News and Sneak Peek: Special Food and Beverages Coming to the Villains Unleashed Event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you plan to attend the Villains Unleashed special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 23, be prepared to make room in your food budget for some delightfully evil dishes!

Villains Unleashed Comes to Disney Hollywood Studios on August 23

Villains Unleashed Comes to Disney Hollywood Studios on August 23

The culinary team has come up with some clever dishes that are sure to bring lots of cackles from guests. Or maybe evil laughs. Mwhahahahahaha! (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

We have a few pictures and descriptions for you today, and it all looks pretty awesome. Let’s check it out!

Special “Villains Unleashed” Menu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With more than 50 Disney Villains on hand to enjoy, no doubt you can party the night away with your favorite “baddie”. But what happens when all that merriment leads to a frightful appetite?

Disney has you covered — in themed style, of course. Check out these special Villain Hot Dogs, with images of Jafar and Maleficent branded right onto the buns! They appear to be some of our favorites, like the Pork Barbecue Coleslaw Dog and Macaroni and Cheese Truffle Dog from Fairfax Fare, dressed up for the occasion. Yum!

Villain Hot Dogs and Beverages

Villain Hot Dogs and Beverages

And who can resist scary drinks with gummy worms and candied pepper slices?? Specialty beverages — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike — will be available at various venues throughout the park.

And get a load of this gorgeous Maleficent Cupcake! The tasty treat features Dark Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Filling, and Blackberry Buttercream. We think it would make a great addition to our Disney Cupcake Gallery!

Villain Cupcake

Maleficent Cupcake

And this tame little apple hides a secret — Witches Brew! With a whole serving of fruit, it’s gotta be healthy, right?

Apple -- Villains Unleashed

Apple — Villains Unleashed

To celebrate a wicked good time, The Hollywood Brown Derby will feature Club Evil, offering an assortment of small plates. Check out options like Off with Their HeadsDeviled Eggs, Pig Crackling and a Garlic Chili Gelée and Lobster Custard with Tobiko Caviar and Citrus Oil.

Cruella’s Devious Eyes features Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Spheres, Balsamic Gelée and Basil Oil Powder.

Villain Selections from The Hollywood Brown Derby

Dastardly Small Plate Offerings from Club Evil at The Hollywood Brown Derby

Who knew an homage to villainous Disney characters could be such a gourmet experience!

Which exclusive treat are you dying to try? Comment below and tell us what sounds good to you!


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