New Entrees Debut at Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Carnivores — we’ve got some news to sink your teeth into from Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Walt Disney World.

Within the last few months, New Dry Age steaks debuted at Yachtsman Steakhouse and have already become quite popular at this signature restaurant.

First up: The Porterhouse for two is 32 ounces of steak! It boasts a 21 day dry age.

Served with Gruyere Potato Gratin and a Trio of Classic Steakhouse sides, this entree is sure to curb your hunger! Check out this picture sent in by a DFB Reader!

Porterhouse for Two!

Porterhouse for Two!

Chef Daniel Sicilia at Yachtsman Steakhouse also introduced a 21 day dry aged 18 oz. Kansas City Strip Steak. You’ll remember our last visit when I savored the 16-ounce Boneless Ribeye. Well, I can’t wait to return and try out these new options!

32 ounces? Bring it on! ;-D

Have you dined at Yachtsman recently? Let us know your must-have entree in the comments below!


  1. says

    This has always been one of our favorite restaurants at WDW, but we had a really disappointing meal there two weeks ago. We ordered the 16 oz. boneless ribeye medium rare, but it arrived practically well-done. They were so eager to get the replacement to our table that they barely seared it, and it arrived very very rare. Neither steak tasted anywhere near as good as the aged steaks we have bought at Whole Foods. But we adore the onion pull-apart rolls, so I’m sure we’ll be back to give Yachtsman another try!

  2. Keith says

    Nice restaurant, but pales in comparison to Shula’s… in their excellence of both cuisine and service.

  3. Ivy says

    We ate there at the end of July and were not impressed. The aged strip steak and prime rib were good, but not exceptional. I’ve honestly had just as good or better prime rib many times, at the Turf Club and even in chain-type restaurants.

    We found both the creamed spinach and the twice-baked potato to be extremely over salted. I do like salty foods, so for me to find something too salty, it must really be bad. The potato was unpleasant, but the spinach was simply inedible.

    I regret not saying something, but when the waiter asked if we wanted the spinach boxed to go, I said no, and before I could say why, he cut me off and walked away. It was by far the worst signature dining experience we’ve ever had at Disney.

  4. Greg Lanman says

    For 2, I think not. 32oz is a perfect size for someone who really likes a great steak.

  5. Therese says

    I recently took family members there, the meal was over salted, we should have sent it back.

  6. says

    It is a little disheartening to read about the sub par food here recently. That picture looks too delicious to want to pass it up though! Disney automatically raises the expectations when they make a restaurant “signature”, or, for those using the dining plan, two precious credits. I love to see when they are met and exceeded but it is such a bummer when they are not.

  7. Mayra says

    Does anyone know what the three sides consist of? I recognize the cream spinach, but nothing else. Also, can their be substitutions of any of the sides and the potatoes?

    I miss the original porterhouse that I got to last year. :(

  8. says

    Curious about what the cost for this meal is. It’s certainly something i’d consider getting and splitting with the hubby.

  9. Carrie says

    @Mayra I can’t make out the sides on my phone, but they do let you substitute sides that come with other dishes.

  10. Mayra says

    @Rikki, I don’t know if you found the price yet. But I believe is about 100-105, you can look it up on under dining and then menus, I believe.

    Hope that helps.

  11. frank says

    Have eaten at Yachtsmans 2-3 times. I’ll give it a B. Much better food and much less expensive at Cape May or O’Hana. Best sig restaurant at Disney in my opinion…..Jiko.

  12. Chris says

    We recently dined at the Yachtsman and I had the 18oz Kansas City Strip Steak and it was absolutely delicious. Very tender and juicy with amazing flavor. As always great place to dine with attentive and knowledgable waiter/waitress’.

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