What’s Your Perfect Disneyland Dining Day?

Have you ever stopped to dream up your Perfect Disney Day? I bet I’m not the only one who’s whiled away the hours in this way. But I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out that my daydreams about upcoming trips are frequently planned around — what else? — the FOOD!

So today, we’re going to have a little fun. I want to hear all about what your Perfect Disneyland Dining Day would look like! Where would you eat your meals? What would you have for snacks? Would it be an all fancy-meal affair? Or would treats and counter service eats make the cut too?

I’ll get the ball rolling on the food fantasy by sharing my picks!

Breakfast at Steakhouse 55

One of my favorite places for a serene breakfast is Steakhouse 55. This historic restaurant has been welcoming guests since the very earliest days of the resort. Formerly known as Granville’s, you’ll find a cool and classy atmosphere here with a retro vibe to it.

Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel

Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel

But the digs aren’t the only retro touch. The menu celebrates the past too, with classic dishes. That’s true for dinner as well as for breakfast.

And that combination of serene surroundings and delicious food with a touch of elegance makes Steakhouse 55 a great way to start your day on vacation.

New York Steak and Eggs

New York Steak and Eggs

Besides, how you can resist a good plate of steak and eggs? :-)

Morning Snack at Corn Dog Castle

I must admit, a plate of steak and eggs will probably keep me going for the better part of the day, so I’m likely to skip the morning snack after a meal like that in the real world. But this isn’t the real world at all — it’s the Best. Day. EVER! Right? So you guys, there’s totally gonna be a morning snack stop at Corn Dog Castle.

And making a choice here is no small feat. I mean, you’ve got the amazing classic Hand-Dipped Corn Dog, and you absolutely cannot go wrong with it. But there’s also the nearly-as-delightful Cheddar Cheese Stick if you’d like to skip the sausages altogether.

For me, on this Dream Day, I’m going all the way — and opting for the Hot Link Corn Dog!

Hot Link Corn Dog Meal

Hot Link Corn Dog Meal

In this case, that hand-dipped, made to order treat consists of crunchy Cornbread Coating that enrobes a Hot Link. And it’s definitely got a little zip to it.

Hot Link Corn Dog

Hot Link Corn Dog

Believe me when I say to you — Go there. Get this. One of the three options, anyway. A trip to Corn Dog Castle must be on your list. I insist. (You’ll thank me, I promise.)

Lunch at Cafe Orleans

OK, you guys KNOW that this place is going to be on my “list of anything awesome in Disneyland,” so if you’ve read all of my goings-on about the restaurant already, you’re allowed to skip this section. ;-D Yep. One of my very favorite Disney table service stops is Cafe Orleans.

As much as I love their Gumbo here, it’s the Pommes Frites that I never pass up. Perfectly cooked fries are tossed with Parmesan, Garlic, and Parsley and served with a side of Cajun Spice Rémoulade for dipping. So, so good!

Cafe Orleans Pommes Frites

Cafe Orleans Pommes Frites

Next, I always make space in my Disneyland eating plans for a Monte Cristo. The battered and deep-fried Turkey, Ham, and Swiss Cheese Sandwich is dusted with Powdered Sugar and served with a side of Berry Puree. It’s one part lunch, one part dessert — and incredibly delicious, whatever you call it!

Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Orleans

Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Orleans

But don’t think we’re skipping a bona fide sweet ending! Save room for their trademark Mickey Beignets, served with two different Dipping Sauces for your dunking pleasure! Use the berry sauce for the perfect jelly donut approximation!

Mickey Beignets with Sauces

Mickey Beignets with Sauces

Notice how everything at Cafe Orleans comes with a dipping sauce? Clearly, they have my number. :-)

Peanut Butter Heaven for an Afternoon Snack

Welp, we’ve done a few e-ticket rides, and our energy is waning. It’s time for an afternoon snack! And I have just the thing in mind — Peanut Butter Heaven!

There are a couple of reasons why this ginormous bonbon has made the leap to my must-have list. First, it has a bunch of peanut butter in it. And if you know me at all, you’ve figured out that Peanut Butter has a direct line to my heart. But also, I’ve just never seen anything like it! It’s a Peanut Butter Candy, built on top of a Turtle, so it’s like two candies in one!

Peanut Butter Heaven

Peanut Butter Heaven

And what could be more heavenly than that?

Dinner at the Napa Rose Chef’s Counter

We’ve played our way through a spectacular day in Disneyland. Now it’s time to head back to the room and freshen up a bit before heading out to dinner at Napa Rose.

Located at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the restaurant is home to award-winning Executive Chef Andrew Sutton. And when I dine here, I love to book a seat at his Chef’s Counter.

Napa Rose Chef's Counter

Napa Rose Chef’s Counter

If you put any premium on eating out as an experience, ya gotta try this. Chef Andrew and his incredible staff are amazing to watch in action, and you’ll enjoy a dinner that features the very best seasonal fare available.

Veal Filet with Apricot Chutney and Summer Vegetables Entree

Veal Filet with Apricot Chutney and Summer Vegetables Entree

Without exaggeration, this is one of the best meals I’ve had at Disney — or anywhere, for that matter. Don’t miss it if you have the chance to eat here.

Late Night Drinks at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

We’ve taken in the best of the best when it comes to food during our perfect Disneyland Dining Day. But before we call it a night, it’s time for a nightcap, and so we’re heading to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar in Disneyland Hotel.

Trader Sam's Magical Bar Stools

Trader Sam’s Magical Bar Stools

While I always enjoy the stellar selection of fun drinks here — can you say Uh-Oa! — the atmosphere is just as much fun. There is so much to explore, and many of the artifacts that adorn the space come with Disney facts and puns aplenty.

Kungaloosh Old Style from Trader Sam's in Disneyland

Kungaloosh Old Style from Trader Sam’s in Disneyland

How will I be riding off to Dreamland? With the help of a Kungaloosh — Old Style, of course!

Now It’s Your Turn!

It’s time for you guys to weigh in! I want to hear what your favorite, must-visit restaurants are in Disneyland, and what snacks you absolutely can’t live without when you visit!

What are the places you’d tell visiting friends that they have to check out — and what are you recommending they eat once they’re seated?

To join in on the conversation, share you Perfect Disneyland Dining Day by leaving a comment below!


  1. Gina says

    I can’t pass up a Mickey ice cream sandwich! I like to start my day with a Mickey waffle at carnation cafe, it’s so fun to sit outside and people watch. I was just at the Orleans cafe last week and 3 of us split almost your exact meal. I’m on the fence about the napa rose, I’ve eaten there a few times, but have always had the oddest service (as in, not good – one time the waitress actually took a sip of a customers wine!)

  2. says

    I half agree with your choices. We would definitely end our evening the same way. I would want to start with breakfast the Carnation Cafe, though. The Classic Eggs Benedict or Spinach and Tomato Egg White Frittata would be my choice.

    If I had a snack, it would need to be a soft Mickey pretzel, though I probably wouldn’t turn down a churro either. It should also be mentioned that Dole Floats are prettier in Disneyland than in the Magic Kingdom, with their umbrellas and fruit garnish.

    Lunch at the Cove Bar on Paradise Pier is a must. If you have someone to share with, the Lobster Nachos are a great choice. Otherwise, the Tri Tip Sliders or Bayside Fish Tacos would be my pick.

    I would end with dinner at the Napa Rose Chef’s Counter, and absolutely put complete faith in the chef’s hands and order the tasting menu with wine pairing. I think it’s a waste to sit at that counter and then order from the regular menu. This is also important: unless you have allergies or other medical dietary restrictions, I wouldn’t list any preferences to the chef. Even if there are flavors you don’t usually care for, they’re capable of preparing them in a way that could change your mind. Try everything.

    For a nightcap, Trader Sam’s is definitely the place to be. They have a lot of fun tropical drinks on the specialty menu, but if none appeal, it’s also the perfect atmosphere for a Dark ‘N Stormy.

  3. Maureen says

    What a fun post! Hmmm…I would start my morning at Storyteller’s Café-we really enjoyed their breakfast buffet-and their eggs benedict was perfect! Since this is a dream day, and I would have a midmorning lift with a Dole Whip, and sit and watch the world go by. Lunch would be at Trader Sam’s-the Asian Chicken Salad. I love this little place, could spend hours looking at the tiki decorations.

    Dinner would have to be Steakhouse 55. We had one of the best dinners ever there, and I LOVE the atmosphere. The service is incredible-what a wonderful place!

  4. Jennifer says

    We eat lightly for breakfast, so I’d have to go with apple oatmeal and an orange carrot juice from Jamba Juice. Mid morning snack is all about the churro. Lunch at Hungry Bear (the fried green tomato sandwich is killer, as are the sweet potato fries). Afternoon snack would have to be the veggie skewer and a pretzel from Bengal BBQ, and dinner from The French Market (I usually eat meatless, but I’ll devour their muffaletta). I usually grab a hummus and pretzle chips from a fruit cart for an evening snack, and finish off the day with beignets and cafe au lait from Brennan’s express window on the way back to the hotel

  5. Michele says

    That is exactly what I would pick, but I could also go for breakfast at Carnation Cafe! We love chatting with Oscar! I haven’t had the chance to eat at Steakhouse 55 or Napa Rose yet, but definitely will sometime!

  6. Deneice Fujii says

    Not sure I could do this in a day, but if I could:

    1. Breakfast at the Plaza Inn
    2. Snack would be a Matterhorn Macaroon
    3. Lunch at the Plaza Inn and that awesome chicken
    4. Afternoon snack would be soft serve on Paradise Pier at DCA
    5. World of Color Dinner at Carthay Circle
    6. Late night snack has got to be a caramel apple with nuts

  7. Emily Bovshow says

    Here is my perfect Disneyland dining day:
    Breakfast- definitely Storytellers Cafe. There are few things in life that are better than Mickey waffles and other amazing breakfast foods along with adorable woodland characters!
    Morning snack- a chocolate and m&ms covered pretzel from Pooh’s Corner. Actually anything from that place would make me extremely happy. :)
    Lunch- the Hungry Bear. Even if it’s not amazing food, it’s a family tradition. I love the chicken sandwiches and SWEET POTATO FRIES! Oh and I could never pass up a funnel cake.
    Afternoon snack- definitely the warm brownie sundae from Ghirardellis. Best. Thing. Ever. Especially when melted peanut butter topping is added.
    Dinner- Blue Bayou hands down. The bread and Tesoro island chicken is spectacular! And the atmosphere is amazing!
    Midnight snack- Mickey beignets. Practically the best food in existence! Especially with hot chocolate for when it’s breezy at night!!

  8. Tina says

    I pretty much love all your choices. I’d want to throw in Carnation Cafe and Wine Country Trattoria somewhere. Also maybe a Dole Whip. But other than that, it’s on the money. Can we do another post like this for WDW! I would LOVE to sit and post that one :)

  9. Sara says

    I didn’t even have to think hard about this:

    Breakfast at Storyteller’s, with that fantastic buffet and Mickey waffles.
    Morning snack would be a pickle in line for Jungle Cruise.
    Lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria with a nice bottle of white wine, caprese salad and lasagna.
    Afternoon snack would be a dole whip.
    Dinner at Napa Rose, with the sizzling beach rock, cheese plate and whatever seasonal dishes look best.
    Dessert is a churro while watching Fantasmic, and then finishing it off with drinks at Trader Sam’s.

    And then I’d explode from so much good food.

  10. Janelle says

    Since this is a ‘Perfect Day’ I will also include dream wishes for food gone by.

    Breakfast dream – Cafe Orleans used to do breakfast and we would start our morning off with beautiful views of rivers of america and a three cheese monte cristo with Bacon on the side.
    Breakfast – River Belle Terrace and would choose the Mark Twain (watching the river and thinking of Walt eating here)
    Snack – Either Mickey chocolate ganache tart from Jolly Holiday bakery or popcorn from a cart
    Lunch – Jazz Kitchen onion soup followed by BBQ Shrimp & Grits
    Snack – Mint Julep and beinets from Mint Juelp window
    Dinner – Carnation Cafe, would start with a lemonade with foam and eat the fried pickles to start then the green chili cheeseburger (I dream about this burger)
    Snack – Flavored popcorn from Cozy Cone Motel with a coca-cola
    Late Night stop at Trader Sams for a Schweitzer Falls and a Pu Pu Platter

    One honorable mention is nachos at White Water Snacks – so delicious as you are hanging by the pool.

  11. grl4al says

    Brunch: Corn Dog w/apples at Little Red Wagon

    Dinner: Gumbo at Royal Street Veranda

    While watching Fantasmic:Mozzarella sticks w/Marinara from Stage door cafe’

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