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Review: “The Force” and “The Dark Side” Specialty Beverages at Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends

Looking for something to quench your thirst – with a little kick – during your Star Wars Weekends adventure at Hollywood Studios?

If so, then there’s something you have to do first: you must Choose Your Side.

Star Wars Weekends Specialty Beverages

Star Wars Weekends Specialty Beverages

Two specialty beverages are available during Star Wars Weekends: The Dark Side and The Force. You can find them at temporary mini bars throughout Hollywood Studios, such as this one near Mama Melrose’s

Mini Bar outside of Mama Melrose's

Mini Bar outside of Mama Melrose’s

… or this one near Sci-Fi Dine-In.

Mini Bar outside of Sci-Fi

Mini Bar outside of Sci-Fi

We’ll be looking at the two signature drinks served at each of these bars, but they also carry a small assortment of other beverages available for purchase.

Bar assortment

Bar assortment

The Dark Side, as you can see on the sign, is a mix of Coconut Rum, Cointreau, and Pomegranate Lemonade. As nice as that sounds, let’s face it — it’s all about the souvenir that comes with it:  a Death Star glow cube!

The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Like the regular glow ice cubes at Disney, the glow Death Star has an on-off switch to preserve it for future use, and can be set to stay at one color or set to rotate through several changing colors.

Glow Death Star

Glow Death Star

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

I especially enjoy Disney glow drinks when you can place the glow cube under the ice so the entire thing is all lit up. Here is my attempt to stuff the Death Star underneath the ice with my straw.

Attempting to submerge the Death Star

Attempting to submerge the Death Star

It popped back up less than a second later. I tried to submerge the Death Star several times. But the Death Star would not be submerged. True story.

Pop Up Death Star

Pop Up Death Star

Awesome Death Star notwithstanding, you still want to be sure you’ll enjoy the drink, so here’s what’s good to know: I was able to pick up on each flavor in the drink, from the Coconut Rum to the Cointreau and the lemonade. It was nice that no flavor overpowered the other, and I thought mine was mixed well. For a drink representing the Dark Side, it was actually quite beachy, thanks to the rum. And who doesn’t love a good beach drink served up with a splash of Imperial darkness?

Your other choice is, naturally, The Force. This beverage consists of Grey Goose Vodka, Chambord, and Wildberry Lemonade. The souvenir piece is a glowing Light Saber.

The Force

The Force

While the Light Saber doesn’t change colors, it is totally cool. The green is vivid enough to shine in the daytime, and it can also be saved for future use by twisting the top to turn it off and on.

Glow Light Saber

Glow Light Saber

Top of Light Saber

Top of Light Saber

This drink is quite smooth, and mine packed more of a punch than the Dark Side drink (score one for the Jedi Order!). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the wildberry flavor as well. I’m not typically one for berry flavors (preferring citrus), but here everything just came together really well. This beverage is sweet, for sure, but less so than the Dark Side beverage.

Once again, the signs makes the command to Choose Your Side… and this time, I’m going with The Force.

By the way, If you have a little one along who can’t stand the fact that you have a mini Light Saber and they don’t, there are non-alcoholic versions of these drinks available upon request. Or you could pay a visit to Writer’s Stop to see if you can nab one of these cool Light Saber Pretzels!

Light Saber Pretzels

Light Saber Pretzels

Many thanks to @borhyas78 for this shot!

Would you go with The Force or The Dark Side? Please let us know with a comment!

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  1. Mike Venere says:

    Drinks look great, but tell me more about the Einstok Dopplebock!!!!
    I do not recall seeing that before!

  2. Jim says:

    We’re going to miss SW weekends by about 5 days. I so wish they would offer these drinks throughout the summer! I would love to get the Death Star!

  3. Liz says:

    Gah! I so wish I could be there to try both of these and get the cute little light up souvenirs. It seems as though Disney has been putting a lot more effort into this years Star Wars Wekends (especiallywith the character dining). I’m hoping this means that they realze how popoular it has become and maybe, just maybe, put more serious thought into adding a permanent Star Wars Land to the Studios.

  4. Keith says:

    I agree with Mike…the Einstok beer is the only interesting thing on that menu. I had the Einstock Toasted Porter at Il Mulino, and it was a great beer.

  5. Sara says:

    Does anyone know where I could buy the glow “cubes” online? My hubs would DIE if I could get him some!! I’m checking ebay like mad now haha.

  6. Kimberly says:

    The nonalcoholic version, when purchased in the Ackbar Snackbar inside the shopping area Darth Mall, comes in a great plastic “stein” shaped like a Stormtrooper’s head. They also have either a Death Star or a Lightsaber (my Lightsaber was blue). I was told the only place the Stormtrooper stein is available is in the Darth Mall, and only the nonalcoholic version comes with the stein.

  7. Jenn says:

    What a peculiar beer selection – the dopplebock is definitely an interesting choice!

    I’m totally confused by the colour choices for these drinks… red lightsaber = Dark Side, so shouldn’t the logic extend to these refreshments? Very strange, if you ask me…

  8. Tricia says:

    Count me in on the ones more wanting the glow cube!!

  9. Lynnilou says:

    Love these!!!

  10. dave pavlik says:

    any idea how they made the dark side drink blue in color- nothing blue in it ?

  11. Arlene says:

    The Death Star was sold out as of Sunday 5/25. Cast member at SciFi said they sold out the second day. Both versions come with light sabers now.

  12. kristen says:

    There’s probably blue curacao in the Dark Side even tho it isn’t mentioned.

  13. Laura Belle says:

    They are offically out of the Glow sabers and Glow Deathstars. and they are not getting anymore for the rest of the weekends. I was highly disappointed today when that along with Mark Hammil is the only reason I went today. :(

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