Disney Food Challenge: The Disneyland Ice Cream Crawl!

Ah, the hottest days of summer are upon us! And I can think of no better way to cool down than with a frosty ice cream treat!

disneyland ice cream crawl

And don’t you love all the forms of yummo snacks that ice cream can take? Its natural diversity makes it a perfect candidate for one of our favorite pastimes…

Introducing, The Disney Food Blog Disneyland Ice Cream Crawl!

Now, we realize, this is a LOT of ice cream. So feel free to break up your crawl over a period of a few days. Or, you know, eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks). We won’t judge.

So without delay, let’s hit it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

We are going to start our Epic Ice Cream Day with a stop into Gibson Girl Ice Cream.

The vintage vibe is alive and well in this recently-renovated Main Street USA staple. I love all of the old fashioned ice cream shop options you have here. The Waffle Cones, made right there in the shop, are deeeelish!

Waffle Cones

Waffle Cones at Gibson Girl

And who wouldn’t love an Ice Cream Soda served in a real (souvenir) glass?

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Glass

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Glass

But my favorite treat at Gibson Girl is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae. It has everything — Cookies, Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream — and of course, Ice Cream!

Cookie Sundae

Cookie Sundae

With my love of Handmade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, this was made for me! Really. It ought to be called “The AJ”. ;-)

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

After your breakfast sundae and a trip or two down the Matterhorn, you’ll be ready for a snack — and I have just the thing. We couldn’t go too far in our odyssey without having that most iconic Disney ice cream treat a — Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.

With all of the amazing snacks and food at Disney, I have to carve out time for this one on every trip!

That's better!

Irresistible Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar!

How could you resist? It’s a smile on a stick!

The Butterscotch Sundae at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

For our next ice cream stop, head over to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. It’s a match made in heaven — rich ice cream coupled with some of the best chocolate around!

The choices are dizzying here…it’s practically impossible to make a decision! Normally I can’t resist their Gold Rush Peanut Butter Sundae. That combo of Hot Fudge and Melted Peanut Butter (!!!!!) speaks to me everytime.

But today, just for variety’s sake, let’s take a look at another one of their Sundaes. Pick from their extensive menu of Premium Sundae options, or choose your toppings and make your own! I love their Butterscotch Sundae! Rich Ice Cream, topped with loads and loads of the most amazing Butterscotch Topping you have ever tasted!

Butterscotch Sundae at Ghirardelli

Butterscotch Sundae at Ghirardelli

It’s sweet and salty classic goodness.

Clarabelle’s Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bar

Next, we’ll head to Clarabelle’s for one of our favorite Disneyland unique treats.

We’ve already had our Mickey Ice Cream Bar, so now it’s time for something a little different. How about we try our hand at making our own with the super-personalized Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bar at Clarabelle’s!

Okay, so you don’t actually get to dip it yourself. BUT — you tell them what to dip (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Mixed Berry Sorbet), what to dip it in (Milk or Dark Chocolate), and what you’d like to sprinkle on top (Chocolate Chip Morsels, Confetti Mickeys, Blue Raspberry Bursts (like Pop Rocks!), or Rainbow Sprinkles). If you can’t decide, go for “The Whole Herd” — all of the above!

Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar -- You Create It!

Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar — You Create It!

What would you pick? Today, Sorbet, Milk Chocolate, and Confetti Mickeys are speaking to me!

Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel “Route” Beer Float

For our final stop, we’re headed to DCA and Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel for a delicious twist on an old favorite.

You’d expect the Cozy Cone to offer Ice Cream Cones. Right? Right!

Here, you can indulge in Soft Serve Ice Cream from Cone Two! Choose Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirled. And they’ll even dip them in Chocolate for you!

Get your "Route" Beer Float from Cozy Cone #2!

Get your “Route” Beer Float from Cozy Cone #2!

But for this challenge, I recommend Sally’s “Route” Beer Float!

Cozty Cone "Route" Beer Float

Cozty Cone “Route” Beer Float

Soft Serve + Root Beer will keep you fueled up for whatever adventure lies ahead!

Will You Take the Disney Food Blog Disneyland Ice Cream Crawl Challenge?

Well, there you have it! Our homage to that classic summertime treat, ice cream — Disneyland style!

And now, we can’t wait to hear from you! Let us know in comments below if you intend to take the Disney Food Blog Disneyland Ice Cream Crawl Challenge!


  1. ran6110 says

    I’ve tried them all and the only two worth coming back for (to me) are the Mickey Premium bars and the Gibson Girl double scoop, waffle cone of Mocha Almond Fudge (there is a version over at CAR).

  2. Stephanie says

    Challenge accepted! 53 days to the DL Half-marathon and it will be done. Pretty sure at least three of these were on my list anyway and since Napa Rose is closed (nnnooooo) I’ll just eat ice cream instead.

  3. says

    Wait! You forgot the VERY last stop: Häagen-Dazs Deep Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake for the drive home! Ask for it extra-thick, no whipped cream… ;)

  4. Essie says

    I couldn’t do the challenge, but I sure did enjoy going thru your article! Now I want to go back thru the article and zero in on some of the related blogs. Thanks, AJ.

  5. Sauni-Rae says

    You forgot the Rootbeer Floats and Sundaes at the Golden Horseshoe. Always a good place to go when the Ice Cream Shop on Main St is packed.

  6. Wendy says

    Hi AJ! FYI- you can get the chocolate chip cookie hot fudge sundae with 3 scoops of any flavor ice cream in the Mickey Pants bowl at Clarabelle’s in California Adventure for $12! Our last cookie sundae was mocha almond fudge and cookies and cream!

  7. betsey says

    what? you forgot the kitchen sink at paradise pier and the mini kitchen sink at clarabell’s both are delicious

  8. Anna says

    Route Beer Float made with soft serve ice cream… Hmmmm. I tried making my own ice cream floats on my recent Disney Cruise, and I just could not make it work with the self-serve soft serve available on the ship. It was much runnier than it would have been with real ice cream. Am I missing something? How do they make this?

  9. Leslie says

    Love your article as I indulge in such wonderful stuff every weekend at Disneyland and DCA! My favorites are a double scoop, chocolate and strawberry or strawberry and sherbet at Gibson Girl with a Matterhorn of whipped cream, or head over to Ghirardelli’s for a double scoop of chocolate with peanut butter topping or a Dole Whip or the ever favorite, a premium bar! I’ve also enjoyed an ice cream soda at Gibson Girl but with strawberry and sherbet and orange soda – yum!!!!!!! I miss the soft serve with flavor rings on Paradise Pier. Oh, the kitchen sink is pretty amazing – I once helped someone eat 3 of those because some friends wanted the bowls! Heaven!!! Oh, and with all, a picture must be taken and posted as when I post a picture without ice cream my friends all become kinda concerned. :-)

  10. Patrick says

    That’s all and good, but I’ll be happier when they bring back Fantasia Ice Cream…

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