Disney Food Pics of the Week: Pizza!

We’re back with more Disney Food Photo fun today, thanks to our awesome contributors on Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza — our Flickr page!

While there aren’t many, we have found a few excellent spots to grab a Pizza at Walt Disney World. And it looks like you have, too! So today, let’s take a look at some of your mouth-watering pizza shots. Get ready to crave. :-)

Pizza Carciofi from Via Napoli

Photographer: Janet Sala

The very last time I was at Via Napoli in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion, one of my friends tried Pizza Carciofi and gave it rave reviews. The vegetarian white pizza features Fontina cheese, truffle oil, and artichokes for a fantastic flavor punch.

Pizza Carciofi from Via Napoli

Pizza Carciofi from Via Napoli

Meatball Pizza from Wolfgang Puck Express

Photographer: Kelly Tressler

Before Via Napoli appeared on the Epcot horizon a few years back, Wolfgang Puck Express was one of my favorite go-to spots for great pizza in Disney World. It’s still one of our top choices for value and incredible food that’s a cut above your average counter service experience. And their Meatball Pizza is always a solid choice!

Meatball Pizza from Wolfgang Puck Express

Meatball Pizza from Wolfgang Puck Express

Pizza Prosciutto e Melone from Via Napoli

Photographer: BlitheBassoon

Ah…I couldn’t resist another swing through Via Napoli! Truly, if you haven’t had lunch or dinner at this awesome spot, then Go. Now. Right now.

And with summer right around the corner, I love the Hot-Meets-Cold Pizzas. A pie featuring prosciutto is a must have for my family when we dine here. This one features the classic combo of prosciutto and melon.

Pizza Prosciutto e Melone  from Via Napoli

Pizza Prosciutto e Melone from Via Napoli

Who’s ready to hop a plane for some pizza Disney-style with me??

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What’s your favorite Disney pizza? Write a comment below and tell us all about it!


  1. Michael Villar says

    Via Napoli is THE STOP in Epcot. Forget about France. The pizza is ridiculous. The dough is excellent and the red sauce has a great acidity and sweetness.

  2. Sarah says

    The prosciutto and melon pizza is my favorite!! It’s one of the things I HAVE to have when in at Epcot!

  3. Essie says

    Hop on a plane to enjoy some Disney pizza with you? Yes, please, AJ. Me! I LOVE pizza, but it has to be good and simple. My favorite is the plain cheese, or the cheese with mushrooms and veggies at the WPE in the DTD Marketplace. And it has to be hot; I like the cheese to ‘mingle’ with the marinara sauce! LOL I’ve never been disappointed with the pies at WPE, and the size of the pie you get for an individual QS credit is a wonderful value; I always leave with a ‘doggy bag’.

  4. tvnutt says

    Via Napoli is THE best pizza in WDW! They keep it true to the Neopoiltan traditional pizza. My family and I ate in one of the oldest and most respected pizza places in Naples and they make only 2 pizzas: with cheese and without. The place has an hour long wait and pizzas only take about 60 seconds from the fire to the plate! The pizza at Via Napoli comes THE closest to true Naples pizza. Pricey but worth it!

  5. Francis Panariello says

    The Disney breakfast pizza recently available at Disneys Pop Century Resort is delicious! So good. Scrambled
    Eggs sausage gravy bits of bacon.., mmmm try it

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