Disneyland DIY Recipe: Red’s Apple Freeze From the Cozy Cone Motel

It’s September! Yay for cooler temperatures, right??

Well…maybe not quite yet. But we’re all dreaming of Fall flavors, even if the mercury is still registering in the 80/90 (or higher) range.

If I were in Disney California Adventure, I’d just mosey on over to Cozy Cone Motel and grab a cold one at Cone Number 4. :-)

Cozy Cone Motel!

Cozy Cone Motel!

Nah. I’m not talking about that kinda cold one. I have something even better! (Well. I think so, anyway.) It’s Red’s Apple Freeze to the Rescue!

LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern (topped with Passion fruit and Mango foam)

Red’s Apple Freeze…or LeFou’s Brew — Whichever Your Prefer!

But since I am not, in fact, anywhere near Disneyland (sigh), I’ll have to make do and make my own. And we can SO do that.

It looks a little like beer, doesn’t it? But this is a frosty beverage even the littlest in your company can enjoy. This concoction combines sweet and tart — no-sugar-added frozen apple juice flavored slightly with marshmallow, and topped by a creamy, passion-fruit froth. Yep. It sounds weird. But it works!

(And yes…you Walt Disney World Lovers…feel free to call it Le Fou’s Brew and dream that you’re in Gaston’s Tavern if you’d like. Same difference. :-) )

Wanna know how to make it at home? Give this handy recipe a go!

Red’s Apple Freeze

Makes 3-4 Servings

Foam Topping Ingredients:
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream, cold
4 tablespoons Mango Nectar/Juice
4 tablespoons Passionfruit Juice
3 tablespoons Sugar

Apple Slush Ingredients:

2 (12 ounce) cans of frozen No-Sugar Added Apple Juice Concentrate (keep frozen until ready to use)
12 ounces cold Water
3 pumps (or tablespoons) Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup

Foam Topping Directions:
1. Pour whipping cream into mixing bowl.

2. Add mango and passionfruit juices.

3. Add sugar and beat on high until stiff peaks form (this can take a while and it helps if your mixing bowl has been chilled).

4. Set aside in fridge.

Apple Slush Directions:
1. Dump both cans of frozen apple juice into a blender.

2. Add water and 3 squirts of the toasted marshmallow syrup.

3. Blend on high for about 10 seconds. You should now have a slush texture beverage.

4. Immediately pour into glasses and top with prepared foam topping.

I can’t wait to try this at home!

Will you be making a batch of your very own Red’s Apple Freeze? Sound off in the comments!


  1. kat says

    So… the beverage is 2 parts apple juice concentrate, 1 part water, and a whiff of marshmallow syrup. That’s not much dilution, considering normal dilution of frozen juice concentrate is 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water. Is it really that concentrated, or is there some ice or something like that missing?

  2. Robyn says

    @Essie the Torani Syrups are usually with the “coffee making” supplies. They usually also sell flavors like hazelnut, caramel and other traditional coffee flavors. I have seen them at Wal-Mart and other grocery stores. Good Luck.

  3. Alicia says

    A huge variety of Torani syrups (even the more rare flavors) can usually be found at stores like Smart and Final or Cash & Carry if you have those nearby, and also at World Market (a little pricer there). Most grocery stores in my area have Torani syrups in normal flavors like vanilla, caramel or hazelnut, so try one of those other stores for Marshmallow. If you don’t have those around, look at Torani’s online store or Amazon!

    Delicious, thanks for the recipe!

  4. Carly says

    The cheapest place to get the syrup is from Torani’s website. I have looked all over the place for the syrup in store, but I can’t find it. In all the shopping trips I looked for it, hoping to find it, I could have just had it shipped. I just ordered mine! :)

  5. Karen says

    I’ve had the WDW version of this. I liked it – once I got past the mango and passion fruit foam. Any suggestions of what I could substitute for the mango and passion fruit?

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