Guest Review: Eats and Treats at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea

Welcome guest author Audrey B. with a review from Tokyo Disneyland!

When I recently had the opportunity to spend the day at the Tokyo Disney Resort, I was ecstatic but a bit apprehensive about the food situation.

Tokyo Disneyland

Although I had originally planned to spend the entire day at the DisneySea park, thanks to meticulous tour planning and FastPass I was able to enjoy all of the attractions by 2pm.

I could not resist jumping on the monorail and heading over to Disneyland Park, and here’s where you’ll find one of the most popular food items in Tokyo Disney!

Souvenir Popcorn Buckets

One thing you will notice if you ever make it to this park is that nearly everyone carries a souvenir popcorn bucket!

Popcorn in Tokyo Disneyland!

The popcorn is quite a big deal and a popular snack in Tokyo Disneyland. Carts can be found throughout the park, each offering unique flavors such as Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Curry, Milk Tea, Cranberry, and Soy Sauce & Butter.

After riding Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (arguably the most advanced, whimsical, and unique dark ride ever in the entire world!), I followed my tummy for a little smackerel of Honey Popcorn! It was undoubtedly my favorite out of everything I ate on the trip!

Tokyo DisneySea

Because I spent most of my time at DisneySea, a remarkably beautiful and unique counterpart to Disneyland, we’ve got a lot to talk about here.

Maple Balls

In the Agrabah Marketplace, I found a stand called Sultan’s Oasis, which served juice, ice cream, and something called Maple Balls, which I had to try!

Maple Balls.

Not quite like doughnuts, but not quite like cake, either, these scrumptious little nuggets had a slightly chewy texture, complimented with the crunch of the walnut topping.

New York Deli

For my full meal, I headed over to New York Deli! I’ve spent lots of time in Japan, and while the warmth of the people always makes it an enjoyable experience, the cuisine is quite exotic. And most Japanese I’ve encountered find my vegetarianism perplexing, to put it mildly. The New York Deli offers several salads and sandwiches, but no vegetarian choices.

I tried my luck requesting that a Reuben be made without the beef. There was a bit of a language barrier, but the young man was very patient and helpful.

New York Deli Vegetarian Meal.

While not exactly what I’m used to getting in the States, it was very tasty. The Thousand Island dressing looked the same as you’d expect, but there were definitely some unrecognizable flavors in there. The fries and Coke were exactly the same as you’d expect to get in the U.S.

One note if you do find yourself here: near the dining area, usually near a condiments station,

you will find a sink where you can (and should) wash your hands before you eat, as is customary in Japan.

Ice Cream

Had I not indulged in the Maple Balls, I might have been tempted to try one of these treats available in the nearby Mysterious Island section of the park!

Ice Cream at DisneySea!


I had read that the Tokyo Disney Resort offers varieties of Churro that are unavailable elsewhere. Apparently the selections (such as maple, honey lemon, and sesame) change periodically, and they are very popular among the guests.

While I was there, the only available churro was Strawberry Milk with a chocolate dipping sauce. Initially I thought I would give it a try, but each time I came upon a Churro stand, I was confronted with a line like this!

Queue for Churros.

The line continues all the way around and behind those trees! Note to self: get in line for churros early!

Menus and Plastic Food

If, like me, you feel apprehensive about the food situation, rest assured that the attentive staff will take care of you. You might also be comforted to know that, as is customary in Japan, each menu is posted out front (including English translations) along with plastic molds of exactly how each dish will appear, as seen here at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen in the Mermaid Lagoon section of DisneySea.

Menu choices translated in English.

Plastic food representing menu items!


If you are planning a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort, you are in for a rare treat. Not only are there unique and wonderful Disney experiences to be had, but the incredible warmth and spirit of the Japanese visitors will live in your heart and memory forever.

I will never, ever forget seeing the gleeful faces and squeals of joy as the gates first opened in the morning, or hearing grown men belt out along with “Paint with All the Colors of the Wind.” The Magic of Disney knows no language or cultural barriers!

Have you visited one or both of the Toyko parks? Let us know your thoughts on the food selections. And if we’re ever lucky enough to get there, what MUST we try? Chime in now!


  1. says

    Jenn: Sea Salt ice cream is the BEST! It is not salted caramel flavor. It’s like vanilla ice cream with a little bit of a salty overtone that, I kid you not, tricked my brain into thinking I was eating a hot fudge sundae with nuts. Like, I could taste nuts and allllmost taste fudge even though all I was eating was salty vanilla ice cream.

  2. Avaitor says

    TDR just never ceases to amaze me with its beauty whenever I see material from the two parks, from the rides to the queues, and certainly the food as well. My word, I want two of everything here!

  3. SallyO says

    I have to ask- what exactly goes in a beefless Reuben? Is there a protein substitute? Or is it just cheese and dressing (and sauerkraut?)

  4. Anna says

    I have been to Tokyo Disneyland, and it’s so funny that you mention the popcorn phenomenon. My most vivid memory from my visit nine years ago is not the rides or the shows, but it’s of hundreds of adults with large plastic popcorn containers around their necks. They looked so bulky– not conducive for riding rides– but almost everyone was wearing them and eating lots of popcorn.

    Thanks for the review and the memories!

  5. says

    Are you vegetarian? I had the most incredibly difficult time altering meals to be made vegeterian in the tokyo parks. It’s not that they were unwilling to do it, they just didn’t understand why I would want to…

  6. Essie says

    I would love to go the Tokyo Disney parks! I’d certainly try the foods out, but I think I’d pass on the churro lines! I really enjoyed this article, AJ.

  7. says

    My favorite item was the Pork Rice Roll in American Waterfront. Rice wrapped in terriyaki bacon. Amazing!

    Of the popcorns, my favorite was the Corn Pottage (which is seasonal) and then the Milk Tea. The Soy Sauce and Butter should have been a home run but was one of my least favorite :-/. Still good though.

  8. Kelc says

    I just returned from a trip to Japan and went to Tokyo Disney Sea! Was so much fun!!! Next time you should eat the Gyoza Sausage Bun in Mysterious Island! I believe there was another guest review about the buns. But they are SO GOOD! I could eat those all day!

  9. Angelina says

    That Minnie mouse apple bar sounds right up my alley. Why do we only have mickey bars here in the states? Where is the Minnie love?

  10. Hearher says

    I’m going to Tokyo disney in a few weeks. I haven’t stopped wondering if they have Carmel apples, I’ve tried to find out but have been unsuccessful. Would you please put an end to my wondering? Thank you, Heather

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