The Worst Ketchup in All of Walt Disney World

Ketchup. I personally love the stuff. I dip fries into it. It goes onto my burgers and hot dogs. I’ve been known to put it on steak. All incarnations of chicken — when not slathered in Buffalo wing sauce — get ketchupped.

But recently, I requested ketchup at Crew’s Cup Lounge in Disney World’s Yacht Club Resort when having a little lunch there. And I met with the Worst. Ketchup. In. Disney World.

If I’ve piqued your interest, here’s a pic of the offending condiment: Dickinson’s Ketchup. In one of those teeny tiny room service jars, no less. (Apparently the Crew’s Cup kitchen is the same one that manages room service. Sigh. Double sigh.)

Dickinson's Ketchup in a Jar

Dickinson’s Ketchup in a Jar

As I see it, there are three major problems here. Shall we?

Problem #1: getting the ketchup out. Um…it’s impossible. There’s ketchup in there, all right, but it’s uber thick and pretty much just stays in there no matter how long you tip the thing upside down. So you have to get your knife involved in scraping the stuff out, which not only provides a nails-on-a-chalkboard (or, knife-on-glass, as it may be) irritation, but also dirties your knife.

Problem #2: the taste. I know that most ketchup starts with concentrated tomatoes — like tomato paste, I’m thinking — but this seems, well, entirely too tomato-y to me. It’s, like, mega-tomato. There is such a thing as too much tomato.

Dickinson's Ketchup Ingredients -- Click to Enlarge

Dickinson’s Ketchup Ingredients — Click to Enlarge

But THEN there’s Problem #3: the texture.

Once you wrestle it out of the jar — and really, you should have a tiny rubber spatula for this feat — you see that it really is the consistency of tomato paste. You could probably make a little ketchup sculpture out of it. And that’s just wrong.

Out of the Jar

Out of the Jar

So I have made a mental note to myself: when staying at Walt Disney World, I’ll squirrel away a packet or two (or 6) of good, old fashioned Heinz if and when I see them. It may be tough, what with all those ketchup dispensers at condiment bars. But I’m gonna try.

Gloppy ketchup. Gross. Sorry Dickinson Family.

Are you opinionated when it comes to condiments? Tell us about your most — and least — favorite dips and toppings in Walt Disney World!


  1. says

    Good grief, 1.4 ounces… could you even dip a single Tater Tot into that jar? Maybe it’s made that way on purpose, if it were better Ketchup, they’d have to bring me 10 jars just to get through a single plate of fries! Cute jar though.

  2. Kirsty says

    Well the jar is cute but I hate too strong ketchup. But, enough of the Ketchup lets get to the good stuff…

    When will more details about F&W festival be available?! It seems such a long time coming this year and we’re edging closer to September.

    I’m dying for full details of menus & special events :'(

  3. EDiggity says

    Wrong. Little containers of anything are better than giant supermarket containers because awesome.

  4. D says

    For a quick solution, walk out the door towards boardwalk, hang a left and turn into Hanna’s. Food that is made for Ketchup lovers with many packages of Heinz in the serve yourself bin. If I had my way ketchup would be banned outside of counter service – so you can taste the food on your plate

  5. Essie says

    I wasn’t sure just what this blog was gonna be about since it didn’t seem that it could be just about ketchup! But, it is, and some things are relative and then become VERY important. Where would we be without ketchup for our burgers? I’ve never seen it in a jar before, but I think I’ll stick with good old Heinz ketchup, also. I have to say, however, Dickinson makes the most WONDERFUL LEMON CURD ever! ;)

  6. El Jefe del WalMarto says

    A review of ketchup. Well, I suppose it’s modestly more useful than a review of the silverware.

    Bring on the meteor, please?

  7. Karen says

    In December, when we ate at Columbia Harbor House (or was it Cosmic Ray’s?), anyway, the ketchup from the dispenser was the worst ketchup I’ve ever had. I knew it wasn’t Heinz. Let’s hope Dickinson’s isn’t taking over the World.

  8. Anna says

    I, too, see the humor in this! Thank you, AJ! And since ketchup is trending, how is the kid’s healthy choice ketchup that Disney is serving up these days? I seem to recall it has carrots in addition to tomato sauce. Any reviews from DFB kids? Will I be able to get mine to eat it?

  9. kat says

    Maybe it has less chemicals? Ketchup abroad tastes more like actual tomatoes. Heinz is laden with corn syrup and sodium and preservatives… and artificial coloring. It tastes nothing like tomatoes.

  10. steph says

    kat is right, this is a more premium brand of ketchup – also more natural. No high fructose corn syrup or preservatives here. This is actually my husbands favorite brand. It’s distributed by Smuckers and we get the little jars of ketchup, mayo and mustard every time we visit the
    Smucker’s store. AJ, maybe you’re used to the watered down too sweet stuff??

  11. Emma says

    I love this ketchup precisely because it tastes more like tomatoes and less like corn syrup. I have never had a hard time getting it out of the bottle, I just use a knife and as far as the texture goes, well, again, it’s more like real food and tomatoes than ketchup so the texture is more pleasing to me than Heinz.

  12. Brad says

    I actually love this ketchup, which of course I first experienced from hotel room service. You’d be disappointed if you expected Heinz of course, but I guess I’m one of these people that feel there’s room in the world for non-Heinz ketchup too. You’re right about the texture of course; it has this thick tomato-jam texture (which I find lovely) meant to be spread with a knife. The taste profile is wonderful and unique. Big tomato flavor with a strong spiced clove taste. To each his own I suppose. I love Heinz but I think there’s certainly a time and place for this product too.

  13. Jennifer Owens says

    I don’t understand why you say this is the WORST ketchup at Disney World. This is the best Ketchup I’ve ever tasted. I think it is definitely worth a try to those who like a nice thick ketchup. I really think it is a great product.

  14. Monica says

    Get a life. The jar is cute. The taste is for sophisticated palettes unlike yourself. The amount is perfect so one does not over eat and stuff ones face with extra calories.

    The only issue is the GMO corn syrup. They should be using sugar. Plain. Simple.

  15. says

    Hey Monica! Thanks so much for your comment. Just to be clear, this post is tongue in cheek, so I find it kind of amusing that folks are taking such severe offense to it.

    But I’m always glad to get comments like this, because it gives me the chance to say again that my website is here primarily to help travelers and families determine what restaurants will best fit their needs and purposes. And I also give my own reviews just in case that helps anyone out there. I’m not a chef or classically trained, and I’m not (and have never claimed to be) a food critic. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “sophisticated palette” anymore — food is either good or it’s not, but that’s completely subjective. Just like I tell my 3-year-old, everyone has different taste buds.

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