Snack Series: Chocolate Covered Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake at Walt Disney World

So, I’m strolling through Landscape of Flavors at Disney’s Art of Animation during my recent Walt Disney World trip. I can never pass up a visit here!

Now, remember when I told you about the shockingly yummo Strawberry Cheesecake at Electric Umbrella? It’s part of the “dessert in a cup” genre of counter service desserts you’ll find throughout the parks. But it’s actually pretty good.

AND…do you remember when I told you about the Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick in Disneyland? Just when I didn’t think they could make cheesecake any more interesting or delicious, they popped it on a stick and gave it the deep freeze — perfect for a stroll-and-eat treat.

Well…Walt Disney World has obviously gotten the memo. Because check out what I just found!

Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake on a Mickey Straw

Yep — you guessed it — they’ve taken the Strawberry Cheesecake, popped it out of the cup, and made something altogether new. It’s Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake, Dipped in Chocolate, and served on a Mickey Swirly Straw.

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw

So there are a few positives about this. It’s cheesecake. It’s frozen. It’s fruity and chocolatey. And when you’ve finished eating it, you’ve still got this swell straw!

While that straw isn’t really strong enough for you to walk around, eating your grown-up frozen treat like a lollipop, it’s just a bonus that it’s there. And you know that you can use it in your lemonade later.

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw --Cross Section

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw –Cross Section

As for the treat itself, I have definitely fallen in love with the consistency of frozen cheesecake. It’s not hard to bite into at all (thank you, copious amounts of butterfat).

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw  -- Up Close

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Straw — Up Close

While that cheesecake-in-a-cup dessert is a great backup plan at Epcot, this frozen version is leaps and bounds better, elevating the snack to “seek it out” status!

Will the Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake on a Mickey Straw make your must-have list? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Rune says

    Ohhh! That’s the same cheesecake that used to be at Pinocchio’s in the MK too I believe, we were gutted when it vanished from there but so glad to find it in Electric Umbrella, and at AoA last time we stayed there.

    It looks good, here’s hoping the other resorts follow on, even the usual ‘plain’ cheesecake in a cup you find in the grab and go sections all over would be cool, and I’d love the POP forever if they put Tie Dye cheesecake on a stick!

    My only (minor) wish is that it was wedge shaped like DL’s. Silly I know but there’s just something about biting into a slice as opposed to a disc, but hey, it looks fun so I’m certainly willing to try! =D

  2. Jenny says

    Its looks yummy, just the right treat on a hot day before going to the parks.
    I love the straw to, all the different colors they come in are so fun.

  3. Angelina says

    I love it! So unique to be on a straw instead of a stick (where do these geniuses come up with this stuff?) I would totally try it in place of my once a day mickey premium bar :)

  4. Dana says

    That looks so good, but I can’t tell if the bottom layer is a crust or not. I have a gluten-allergy, so if it was just the cheesecake part I could eat it. If it’s cheesecake plus a crust, I’m out of luck…

  5. Kelly says

    Looks wonderful!!!! We are going in two weeks. Where can we find this delicious looking treat besides AOA? We aren’t staying anywhere close to there. Please tell me it’s in the parks somewhere?

  6. Essie says

    I’d love to try one. I like both chocolate and strawberry and cheesecake is good, too. And, who wouldn’t like a Mickey straw? It’s too perfect; something has to be wrong somewhere, LOL. Maybe the price, does it cost $50.00?

  7. Dan says

    We will be at the Cabins in July and I’ll have to take a ride over to AoA just for that!

  8. Joanne says

    It’s definitely delicious, but not really very frozen when I ate it. It’s in the refrigerator area, not in the freezer. Perhaps they are now keeping it in a different place.

  9. says

    Amanda — Dark Chocolate!

    Dana — It’s a graham cracker crust. I’m so sorry you’ll miss out! Maybe talk to the staff and see if they could make a crustless version to order?

    Terrie and Autumn — I *think* it was available for a Snack Credit, but I don’t remember for sure.

    Kelly, Maggie, Delwen, Toni — You’ll find it at Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation Resort. That’s the only place we’ve seen them so far!

    Essie — Haha! Nope! Under $5 if I remember correctly. But don’t quote me. :-)

    Joanne — Yes, they must have moved them. It was in the freezer when I enjoyed it, although it wasn’t rock hard. :-D

  10. Vinny "I don't need the money" Boombatz says

    Frozen cheesecake. Seriously? That is beyond revolting. If that cheesecake was a ’70s film star, it would be named John Revolta. If GM made a car with that cheesecake, it would be the Chevy ReVolta.

  11. Jen says

    My daughter is there on her honeymoon and got one. (What a dutiful daughter I have–she called her mom while on her honeymoon, to tell me where and what they ate…..)

    She didn’t like it, said it wasn’t “cheesecakey” enough for her. I have no idea what that means…

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