Review: Gravy Fries at Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

May I make a Disney food confession?

I can’t – CAN’T – enter the Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Everything Pop Food Court

Everything Pop Food Court

…and not indulge in a serving of Gravy Fries.

Gravy Fries

Gravy Fries

If you’ve visited Everything Pop, you may not have even seen Gravy Fries on the menu – they just get a small mention on the side of the screen at the sandwich station, and it rotates out occasionally to spotlight other items.

Pop Century Sandwich Station Menu

Pop Century Sandwich Station Menu

Basically, everything you need to know is in the name: Gravy. And. Fries.

The fries are standard issue Disney fries. The beef gravy covering them is… well, I think it’s awesome – you can spot the bits of pepper to give it just a little zest, and it’s consistently thick and rich.

Gravy close-up

Gravy close-up

You actually need tools to tackle Gravy Fries… several napkins (they’re a gravy-frenzied mess!) and forks for the fries you just can’t pick up because you can’t find a gravy-free inch, what with all the gravy that oozes to the bottom of the container.

Gravy Fries and accompanying tools

Gravy Fries and accompanying tools

Gravy Fries on fork

Gravy Fries on fork

Honestly, you don’t really need me to tell you if Gravy Fries are for you. You know right away. You probably find Gravy Fries either entirely appealing or completely horrifying, and that’s all there is to it. (For example, AJ and I part ways here…she wouldn’t touch ‘em, but they’re my holy grail.)

If you’ve been to Pop Century, you know that some of its quirky appeal is in the background music loop that you hear upon entering the lobby and continuing into the Food Court. While chomping on Gravy Fries, I’ve enjoyed hearing “Hold My Hand,” by Hootie and the Blowfish, 50s dance hit “At the Hop,” “The Hustle” (perhaps you’ve seen the Pop Century Food & Beverage team dancing along to this one), and “Talkin’ in Your Sleep,” by the Romantics.

But – for whatever reason – four times out of five when I’m eating Gravy Fries (yes, I eat them A LOT), I hear “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” from the 80s hit Brat Pack movie, “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

"Remember When..."

“Remember When…”

And herein lies the greatness of Everything Pop. Where else can you indulge in a complete guilty pleasure… while listening to nothing but guilty pleasures?!

Retro sign

Retro sign

If you find that other somewhere, let me know. Especially if they serve Gravy Fries.

So, are Gravy Fries for you? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Jon says

    This is something that they need to sell in the Canada pavillion at EPCOT. With cheese curds. Not a day goes by where I pass by that area and wish they sold poutine out of one of the kiosks.

  2. Zoe says

    Ooh these look good. In the U.K. Especially the North, chips and gravy are very popular, we also have scratchings or scraps, these are all the little bits of batter that have come loose from battered fish etc. chips, gravy, scratchings and salt and vinegar-yum.

  3. says

    Gravy fries are pretty much a standard issue item when you eat in Canada. In fact, when you are ordering fries alone or with a meal, you will often hear, “Would you like gravy on those fries?” My hunch is that the gravy part is a carry over from poutine (french fries, fresh cheese curds, and gravy) which originated in Quebec, has been recognized across Canada for years, and is finally trickling down into the U.S.

    I didn’t realize they were available at Pop Century. I would be less surprised to find them somewhere in Canada at Epcot. I miss having gravy with my fries here in the U.S.

  4. says

    You’ll also find it as a staple of fish and chip shops in the north of England! For some reason it’s not so common in the south.

  5. Denise says

    I know there were diners in parts of NY that would serve cheese fries (fries covered in melted mozzarella) then covered in gravy. I guess it’s NY diner version of poutine. The slang for it was “disco fries” because you ate them on your way home from the disco.

  6. Dana says

    I love curry fries, and those have a curry-gravy on them. If the gravy on these have a bit of a kick, I’d try them!

  7. Lisa says

    Here in Canada they are absolutely everywhere except we call them “Fries and Gravy”. Often times we get the gravy on the side so it doesn’t soften the fries. As I said, you can get them everywhere from sit down restaurants all the way down to chip trucks, they’re pretty standard fair here and I’d be surprised NOT to be able to get them anywhere fries are sold here.

  8. Amy says

    I grew up in NJ (not Canada, not UK) and grew up on fries with melted Mozzarella and gravy, sold in all respectable Jersey diners. Gravy on fries has been around for awhile in some parts of the US. At the really good diners, they’ll serve them 24 hours a day, and though this may not apply to most families staying at Pop Century, they are the best hangover food. I can’t find a good version of mozzarella and gravy fries here, but there is a sandwich shop up the road from me in Massachusetts, from which they will deliver gravy fries sans cheese. I might have to grab some when I stay at Pop this fall.

  9. says

    These are not for me. They don’t look good and I can’t imagine even ordering them. But I could be surprised and I would try them if someone else ordered and offered me some. I’m more likely to head over to the bakery section for a King Cupcake if I’m there.

  10. Chris says

    Wow i was at pop century a few weeks ago and never saw these,On my next trip i am going to try these!

  11. Carol says

    I usually order the gravy on the side (I’m Canadian) and dip my fries into it. That way the chips stay nice and crispy and I’m in control of how much gravy I want. It’s probably a cultural thing in that you enjoy what’s familiar. For instance, my stomach turns at the sight of biscuits and gravy because it’s not something we have here, at least not where I live anyway. I know it’s a common dish throughout most of the southern U.S. and is available all around WDW. I can’t imagine why you’d want to ruin a perfectly good tea biscuit by dumping a bunch of anemic looking gravy on it and I imagine my American friends feel the same way about fries and gravy. ;) I guess it’s all in what you’re used to. :)

  12. Victoria says

    I love gravy fries. I am from central eastern pa and grew up on gravy fries!

    We will be staying at pop this September, do you know if you could get these with a snack credit?

  13. Diane says

    Another UK northerner here – another pro gravy and chips (fries) vote!

    I’ve just eaten a massive dinner… these pics have made me hungry again.

    You can’t beat chips and gravy. Hmm maybe cheesy chips… but then it comes down to mood, and some days combining them up is absolutely the way to go! :D

  14. Essie says

    I love crispy, brown fries. All they need is salt. If I’m in a gourmet mood, I may opt for plastic cheese.They also make pizza fries in my city, with marinara sauce and mozzarella, but I’ve never had them. I love good homemade ‘pan dripping’ brown gravy from a roast pork, beef or turkey, but I don’t think I’d want it on my fries (I’d try it once as a sample, I guess.).
    PS: I don’t like that white ‘grit’ gravy at all; it’s kind of gacky.

  15. Mark says

    Wait. I haven’t been to WDW yet. So Canada in EPCOT doesn’t sell poutine? I am so disappointed. As a Canuck I would expect a few things. Back Bacon (or as some Americans call it, Canadian bacon), smoked salmon, several Canadian beers( Molson’s, Labbat’s, Moosehead etc.) and poutine.

  16. says

    Mark — You can order poutine (though not “real” bar-quality poutine — this is more fancy) at Le Cellier, the Canada table-service restaurant. But you can’t order it “to-go” from anywhere.

  17. says

    I also grew up on gravy fries, but a lot of people around her (western NY) have never seen it.. I don’t really understand the aversion to it.. no one thinks twice about gravy on mashed potatoes.. what is the difference?

    Count me in for voting for one of the kiosks at the Canada pavilion selling poutine to go.. would be a great snack (although might be a bit heavy in the summer months..)

  18. Tina says

    I’m from Long Island, NY. About a half hour from NYC where I work. And I can tell you, as I see a few other New Yorkers and New Jersians have already pointed out :), that Gravy Fries (“Disco Fries”) run ramped in these parts. And as was also stated, they do come with melted mozzarella on them the majority of the time. You can of course get your “Disco Fries” as custom as you want them. Cheese on them and Gravy on the side, Cheese and Gravy both of them, Naked Fries with your Gravy on the side, Fries with just gravy. But the standard means Fries with Melted Mozzarella and Brown Gravy. I too cannot even fathom someone having an aversion to these puppies as they are pure heaven on a plate, and I’ve grown up with them as well lol. But to each their own. I will say Amy hit it right on the head with the dish being some of the best hangover food around. But also, amazing late at night heading home after wherever you may have been. Hence the name “Disco Fries”. That’s how far this trend goes back. People haven’t called the bar, or club the “Disco” in quite a while. I love that :). But I can tell you it’s 100% a part of the culture of kids growing up in NY and NJ. Nothing like a good, old fashioned Diner.

  19. Sandy says

    The only thing we put on fries in Chicago is ketchup or melted cheddar cheese. I’ve never heard of this. I’m staying at Pop in Oct. I may have to test this out.

  20. Kelly M says

    Yes. Gravy & chips (another UK’er!) is the way forward. Sometimes I get a craving and nothing else will do.
    But… Does anyone remember when these were a starter in 50’s Prime Time Cafe? They were SO good.

  21. Anna says

    I’m from north UK too (Yorkshire anyone!?) and chips and gravy need to be in the UK Epcot pavilion. With scraps. Which I think has been mentioned before. Especially because it’s ‘Yorkshire County Chip Shop’ and I haven’t been to a Yorks chippy yet that doesn’t sell them.
    Someone really needs to do this.
    It will make me so happy!

  22. Sarah says

    Gravy fries are pretty common here in central Maryland as well. I’ve seen “Disco Fries” in some area diners, and gravy fries in plenty of other places. They are delicious.

  23. Angelina says

    I’ve never eaten gravy outside of the thanksgiving/holiday season but it is one of my favorite parts so I would totally give these a try!

  24. Lianne says

    Another one from the UK here (north east) and I grew up on chips and gravy. Beef gravy, chicken gravy, any gravy. If from the ‘chippy’ then I totally agree girls, with scraps too yum.
    I even have gravy on my fries if we go to KFC (the gravy in these pics looks a lot like our KFC peppery gravy) Love it and I know my kids will always clear their plate if they have chips and gravy so We will have to pop over there for a try when we are there in a few weeks. So excited.
    Would be fab if they brought this peppery gravy to the Yorkshire chippy in Epcot, as was said earlier. It would go down a storm I’m sure!

  25. Chelsea says

    I would totally give these a try! Just another variation on potatoes and gravy when you think about it! My family and I always stay at the All Star resorts though so I can’t imagine myself being able to talk them into a trip over to Pop Century just for some gravy covered french fries XD

  26. Lori says

    50’s Prime Time Café and Tune-In Lounge will both serve gravy fries if you ask!! They’re not on the menu, but they will happily do them for you, with the choice of beef or chicken gravy (and of course it HAS to be beef as far as I’m concerned!!)

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