now my son… it would be a huge hit for everyone! I hope they bring it back full time.

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