Review: Strawberry and Cream Cupcake at Epcot’s Fountain View Starbucks

When visiting Fountain ViewEpcot’s Starbucks location – you’ll primarily find food items similar to what you’ll likely see at any Starbucks across the country: cake pops, muffins, breads, and Danish pastries, to name a few.

However, at the two Starbucks locations in Disney World Parks (the other being Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery), there are a few treats specific to these locations – primarily, cupcakes!

And it’s always good to see those gems in the case amidst the more standard fare… especially since they come out along with all the other treats at breakfast time, and it’s practically a vacation rite of passage to start your day with a cupcake ;) . The previous selection from Fountain View included the Mickey Cupcake and the Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake. And we love the Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake at Main Street Bakery!

Disney cupcakes at Fountain View

Disney cupcakes at Fountain View

Peanut Butter Cupcake at Main Street Bakery

Peanut Butter Cupcake at Main Street Bakery

A little while ago, Fountain View debuted a new cupcake next to to the Mickey Cupcake (replacing the Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake), and I decided to give it a try: the Strawberry and Cream Cupcake. (Note that the bakery changes out items seasonally, so these may or may not be there on your visit. :-D)

Strawberry and Cream cupcakes in Fountain View case

Strawberry and Cream cupcakes in Fountain View case

I’m starting to realize that I’ve been completely spoiled by the humongous cupcakes found all over Disney World at places like Starring Rolls Cafe, Contempo Café, and the BoardWalk Bakery, because this cupcake struck me as rather small… when, in actuality, it’s a just, like, a normal-sized cupcake :).

The swirled strawberry and vanilla frosting is a really nice touch.

Strawberry and Cream swirled frosting

Strawberry and Cream swirled frosting

I prefer a thicker frosting, and though this frosting was airy and light instead, I appreciated that I could spot vanilla bean seeds in the “cream” side of the swirled frosting as well as strawberry seeds from the puree in the strawberry side.

Vanilla frosting

Vanilla frosting

Strawberry frosting

Strawberry frosting

That, unfortunately, is where my appreciation of this cupcake ended. Since it’s a Disney cupcake, I was expecting a filling, so I cut in as carefully as I could to find what was tucked inside the yellow cake base. I wasn’t expecting the strawberry jam that came spilling out, and the way the whole thing kind of fell around it.

Inside of Strawberry and Cream cupcake

Inside of Strawberry and Cream cupcake

Since I don’t like the consistencies of cake and any sort of jam together, this was a no go for me. It just gives me the heebie-jeebies and I don’t know why! Out of curiosity, are there any food combos that do that to you, or am I alone in this?

Anyhoooo, coming back from that tangent… When I mixed everything up it reminded me a little of strawberry shortcake which fans of all things strawberry might really enjoy. (See some other great Disney strawberry shortcake desserts here!)

Bite of Strawberry and Cream cupcake

Bite of Strawberry and Cream cupcake

But overall I’m giving this one a “thanks, but no thanks.”

I do like, though, that the in-park Starbucks have both retained a couple of Disney-specific snacks, and I hope this trend continues as we anticipate arrivals of Starbucks in both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom in the future!

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Would you like to try the Strawberry and Cream Cupcake? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Michelle says

    Can people use the Starbucks e gift cards in the Starbucks in Disney locations such as the one in Magic Kingdom and the one in Epcot? Thanks for any help.

  2. Sandra says

    Not a Starbucks fan; I wouldn’t have minded if they added their beverages, but turning it into an in-park location of something available at thousands of other sites just annoys me. So I have no reason to go there, even for cupcakes. However, jam and cake are a classic combination for cakes served for afternoon tea. And my favorite Tastykakes are butterscotch and jelly krimpet–the last essentially cake filled with jam. (Tastykakes are a mid-Atlantic thing.) I’d rather save my caloric intake for one of the WS bakeries or Sunshine Seasons.

  3. Andrew S. says

    Just FYI–You mention the “two Starbucks locations in Disney Parks”. There are actually at least four–there’s one in each of the two Disneyland parks. (And yes, Michelle, the ones in Disneyland let you pay with the iPhone starbucks app, so I’d bet they also take Starbucks gift cards–and I expect the WDW ones do too.)

  4. Wendy says

    Michelle — Hi! I know they accept the Starbucks gold cards and gift cards. I’m sorry to say I’m not familiar with the e gift cards, but will see if I can find out :).

    Sandra — Oh, my goodness, Butterscotch Krimpets! Those are so good, and I miss having easy access to them :).

  5. Wendy says

    Andrew — D’oh! There goes my east coast brain… Thank you — you are totally correct, and I’ll update the text accordingly :). Thanks, too, for the info on Michelle’s question!

  6. Essie says

    I’d try just about any cupcake and I love when they have fillings, but I’m not sure which is better, this one or the Boardwalk or DHS version. I guess I’d have to try all three together. :)

  7. Hannah says

    I’m with Sandra…Starbucks is good and all, but I can go to many places in town and find a Starbucks. I much prefer traveling to Disney World and finding Disney Treats that I can’t get anywhere else. It’s very disappointing to find commercial places in the most magical place on earth.

  8. Trish says

    It’s not the presence of a “commercial place.” Disney parks have been filled with “commercial places” since they opened…Dole, Joffrey’s, etc. So the fact that the place is a Starbucks is no big deal. But I do agree that I would expect a Starbucks in a Disney park to offer different fare from other Starbucks. For one thing, how can they expect to compete with other places serving unique treats? For another, come on, Starbucks, you have so much business from these places that you could spend some of it on Disney-specific, creative treats.

  9. Andrew S. says

    For a lot of people, coffee is medicine. If you need Prilosec, you don’t say “hey, I’m in Disneyland, I want a rainbow-colored toffee/coconut Prilosec in a souvenir cup!” You just want your medicine.

    I spect for a lot of tired parents, being able to Just Get A Skim Latte Dangit is worth more than any amount of Disney branding… ;-)

  10. MTC says

    Has anyone who actually likes the combination of jam and cake reviewed this? Because no offense, but this review is completely worthless from a “how does it taste” standpoint.

  11. says

    MTC — Please understand that we can’t afford to have multiple people review each item. We personally purchase all of our food at Disney World, and it would be much too expensive for us to have several people try each item. We usually like a majority of the items we try in Disney World, but sometimes things just don’t click with the reviewer. Food is a subjective thing :-) If you’re a fan of jam and cake together, you’ll probably like this.

  12. Lottie says

    You mean to say you don’t like Victoria Sponge?! Jam and sponge has to be one of the yummiest cake combos there is! :p

  13. Jenny Garthe says

    I ordered this Strawberry & Cream Cupcake yesterday. Here’s my thoughts: I really liked, in fact it was one of my fav cupcakes I’ve had bc it was a bit lighter & fruiter. Although I find cupcake icing a tad sweet in general, & can never finish a whole cupcake at one sitting, would totally order this again. I love that the icing was more whipped, perfect for the strawberry filled cake. I agree that seeing the vanilla & strawberry in the icing was a nice plus. As for the jam inside, nice fruity flavor, but no hunks of strawberries. Paired really well with the yellow cake & the icing. If you like cupcakes, jam, & fruiter desserts then I’d give this one a try.


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