News! 2015 Disney Dining Plans Announced

Details for the 2015 Disney Dining Plans are starting to emerge!

2015 Disney Dining Plans

2015 Disney Dining Plans

We’re not seeing many changes so far in the 2015 plans, but take a look at a few updates that we want to share with you.

2015 Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan Changes

Disney has added the new Starbucks at Downtown Disney West Side to the plan for 2015. Only breakfast can be redeemed as a quick service meal.

2015 Table-Service Disney Dining Plan Changes

  • Las Ventanas at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has been added to the line-up. Breakfast and lunch can be redeemed for a table-service credit.
  • Photos are no longer included at Cinderella’s Royal Table and will now have an extra charge.
Cinderella's Royal Table Sign

Cinderella’s Royal Table Sign

2015 Premium and Platinum Disney Dining Plan Changes

Here’s an update:

  • Two tours — Wild by Design and Backstage Safari — are no longer offered.
  • The cost has increased; figure an additional $5-$10 per person per night.
  • No longer include preferred viewing locations for Illuminations and Wishes.

Read more about the Premium Dining Plan here and the Platinum Plan here!

Jump on board the Characters in Flight Balloon!

2015 Disney Dining Plan Restaurants

See an in-progress list of the 2015 Disney Dining Plan Restaurants here. Remember, many Disney World restaurants do not re-register with the Dining Plan until the end of the year.

Package Extras

Look for new benefits such as food and merchandise discounts and a 15% discount on some Walt Disney World tours.

Will a Dole Whip Still be a Snack Credit?

Will a Dole Whip Still be a Snack Credit in 2015? We hope so!

More Updates to Come

“Why isn’t Restaurant X listed on the plan?!???!?!?” While some restaurants are already listed on the plans, it’ll take some time before all eateries are finalized. (Usually restaurants not owned by Disney wait until the last minute to re-up their status in the Dining Plan). For instance, you’ll notice the absence of many Downtown Disney and Epcot restaurants. These (and others) will likely be added throughout the remaining 2014 months.

Our recommendation is to book your Advance Dining Reservations for 2015 based on the 2014 Disney Dining Plan Restaurant list. If, for some reason, a restaurant that you’ve booked does not continue on the Dining Plan in 2015, you can then make other plans.

Stay tuned for more Disney Dining Plan information as it is released. Please understand that this is all subject to change.

Thanks to Sue at Small World Vacations for the heads up!


  1. Jessa says

    Most of this didn’t apply for my WDW trip in January 2015 but thanks for the update! It was perfect timing because I make my ADR’s tomorrow!

  2. Kim says

    Jessa – Good luck getting all of your ADRs!! January is a great time to visit WDW.

  3. Kim says

    The Disney website now states “Print packages will continue to be included at Cinderella’s Royal Table until January 4, 2015. However, please be aware that all packages sold for arrivals after January 4, 2015 will no longer include print packaging.” Remember the restaurant is closing for renovation as of January 5th as well. We’ll keep readers posted if we hear of any other changes.

  4. Jessa says

    Online booking wouldn’t go through for me this morning but I spoke wit a cast member at 7 and everything went very smooth. I got all my reservations that I needed including BOG! It pays to go in January.

  5. Linda says

    You mention above that preferred seating for IllumiNations and Wishes is no longer offered with the Platinum Plan, however Disney’s own site states that it does:
    “Preferred Fireworks Viewing
    Enjoy preferred fireworks viewing for Wishes at Magic Kingdom theme park and IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot theme park. (Only valid with Magic Your Way Premium and Platinum packages. Valid theme park admission required. One viewing per theme park; advance reservations and voucher required; subject to availability; certain block-out dates apply.)” Found at:
    Here’s hoping it IS truly included….

  6. Chimene says

    Hi, I am also wondering if you know when the 2015 free dining plan dates will be released? Thanks!

  7. dj says

    I am looking for the actual cost of the different dining plans. Or do you have to buy as a package deal (hotel,tkts & dining)?

  8. Joann says

    If you get the memory maker plus package or whatever it’s called nowadays would you be able to get the CRT pictures that way still?

  9. Bruce Howes says

    I am trying to book a trip to Disney on feb. 14 through the 21 of Feb. of 2015 and would like to know how to get the free quick service dining plan . Any help would be appreciated .

  10. Sherrilynn says

    Just wondering when the free dining is going to be offered again for 2015 ?
    Going in May !!!! Thanks .

  11. Joann says

    @sherrilynn Free Dining, without a PIN, is highly unlikely in May. A decent room only discount is possible though … We are also scoping out an EARLY may ’15 trip.

  12. Nicole says

    We are planning a trip to Disney November 2015 .. do you know if they have released free dinning dates as of yet? Also, if I was to book directly through Disney before the dates are announced, can we be reimbursed or have the amount taken off any outstanding balance? We would like to stay at the Polynesian again so free dining would help tremendously with the cost .

    Thanks! :)


  13. Paula says

    We are planning a family trip in March 2015, as well, and would really like to know if there will be free dining plans offered? This is going to be a very special trip with our son and his girlfriend and we want everything to go well!

  14. Phillip says

    I apologize if this has already been covered, but is there a reason why there are fewer restaurants (particularly Epcot table service) part of the dining plan? Is this simply that the plan doesn’t cover these restaurants, or are they going to be closed?

  15. Karen says

    From my experience, Free Dining is almost never offered in Spring. For those of you going in Oct & Nov, I believe Free Dining has been put up. Happy dining for those of you lucky enough to be going in the Fall – FD has also been offered for Jan – Mar stays, which precludes my own trip in May. Oh well, I’ll be eating anyways. Happy vacationing, everybody!

  16. Vieira says


    My plan is check-in at Pop Century Resort exactly on 2 October, and leave to Miami on 10 October. Do you believe in a free dining plan offer for this period?

    Thanks for your help.

  17. Garvel says

    On the Dining Plan page at you mention that restaurants will continue to be added for 2015 and we should rely on the 2014 plan documents for restaurants when making reservations? Is that still possible? Teppan Edo (Epcot) is not listed on the Plan PDF (or on the WDW website) as a dining plan option and our 180 reservation window is coming soon for a late June visit.


  18. Ashley says

    I have gone almost every year in february and there has always been a free quick service dining plan. For some odd reason they gave not released one yet for this up coming year of 2015. I am going again with my entire family of 12. Free dining service would be awesome!!!!!!! Just driving me nuts that they haven’t even said anything yet to whether they r going give it out or not!!!!!

  19. Eddie. G says

    I want to find out. Is there going to be free dining JAN. 2015 my kids EAT a. Lot. Can anybody help. Me. Fine out. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dena A says

    It looks like appetizers have been removed from the Deluxe Plan. This was the deciding factor for me to keep the Regular Dining Plan and move some of my meals to QS instead of more TS with the Deluxe. We loved the Deluxe Plan specifically for the appetizers, but in my cost analysis (and probably Disney’s) it no longer pays off…..

  21. Dena A says

    Wow- reading is fundamental! I just realized that appetizers ARE included! I think my brain is fuzzy from over analyzing. Deluxe, here we come!

  22. Ashley says

    I have talked to the people at disney and they offered the Disney free dining plan earlier than normal. They changed it up some. Hopefully they will change it back in the future. Cuz personally I won’t go back unless they do. Cuz the only time I can go is at the beginning of the year. Just thought I would let everyone know what Disney people told me the other day on the phone. Sorry. Ashley

  23. June lovaasen says

    We are going in November of 2015 to port Orleans riverside will there be free dining ?

  24. says

    Karen and June — There haven’t been any Free Dining Periods announced yet for those times, but we’ll bring you news of them as soon as we have it. I’d recommend signing up for the DFB Newsletter if you haven’t already. We’ll have a news post with the information, but we’ll also send out a special Newsletter edition as soon as we hear anything. Thanks SO much for reading!

  25. Crystal says

    Free dining is available now. I literally just got off the phone and got ours. Good luck!

  26. Shannon says

    We are going to disney world in november 2015. We are staying in the resort on all days that includ the frer dining plan. However, we have been told that because we booked through a travel agent we cannot get the free dining. Does anybody know any tips or tricks that we could try?

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