First Look and Photo Review: The NEW Club 33 in Disneyland!

The time has come! Ever since we told you about the Club 33 renovation in Disneyland, we’ve been awaiting opening night…and now we’ve got PICTURES!! (You can see a history of Club 33 here.)

33 Mosaic

33 Mosaic

Heather will be busily working on her full review for ya, but I couldn’t help sharing a few gorgeous photos of what the newly renovated (and MOVED) restaurant looks like now. I’m happy to say that there have been lots of positive additions, and some of the classic touches from Walt’s day have survived. Let’s take a look!


As many know, the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square was a favorite spot for picture-taking…and just “getting away from it all” in Disneyland for many guests. This area has now been taken over by the new entryway of Club 33!

You can see details and the backstory on this area over at Daveland’s Page. But here’s what it looks like today…

Steps Down to Club 33

Steps Down to Club 33

The look and feel of 33 is now heavily accented with Art Nouveau touches, and the detail starts here on the stairs with this lighting.

Steps Detail

Steps Detail

As always, Club 33 retains its mystery. Many will remember the old entrance — just a nondescript door with a “33” plaque and a doorbell next to it.

The old Club 33  entrance at Disneyland

The old Club 33 entrance at Disneyland

Today, the entrance remains understated. No big signs point the way to this exclusive location.

Door Entryway

Door Entryway

But the doorbell has received an upgrade. Still under-the-radar, but a bit classier.

New Doorbell

New Doorbell

Once you get buzzed inside, you’ll see that the new space is well appointed, indeed. This chandelier shows that no expense has been spared.



And guests may be excited to know that a new Salon lounge has been added to the mix! No more waiting awkwardly in the entryway for your table to be ready!

I think this is one of my favorite parts of the new space. Check out this cozy decor!

Booth at Salon

Booth at Salon

And you remember how I said that many of the classic touches from Walt’s day have been saved? The old Club 33 Lift has been turned into a Salon table…for one! ;-)

Old Lift is a New Table

Old Lift is a New Table

Speaking of classic touches, the Club 33 Vulture has made the trip to the new location!



Once you’re seated in the Salon awaiting your table, thumb through the new eats and drinks you can consider as appetizers! We loved the Diamond Martini, a new 33 signature drink.

Diamond Martini in Salon

Diamond Martini in Salon

Ready to head inside the dining room? Here we go! The tables and settings are reminiscent of the old Club 33, with a few modern touches here and there.

Table and Settings

Table and Settings

Table Setting

Table Setting


Menus are now the purview of Disneyland’s favorite chef, Andrew Sutton, who currently also holds the reigns at Napa Rose and Carthay Circle Restaurant. They’ve been fully updated with the new renovation.

Club 33 Dinner MenuClub 33 Dinner Menu 2

The full review of dinner will come along with Heather’s review soon, but I couldn’t help whetting your appetite with a few delicacies from the night! This Peach Panna Cotta Amuse Bouche was served to all guests.

Peach Amuse Bouche

Peach Amuse Bouche

And the new Corn Chowder is anything but dull.

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

But me? I was most excited to see MONKEY BREAD on the menu! Any fancy schmancy restaurant willing to serve monkey bread is my kind of place! ;-)

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread

Stay Tuned…

There are LOTS more pictures…and food…to come with our full review soon! I hope you enjoyed this tiny taste of the new 33!

Is Club 33 a spot that’s on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Michael says

    Jeez.. looks beautiful! Would love so much to get a chance to dine there. My wife and I gaze in envy at it every time we pass! We love Napa Rose, so I’m glad to hear about Sutton! Now we just need someone incredibly kind to get us in the door of 33.. :D i’m not above begging! lol. Thanks for the early peak, can’t wait for the full review!

  2. whoever says

    GREAT teasers…. I can’t wait to see it first hand. I thankfully saw it in its previous incarnation, and this looks to have upped it substantially even sadly at the loss of Trophy room and the former entrance/lift.

  3. says

    Great update. There is so much out there that is negative it is nice to see the other side of the story. I would love to go there. Nothing is going to be perfect but this looks really nice.

  4. Ann Helms says

    Is the châteaubriand really off the menu or was this a special menu for the re-opening? I know filet minon is similar but the history of the famous meal. It’s sad that they couldn’t find a way to keep the lift intact & functioning.

  5. Nathan says

    I do not appreciate that WDI felt the need to reinvent Club 33’s theme. What this blog does not show is a wide shot of the dining room which is far less special and inviting. And what a horrible way to convert a lift with such historical significance into a table. As Amanda mentioned, it is absolutely heartbreaking.

  6. Michael says

    Club 33 is something that if I ever had a chance to experience I would die happy. My family and I are Disney fanatics… Even went as far as buying stock in the great company. Would love the ability to just simply walk through that door!

  7. Sasha says

    Would love to be able to dine here one day since I am a Disney fanatic at heart, looks beautiful!

  8. Justin says

    Do you know if they still have the seafood bar for lunch? That was one of my favorite things…

  9. Debbie Stewart says

    Club 33 would be a dream come true! I eat, drink, sleep and talk about Disney everyday!! My dream job would be to work at Disney!

  10. Lyann Nakama says

    A visit to Club 33 has been on my bucket list forever. Highly unlikely to be fulfilled.

  11. Charlene says

    I am so happy that we got to ride the lift the one time we were blessed enough to go to club 33. I don’t know if I will ever make it there again in this lifetime but am so happy to have at least been there in it’s original state!

  12. klg says

    This is definitely on my bucket list. Got to see a glimpse on one of the tours. Just made me Ling to want to go even more. We are huge Disney fans and this would be a dream come true! I can’t just taste the food in my mind so imagine it in person!!!

  13. LK says

    @Michael – re simply walking through the door – you might want to check out the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour the next time you are in Disneyland. Prior to the renovation, it included a few minutes in the Club 33 lobby. We were able to get lots of pictures, truly a special experience for those of us who will never have an opportunity to dine there. I don’t know if the new lobby & courtyard will be included in the tour now that Club 33 has reopened, you could call the tour reservations folks or check at the tour desk in park. It does tend to fill up quickly & the group is small, so there may not walkup tour openings.

  14. bevspanda says

    I went to Club 33 4 years ago and happy I got to see it then.. not sure I will like the new so called improved version .. I believe in the nostalgia of the old original Walt era .. just my opinion til I see the new Club 33

  15. Evette Reveles says

    one word….. AMAZING!!!
    Wow I’m sure these pictures have no justice to what it looks like in real life. club 33 is on my bucketlist and has been since I knew about it. One day I will have the opportunity to go in and enjoy this unbelievable experience when I get the chance(win the lottery). Till than I will admire the sign like I have been in the last. club 33 we will meet one day.

  16. Essie says

    I’ve never been to the DLR, but I know about Club 33. It’s a restaurant with great significance with Walt Disney himself. I wonder why they had to change such a legendary place?

  17. Katarina James says

    I would love to dine at club 33, I visited Victoria and Alberts in Florida and thoroughly enjoyed it. Please let me know when you are accepting reservations or new members.

  18. DDA says

    It’s so… regular. Like every average upscale restaurant. I was really hoping for more. Those lamps up the stairs look perfectly awkward (why mess with perfection?). But the lift… heartbreaking. It’s somehow in very poor taste to put a table inside of it. I’m happy my memories will be of the original Club 33. I’m rethinking membership now…

  19. Alice says

    Thanks for the seek peek. Yes, Club 33 continues to remain on my bucket list. Walt’s quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”.

  20. Stephanie says

    Looks great so far! What a fabulous idea it would have been to utilize the old entrance for the average guest to be able to go up inside and see a part of Disneyland history that we may not have been able to otherwise. Have the new club 33 for current members but have a very small part of the old one as a gift shop available for the non-holding average folk. I’m sure they had to use every inch of space though and that’s a moot point now. Oh well, anyhow, can’t wait to see more photos.

  21. Karen Ellis says

    Sad to see the old one refurbbed but I understand the reason. Hope to get back there to see how it looks in person. Thx for your pictures.

  22. Kristina says

    While the new look is really very nice I’m much more about the park itself than a fancy restaurant that Walt never lived to dine in. Especially now that it’s changed from his original idea and the Court of Angels has been taken away from regular park guests. Still thankful as always for the sneak peek inside.

  23. Alec says

    I could never support a project that flagrantly disregards Disneyland’s best themed area just to cater to $$$.

  24. Greg Kish says

    It’s always been a dream of our whole family to one day dine in Club 33. It’s in our bucket list along with a visit to all the Disneyland Parks around the world. We love to dine at Napa Rose and we can’t wait till that special day comes when we have a chance to fulfill our dream.

  25. Kate says

    Very sad that the old lift is gone due to the great story and history. Club 33 is still on my Disney bucket list but I did get to see the old lobby during a Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour.

  26. Camille Lim says

    I’m going to Disneyland for my birthday on September 12 and it would be a dream come true if I could get into Club 33!! I work for Boeing and the company used to allow some employees to make reservations. I was so excited to go, but since the renovation, the policy guidelines has changed. I was really sad by this…

  27. Dan says

    I understand this is the Disney FOOD Blog, so your focus is naturally on the interior, and what the food will be. Naturally.

    But, this refurb is really a boondoggle. Anyone who wants to should check out some photos of the exterior in New Orleans Square to see what a mess they have made. There is a website out there that has a lot of pictures. Shouldn’t be too hard to locate.

    Also, the interior of the dining room is horrifyingly poorly done. This is a “private” club with an 11k a year membership fee, it shouldn’t look like a cafeteria.

    This may be the worst thing done at Disney west coast in a decade.

  28. Steve says

    What they did with the lift is horrifying! Our bucket list dining experience at club 33 was fulfilled two years ago, and we soaked everything in. To see some of these changes is disheartening. We understand change is necessary but not something that so many people hold in such high regard. We will visit again will get used to the changes I will come to appreciate the newness, but never forget the experience of our first visit.

  29. Tricia says

    This is so on my Bucket list. I’m glad that some of the old was kept, but change does happen.

  30. Trenton says

    I was lucky enough to go to the old Club 33 twice last year and am hoping to see the new Club 33 the first week of August. Rumor has it that there will be restrictions on how many guests of the members can go without them. Hope we will still be able to go. Looks great and can’t wait.

  31. RW says

    I hope they are not going to release those menus with the typo on them. How embarrassing.

  32. Suzanne says

    Club 33 has been a place that I have dreamed of going to since I was a little girl. We had a family friend who is a Disney Legend. In fact, she helped to design many of the classic rides including Small World. When I was small she took my mom, but they really didn’t allow kids in at the time. She promised me that she would take me when I was old enough. She was transferred to Florida and since then has passed away. I”m grown up now (quite a bit) but I still haven’t been able to go and now I don’t know anyone who can take me. It’s sad.

  33. Hayley says

    Club 33 is a dream. One can only dream that they will one day experience this once in a lifetime chance. I envy those who have had the opportunity.

    It is definitely high on my bucket list and I hope one day will be completed.

  34. Kimberly says

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give to dine at club 33! It is a dream, that unfortunately, will probably never be realized :-(

  35. Tricia says

    This is on my dads bucket list. We are going in October for his 60th birthday. I wish we could get him in!!

  36. Maria says

    Been to club couple of times before the renovation and the last one was when it was open up after the renovation. Honestly , there were some nice updates( it’s really time) but nothing fantastic . My friend had been a club member for several years and was disappointed with some of the changes and restrictions.(the club will hear from him soon) the food was good more gourmet although I miss the additional buffet added to the usual meal or menu. No more club 33 cookies ? What’s up with that ? And most specially the new staff working there now needs to have more customer service training. Our waitresses are fine but some of the hostess assisting to be seated are rather stuck up ! They don’t seem to have the same personality of what Disney staff should be more trained when dealing with people specially club 33 members? I say management should give more training or have better quality staff for club. Business becomes successful not only with the product offered but first and foremost service.

  37. Richard says

    Having been in the “old club 33″ I and my client guests were really looking forward to the “new Club 33″ experience in late November 2014 as well as to see the holiday decorations in the park. Some guests had not been before and were impressed, but those of us who had experienced the old Club 33 experienced disappointment. I usually take folks for lunch and our group was disappointed the appetizer, salad, and desert bars were gone, replaced by several items on the menu. Part of the fun was sampling the various delicacies including fresh shrimp, crab, etc. and the variety of deserts. We also missed the ride on the classic elevator and the removal of the wooden paneled walls, replaced with white paint in the dining area. The addition of the large central window overlooking the Square was a nice addition. Those of us who had the beef dish were disappointed the former tasty beef dish had been replaced. Those who had the fish and lamb seemed happy. If nothing else, I would highly recommend bringing back the lunch appetizer, salad, and desert bars. Overall, a sense of the touch of Walt Disney seems have been taken away (yes we know he did not live to dine here but the décor etc. made one feel he was looking over the place- that spirit is gone). This is not to detract from the service, the staff was excellent as always and treated my group and me like royalty.

  38. says

    Richard — Thanks for your review of the new space. I agree that there is a nostalgia missing in the new space, and I do, indeed, miss the dessert bar!

  39. Kathy Fulton says

    Love the old Club 33! Looking forward to visiting this new one in August! If you book a Suite at the Disneyland Hotel you can have them make you a reservation! That’s how it was done in the past!!! One of the Best parts of our yearly visits!!! Love love love this place!!!

  40. Baltazar says

    As a member of Club 33 I was sorry to see the old club changed. The Trophy room set up by Walt is no more. The food has been upgraded and is mostly for adults. The seafood bar and Sunday brunch are no more. So, no longer kid friendly which I find odd because Disneyland is mostly for children. My Ex-wife and I used to enjoy lunches and dinner there. Since I am now divorced, I don’t go much anymore. If there is a lady who would want to join me for lunch sometime, I would be happy to take you.

  41. says

    Baltazar — It is sad to see the history gone. I especially miss the Trophy Room. It was so fun to explore!

  42. Katie says

    BALTAZAR: I am interested! I have not been since last May. I use to work at a company with a membership, but work for a different company now. I so miss going there! Would love to join you any time! I have a PREMIER AP, so I can go anytime to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, etc… Let me know how to contact you.

  43. Baltazar says

    Katie, since I would rather not publish my email address here. Please post yours, and I will contact you.

  44. Katie says

    BALTAZAR: I tried to post my email address, but this system won’t let me publish it in this group :(

  45. Gail says

    I am So very disappointed and Sad to see and read about the “New” Club 33. I was fortunate to work for one of the Original Corporate Sponsors and had the opportunity to visit Club 33. As a Retiree, I would love to be able to go again! Even if its not the “original”. However, not too much is with Disney these days. the comment in regards to ..”disregard for Disneyland’s best themed area just to cater to $$$”, puts it mildly! I have moved from Calif and wasn’t aware of the change! When I get there this Fall, will certainly do the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour. Glad to hear that most of the reactions are Negative, and to know that there are still many Walt Disney’s Disneyland Purists out there!

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