24-Hour Disney Day Disney World Menu

Are you gearing up for the Magic Kingdom all-nighter at Walt Disney World? The 24-hour Rock Your Disney Side Party will be held May 23-24 (this FRIDAY!), 2014, from 6AM to 6AM.

We know you’re going to need nourishment, so be sure to try some of the new treats that are exclusive to this event. The only goodies that you’ll be able to find on a regular Magic Kingdom park day are the Olaf souvenir beverage and the Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae. So, head for a commemorative cupcake or two!

Headed to Disneyland? Check out the Disneyland Rock Your Disney Side Menu here!

Rock Your Disney Side Party Food List

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
Poisoned Apple Waffle Sundae: waffles with stewed apple topping and whipped cream

Poisoned Apple Waffle Sundae

Poisoned Apple Waffle Sundae

The Lunching Pad
Olaf souvenir cup with specialty beverage

Friar’s Nook
Olaf souvenir cup with specialty beverage

Gaston’s Tavern
Princess-themed cupcake

Main Street Bakery
Maleficent Cupcake
Frozen-themed Cupcake
Olaf Carrot Cupcake



Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Plaza Restaurant
Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae

Storybook Treats
Poisoned Apple Shortcake Sundae: ice cream, yellow cake, stewed apple topping and whipped cream.

Poisoned Apple Shortcake Sundae

Poisoned Apple Shortcake Sundae

Various Outdoor Food Locations
Pink and blue cotton candy, themed to Heroes and Villains.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Breakfast Options

Main Street, U.S.A.
Main Street Bakery, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches

Casey’s Corner, breakfast sandwich

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (5/24)

Aloha Isle (5/24)

Sunshine Tree Terrace (5/23)

Pinocchio Village Haus, breakfast flatbread pizza (5/24)

Friar’s Nook (5/24)

Storybook Treats (5/24)

Cheshire Café (5/23)

Gaston’s Tavern

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, hot breakfast sandwich (5/24)

Westward Ho

Liberty Square
Columbia Harbour House, French toast sticks and bacon (5/24)

Sleepy Hollow, breakfast waffle sandwich

Liberty Square Market (5/23)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, hot breakfast sandwich (5/24)

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies (5/23)

The Lunching Pad, breakfast dog

Cereal, fruit, muffins, and yogurt will be on hand at snack carts throughout the Magic Kingdom.

What treat will you be sure to pick up while at Rock Your Disney Side? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Gigi says

    I hope they bring the beignets back to Tomorrowland Terrace. They were such a nice surprise at last year’s event!

  2. says

    Yawn. I’m with Gigi… the beignets from Tomorrowland Terrace were awesome last year. Probably one of the best things offered at the event, and they weren’t even advertised. I hope they’re open this year as well. The Disneyland offerings look and sound more interesting… I’m just saying.

  3. Kelly D says

    Agreed. “hot breakfast sandwich” would have to be mind blowing to make these offerings seem anywhere near special. I am totally down for that Olaf carrot cupcake, though!

  4. Marie says

    Does anyone know how early do they release the date of the 24 hour Disney Day? I’d love to go next year!

  5. Gabrielle says

    Does anyone know if these are ALL of the special items for the 24 hour event at Disney World, Orlando?

    I looked at the Disneyland 24 hour specialty menu and they seem to have A LOT more! I’m hoping they are offering more here in Orlando!


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