New! Chicken and Waffles at Fantasy Fare Food Truck in Disney World’s Downtown Disney

We’ve got all sorts of Disney Food Truck happenings going on this week!

With the debut of the all-new Trucks on the Town Event, along comes a new item to the Fantasy Fare Food Truck: Sticky Chicken and Waffles! I gave it a go on my recent trip to Disney World, and thought you might like a peek…

Fantasy Fare Chicken and Waffles

Fantasy Fare Chicken and Waffles

Each of the four Disney Food Trucks brings flavors from various Disney parks to Downtown Disney. The Fantasy Fare truck features Delightful Dishes from Magic Kingdoms Around the World!

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

Yep. Literally.

fantasy fare food truck

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

These “delightful dishes” include the Grilled Ham and Cheese (this is the Croque Monsieur, brought to us from Be Our Guest Restaurant), and the famed Hand-dipped Corn Dog from Disneyland (I grabbed that one, too; YUMMMMM!).

Sticky Chicken and Waffles is the most recent addition, replacing the Glass Noodle Salad (a noodle entrée with chicken and pickled vegetables from Hong Kong Disneyland, served cold). The Sticky Chicken and Waffles are inspired by the waffle sandwiches in Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow. Which. We. Love.

Unlike Sleepy Hollow’s Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich, which incorporate a chicken breast into one huge, folded waffle (you know, like a sandwich ;) ), here we have two breaded chicken tenders on top of two smaller waffles (the same kind they use at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival Belgium Booth).

Sticky Chicken and Waffles

Sticky Chicken and Waffles

So, what makes ‘em so sticky? Well, they don’t hold back on the sweet and spicy sauce here at Fantasy Fare, either! And the white sauce reminded me of the tangy slaw dressing on the Sleepy Hollow version.

I’m still all about the Chicken Waffle Sandwich (especially since that runs around $7.50 to this version’s $11…and the sammy is SUPA bigger), but it’s nice to know there’s now a place to get your waffle fix in Downtown Disney!

It would be cool to see the menu options at Fantasy Fare continue to change from time to time to reflect other items in Disney parks around the world… as long as they keep the Hand-dipped Corn Dog, that is ;) .

Will you be stopping by the Fantasy Fare Food Truck to try the Chicken and Waffles? Please let us know with a comment!



  1. Nicole says

    We live in DC where food trucks are everywhere, and I love the concept, so I really wanted to give these a shot. We tried tracking down all of the food trucks when we were there in March, and actually had a pretty hard time finding most of them. We asked some CMs down by Cirque and they had no idea what we were talking about haha.

    We eventually did find one (World Showcase), which was great because I wanted to try the pierogi. But for $8.50, it just didn’t seem worth it, so we walked away empty-handed. No way I could justify that cost. This is just as bad. I couldn’t pay $11 for 2 chicken fingers and two miniature waffles, even on vacation in Disney where I expect to pay higher prices for everything.

    If they lowered the prices to at least be within the “more expensive than I would reasonably expect outside the World, but within my expectations inside the World” range, I would be all over these.

  2. says

    Disney are surely onto a big winner with the food truck park idea.
    Whenever the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is over, there’s always a sense of loss, and these food trucks can lift the spirits of small plates fans all year round!

    The trucks also provide guests the chance to try some of their favorite ‘repurposed’ ingredients and menu items in a whole new way! I always feel that the chicken tenders are a little too ‘crumby’ and thickly coated, but this spicy sauce fixes absolutely everything!

    Now if only they can get my apple bits into a cronut!

  3. Glo says

    Are these Disney owned food trucks or is Disney allowing vendors within the Orlando community access to Downtown Disney?

  4. says

    Glo — These are Disney owned. But note that many downtown Disney restaurants are not Disney owned.

  5. Angelina says

    It looks delicious but I think from a value standpoint I would have to stick with the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow.

  6. Jordan says

    I can never seem to find this truck. What times and days is it around, and where is it?

  7. RickG says

    Yeah. Someone has to explain to me why the Food Truck concept belongs at WDW, because I just don’t get it.

    “You can spend $10 for six chicken tenders over at Splitsville, with air conditioning, entertainment, a table and someone to bring the food to you. Or, you can spend $11 for two chicken tenders and a couple waffles, then eat them in 90-degree heat without a place to sit. You know, your choice.”

  8. Visiting Fan says

    I was wondering if there is ample seating or if you have to find a trash can to eat on like you often do in the parks. This looks yummy but the appeal of trash can dining kills it a bit.

  9. Katie says

    I cannot believe that Disney would charge $11 for something that MIGHT be sold for $8 in another food truck. I did try the corndog in the food truck which was ok but I just felt bad paying that much for it. The service wasn’t really that good either, they were supposed to be open but no one was in them so we ended up waiting for about five minutes before we got our food. While we sat there and ate our food, we watched people walk up to the trucks, look at the menus, and walk away. It is too bad because these food trucks could have been a huge part of the new DTD atmosphere but they just are not.

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